Tips to Get a Good Tee Time During Season

It is not just Florida Championship golf courses like Deer Creek Golf Club that experience an influx of tee time reservations during season. Golf courses in South Florida have entered the busy season; when things cool off and the seasonal residents return from the north, Deer Creek Golf club tee times are booked fast and in advance. With that in mind, we have created a short guide of a few tips to get a good tee time, even in the busy season.  

     1.Join a group 

If you are already in a group, maybe you won’t mind splitting. However, be careful that your skill level at best closely matches that of the group you are joining. If you are more skilled, you are going to be frustrated at the speed of play; and if they are more skilled, you are going to be anxiously trying to play catch up. 

You may not even have to worry about Deer Creek Golf Club tee times if you decide to play alone.  

      2. Arrive at dawn 

The keyword here is “dawn”. Everyone arrives for their Deer Creek Golf Club tee time, the trick to getting a good tee time is to arrive at dawn. Ask our Golf Pro Shop employees to consider any cancelations. This is also a good time to mingle and see if any singles or small groups would not mind you tagging along.  

    3. Reserve a time in advance 

Sure, reservations may not help right now, but some of these tips to get a good tee time may not be helpful short term; the hope is that you will remember for next time! If you are frustrated about not getting a slot now, book your Deer Creek Golf Club tee time now and save yourself a headache in the future.  

      4. Play later 

Like most golf courses, Deer Creek Golf Club tee times are fully booked in the early mornings, so consider playing a later game of golf. The weather is cooler, there is less people, and you will make it back to the club house and Deer Creek Grille in time for a cold beverage and to enjoy the sunset!  

      5. Play a round of 9 instead of 18 

There is always the option to play fewer holes. This may not be the most conventional tip to get a good tee time, but it works. Opt for a shorter game and fewer holes, and you can sometimes be squeezed in quicker.  

For more information, check out the Deer Creek Golf Club tee times and contact us now to reserve your time out on the course: (954)421-5550.