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Clubhouse & Facilities

At Deer Creek Golf Club, we pride ourselves on being the best Broward County golf course. While South Florida golfers may be well aware of our superb golf course, you may not be familiar with our clubhouse and facilities. 

The Deer Creek Golf Club Clubhouse is home to two must-visit attractions for golfers and non-golfers alike! 

The Deer Creek Grille

For some of the best dining in Broward County come visit the Deer Creek Grille. Located at our clubhouse, the Deer Creek Grille is open to the public year-round, with specialty menus available for special occasions and holidays. 

View our Deer Creek dining page to view our various menus.


Bridal Shower Venue | Private Rooms and Banquet Halls

Most of us have dreamt of our wedding for years, and planned it for what may seem even longer. The build up to the wedding is one of the most exciting times in a woman’s life. There is something magical about having those who are close to you enjoy this time in your life with you. Bridal showers are an opportunity to share that magic with others and it all starts with the bridal shower venue.

While a bridal shower is historically a women-only gathering, feel free to play by your own rules – it is your bridal shower! Deer Creek Golf Club has a few tips and things to keep in mind when planning your bridal shower and selecting the perfect venue in Deerfield Beach.


Consider These Factors

One huge element of planning a bridal shower is picking the right venue. The bridal shower venue should have the right atmosphere and practicality to ensure that people have an easy commute, as well as a great time at your shower.

  • Is the bridal shower venue conveniently located for most of the guests? A little travel never hurt, but how much travel? Traveling from Fort Lauderdale to a bridal shower venue in Deerfield Beach should only take about 30 minutes at most, which is reasonable. Deer Creek is situated in Deerfield Beach, right between West Palm Beach and Miami, and close to Fort Lauderdale and Boca Raton, so no matter where your guests are coming from in the Tri-County area, our venue is no more than an hour away.
  • Is the bridal shower venue easy to find? What’s great about Deer Creek Golf Club is that it is located right off I95. Look for a bridal shower venue that’s easy to find. Stay away from bridal shower venues that are too far west or too far east and not easily accessible from a main road.
  • Find a practical place to hold a bridal shower. Bridal shower venues in South Florida incorporate the outdoors to take advantage of the great weather. Just be careful how outdoorsy you go. Though the Everglades might be an interesting place to throw a bridal shower, it is not practical and will leave your guests hot and make your shower not enjoyable for all. Since this is Florida, you also have to be careful with random, inclement weather.
  • What day do you want to host your bridal shower? Though Friday night is a popular choice for bridal showers, more brides are choosing Sunday afternoons. Make sure your venue can accommodate the time of day you are looking for.

Why Choose Deer Creek as Your Bridal Shower Venue?

  1. Deer Creek Golf Club can accommodate anywhere between 35 to 200 guests comfortably.
  2. Our private banquet room is perfect for smaller, intimate parties where bridal gifts can be opened and memories shared.
  3. The Deer Creek Key West Room is a better banquet hall for large bridal showers, with more than 70 guests in attendance. The Key West Room’s 15-foot arched windows provide a spectacular view of our breathtaking water features and exotic garden, so you can have the beauty of being outside, while remaining indoors.
  4. We also have an on-site wedding planner that can help you craft menus and finalize details for your day of honor.
photo of the interior of our south Florida banquet hall

Beautiful Golf Course Facilities

No matter how you choose to celebrate your engagement and upcoming wedding, our wedding coordinators can make the planning process simple. Deer Creek is a beautiful venue for your bridal shower in South Florida. Our on-site wedding planner can help you create menu and decorations for your bridal shower.

Call Deer Creek Golf Club at 954-426-6588 today to book and plan your ideal bridal shower!

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