Thanksgiving At Deer Creek

No picture of Thanksgiving dinner is complete without imagining a delicious feast at the center of a big table. Turkey. Stuffing. Mashed potatoes. Cranberry Sauce. Gravy. Everything piled high! Great Thanksgiving dinner restaurants should transport you back to fond memories of family, friends, and food, and that’s exactly what we aim to do at Deer Creek Golf Club. And you won’t have to do dishes!

When there are no other restaurants open on Thanksgiving, Deer Creek Grille invites you to spend time with our family every Thanksgiving. Our chefs will cook, our staff will serve, and all you must do is enjoy the meal and spend time with the people around you.

Unlike other restaurants open on Thanksgiving, Deer Creek Grille does Thanksgiving dinner right. Every year, our staff and skilled chefs create a delicious, delectable, delightful buffet, filled with all sorts of foods.

The award-wining Deer Creek Grille, offers a superb Thanksgiving every year. The buffet includes a pasta station, Chef’s carving stations, Chafers stations, and a dessert table that will make any sweet tooth’s mouth water.

Our Thanksgiving menu changes every year, so be sure to look at the menu posted at the bottom of this page, and leave room for the chef’s dessert!

Let’s face it, some things don’t change. We keep it classy and sporty at Deer Creek Golf Club, so come to the only the thanksgiving dinner restaurant that plays the game! The Thanksgiving football games will be playing at the bar at the Deer Creek Grille.

Prices for the buffet vary for adults and children. Reservations are required, so call Deer Creek Grille at (954) 421-5553, and reserve a spot for your family now.


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