Top Wedding Pranks on April Fool’s Day

Top Wedding Pranks on April Fool’s Day

Are you planning to get married on April Fool’s Day? While getting married is a serious event in every couple’s life, that doesn’t mean you can’t add a couple of funny wedding pranks on and around April Fool’s Day. While we wouldn’t recommend pulling a wedding prank at the ceremony, there are plenty of other events where light shenanigans may be more acceptable. You can pull off a wedding April fool’s joke in the upcoming days of the ceremony or at the bachelor party, wedding shower, or any other pre-wedding event you may be hosting. Our South Florida country club shares some of our top wedding pranks for an April Fool’s Day wedding-related event.

April Fool’s Wedding Jokes 

Play these wedding pranks on your soon-to-be Mr. or Mrs. at a wedding-related event or in the upcoming days before the wedding to ensure it is about fun and not over the top. At Deer Creek Golf Club, we don’t recommend pulling a wedding April Fool’s joke the day of the wedding as that is a special intimate moment between the couple. 

Hire a Celebrity Impersonator

A funny and unexpected wedding prank to pull at a wedding-related event is hiring a celebrity impersonator to show up unexpectedly. We recommend choosing someone famous that will leave your wedding party crying with laughter. Have a celebrity impersonator show up at either the bachelor party or the wedding shower. Your wedding guests would have never seen it coming and it would definitely be an April Fool’s wedding joke that is remembered for years down the road. 

Replace the Ring Bearer’s Bling

A great wedding prank to play on your significant other is tying Ring Pops, the ring lollipop candy, onto the ring bearer’s pillow. Although your future bride or groom may be shocked at the beginning of the wedding prank, they’ll find the humor in your wedding April Fool’s joke as they enjoy their edible rings. This is an easy wedding prank that will take some of the pressure off the wedding date; it’s fun to find humor in the smaller details as you prepare for the big day.

What’s In My Flask? 

Fill the flasks of your wedding party with an unexpected swig of chocolate milk or tomato juice. This is the perfect wedding prank to play on groomsman or best men at a pre-wedding event like the bachelor party. 

Reenact Your Wedding Pictures 

An April fool’s wedding joke to pull on your forever partner at a wedding shower or other event is to reenact the wedding pictures with the best man or maid of honor. Make sure to arrange the prank photo front and center before guests start to arrive so your soon-to-be-married friends won’t miss this fun, unexpected surprise. Where once sat a beautiful picture of the happy couple is a replacement featuring two friends reenacting the photoshoot. 

Have the wedding pictures changed back before guests arrive or turn it around and the soon-to-be-married couple can prank their guests! We are certain that your better half will not only be caught off guard but will love seeing when guests will notice and how they’ll react. 

For an even better wedding prank, include the photo in your guest wedding welcome bags. It would be a great wedding favor your guests will love to keep forever.

Hosting a Wedding Event at a South Florida Golf Club

Deer Creek Golf Club hosts a wide range of special events. Not only is our country club wonderful for weddings, but it’s also one of the best bridal shower venues in South Florida and the perfect place to organize rehearsal dinners. If you are planning on getting married on April Fool’s Day or any other day of the year, we are excited to help make your vision come to life. 

Our dedicated staff has years of experience catering for weddings and providing wedding venue services.  Contact us today or give us a call at 954-426-6588 to tour our beautiful venue. 

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