Golf Exercises for Seniors

Being a senior, you’re most likely craving to get active and fresh air. What better way to do so than by playing golf! As a popular sport among seniors, it’s a great way to spend time with friends and family while benefitting your health. However, if you want to get the most out of your golfing session, try out these golf exercises for seniors to improve strength and flexibility.

golf exercises for seniors infographic

Stretch and Strengthen Ankles

Let’s go from the bottom up! While in a seated position, rotate your ankles (both clockwise and counterclockwise). To stretch your ankles even more, try out calf raises. Though it seems like you’re not stretching your ankles directly, it’s also important to stretch out the surrounding muscles.


Improve your balance and rotation mimics with this quad stretch and torso rotation. This exercise for seniors will benefit their golf swing. You can also use a wall to help you balance yourself while doing this exercise.


To strengthen your hips, do squats and lunges. Stretching your hips can contribute to a better range of motion when golfing. Doing hip drops and seated hip stretches [1] are great for improving the flexibility in your hips.


Using a rowing machine at the gym or doing dumbbell rows can strengthen your shoulders. If the dumbbell rows are too intense, opt for a very low weight or none at all. Work your way up from there to get stronger shoulders. Give your shoulders a good stretch by doing easy rotations back and forth to improve range of motion.

Yoga for Senior Golfers

When you think of golf, yoga doesn’t come to mind. Nevertheless, it’s a great way to warm up fifteen to twenty minutes before your game. The chair pose strengthens your ankles while improving your balance. If you want overall strength, the warrior pose targets your arms, legs, ankles, and core.

Golfing is a popular sport, especially among seniors. You deserve to enjoy the sport and strengthened, flexible muscles can help with that. Yoga for senior golfers is a great way to start your game while golf exercises for seniors to improve strength and flexibility can provide long-term benefits for your golf game. Want to know more about golf exercises and yoga for senior golfers? Feel free to contact our South Florida golf course!


[1] Mayo Clinic – Golf Stretches

Tips for Golfing With Dad on Father’s Day (And Doing it Well)

Tips for Golfing With Dad on Father’s Day (And Doing it Well)

The best way to spend time with your dad on Father’s Day takes place at the same location you took your mom to for brunch! Instead of sipping mimosas in the clubhouse, you can hit the greens with dad. At Deer Creek Golf Club, our location is perfect for celebrating with both parents! The truth is that like our moms, dads just want to spend some quality time with us and maybe do a little outdoor activity too.

Dad’s love golf, it’s the perfect opportunity to drink some beer and enjoy the weather with his favorite child. We assume that’s you, and if you take him golfing for Father’s Day, it definitely is you! What more could a father ask for? The only aspect that could possibly damper this Father’s Day plan is your being afraid of embarrassing yourself in front of your dad. We got you covered on that front and are going to provide some tips on how to get prepped to not embarrass yourself in front of your dad on the golf course.

Go Get Some Practice at the Driving Range

Take some time to hit the driving range before you go golfing with dad. Even if it’s just to get some pointers or shake the nerves off, be sure you are prepared to golf with dad on Father’s Day.

Remember None of It Matters

The most important part of Father’s Day is spending time with dad. So, make sure you do just that. This might be the perfect time to actually bond with him. Let him give you some advice about golfing, let him give you a little grief about your bad putting technique, but most of all, don’t let him win. If there’s one thing that dads hate, it’s a pity round of golf. If you beat him he’ll be proud, if you lose he’ll be happy. There’s no downside.

No matter what, we encourage young men to take their father’s out for a day on the course. And if you are ready to have fun with dad, give us a call and play your best round of golf with dad on the best South Florida Golf course you haven’t tried yet.

Golf News Update: Olympic Golf May Not Happen

Any golf fan who may have been excited to watch the sport take to the Olympic games is going to be disappointed. According to the latest news surrounding the sport of golf being added to the 2016 Olympics, there have been more false starts, stumbles, and duffs on the road to legitimize Olympic golf that it is almost expected to fail miserably.

Deer Creek Golf Course in Deerfield Beach, Florida reported last month that there was a brief glimmer of hope for the sport when Rory McIlroy joined the Olympic roster of golfers headed to Rio. However, earlier this month, McIlroy confirmed that he would not be going amidst concerns about the Zika virus. Mcllroy’s renunciation has caused golf fans and championship golf courses across the U.S. to lose hope in the sport’s participation and success in the 2016 Olympics.

What’s more interesting: The Zika virus has not affected one single person involved with the Olympics in Rio so far. Even more interesting is the fact that no other athletes in any other event at the Olympics have withdrawn because of concerns about Zika. Male golfers are the only ones that are refusing to play because of Zika; every other athlete in the entire competition will be there, including female golfers.

Some South Florida golf courses say that the Zika virus is being used as a smoke screen for the real reason why male golfers are refusing to play in the Olympics. Rumored reasons are that Rio is too far, the Olympics is not part of golf culture, and the main reason is that there are too many majors occurring during the same time, which are more important to their careers. The U.S. Open, British Open, PGA Championships, Fed Ex Cup and Ryders are coming up and many golfers may want to take a break and relax or mentally prepare for those championships instead.

$1.5 Million Dollar Golf Course Renovation Complete | Deer Creek Golf Course

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Deer Creek Golf Club Re-Opens after $1.5 Million Dollars in Renovation Improvements Deerfield Beach, Florida – September 1, 2004

After 6 months and $1.5 Million Dollars, Deer Creek Golf Club is re-opening to rave reviews. The fabulous Deer Creek Golf Club is located in Southeast Florida, conveniently located between Palm Beach and Fort Lauderdale.

World famous golf course architect, Arthur Hills, the original course designer, was in charge of the exciting makeover project at Deer Creek. The renovations went extremely well. With the addition of these newly contoured TifEagle greens, new bunkers and new tees, the course will bring new level of excitement to golfers of all skill levels.”

Deer Creek has always had a reputation for offering a high quality product, says General Manager, Marty Martinez. We are very pleased with the results of the Renovation. The new TifEagle greens will provide high quality, consistently fast putting surfaces. Arthur Hills did a fantastic job and we couldn’t be more thrilled.

As part of the renovation project, all putting surfaces on the property were replaced with new state-of-the-art TifEagle grass. TifEagle, an ultra-dwarf Bermuda grass, will not only provide exceptional putting surfaces, but they will drain extremely well and eliminate the need to over-seed during the winter months, which can be stressful for the grass as well as the golfer.

Other improvements to the Golf course included: Re-shaping of all 18 tee boxes. New sand and drainage has been added to all bunkers. The practice facility has a totally new teeing area and new practice putting and chipping greens. Five of the fairways have been re-shaped to improve playability. Several holes have been lengthened to increase teeing options.

For additional information contact: Marty Martinez, General Manager at 954-429-0006

About Deer Creek Golf Club:

Deer Creek Golf Club is home to 18 holes of Championship Golf in Southeast Florida. The Golf Club is also home to a 30,000 square foot Key West styled Clubhouse. The club has first-class banquet facilities and is available to the public for groups from 30-300 guests. The Club’s restaurant, The Deer Creek Grille, has a casual and friendly atmosphere with excellent service.


Contact: Marty Martinez
Deer Creek Golf Club
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