Top Golf Podcasts of 2019

Top Golf Podcasts of 2019

If you’re an avid golfer, of course you want to stay up to date with the latest golf news and tips. Sure, you can always go on the computer or flick on the TV screen to catch up on golf current events, but when you’re on-the-go, golf podcasts make for the best medium while you’re out and about. Our professional staff of golf enthusiasts at our Fort Lauderdale golf course can discuss some of the top golf podcasts of 2019.

No Laying Up

Once you listen past the ads and swearing, there’s actually a great mixture of golf news and anecdotes with this funny golf podcast. Furthermore, the hosts of No Laying Up have easy access to tour players who can give their listeners reliable information.

Golf Science Lab

Straight facts. No beating around the bush. With different guests every week, the hosts of Golf Science Lab discuss their research and experience to help perfect your golfing techniques while touching on the ‘hottest’ trends in golf. If you’re golf coach or instruction enthusiast, you’ll love listening to an episode before golf lessons.

Sky Sports Golf Podcast

If you enjoy a healthy debate on golf, this podcast is right up your alley as weekly guests tend to be passionate on all topics related to golf. For more serious episodes, browse through their archives to listen to the ‘live from’ episodes for more professional interviews with Butch Harmon and David Livingstone.

The Cut

The BBC duo, Andrew Cotter and Iain Carter, host an hour-long episode every week to review awesome anecdotes and bizarre trivia that would give you a good chuckle to start the day. Don’t expect be bored, either, since their slew of guest appearances and interviews will certainly pique your interest.

Brandel Chamblee Podcast with Jamie Diaz

Controversial and current is the best way to describe this podcast as Brandel Chamblee is given the stage to give his opinion on the latest golf topics. Chamblee is shameless given that in the first episode he heavily debated who was the most iconic golfer of all time. “Tiger got the least out of his talent than any golfer in history,” argued Chamblee.1

Such podcasts mentioned above are a great way to get your mind in the zone for a relaxing game of golf with the buddies. Chatting about an episode before a game will make time fly, so you’ve been warned! Want to discover more top 2019 golf podcasts recommended by our staff? Contact our South Florida golf club to find out more!




Golf Digest – Brandel Chamblee says Tiger Woods “got the least out of his talent of any player in history”

How to Improve Your Short Game

How to Improve Your Short Game

A nice, relaxing game of golf may be just what you need as an escape from daily life. However, you may be stumped on executing the perfect shots. It all starts with your short game. Short game is all about control. Once you nail it, expect your performance to improve and your confidence to increase. We’re sharing a few golf short game basics to improve your short game at our Deer Creek golf course.


Soften Your Grip for Chip Shots

First things first: loosen up your grip. Most rookie golfers make the mistake of keeping a tight grip, not knowing their grip can make or break their round – especially their short game. As you’re chipping, remember to keep your hands soft and maintain a medium grip. A loosened grip will also ease the tension in the wrists and arms. Once you softened your grip, you can then focus on a basic chipping stance by holding your chin high and your back straight.


Rotate Your Body

Sure, chipping and pitching is all about short shots, but if you want a firm hit on the golf ball, it’s important to rotate your body forward as you swing.

First, swing the clubhead back and then, point the right knee towards your left knee to help maximize your downswing. This method will clear your right side and help you get better rotation through the swing to further improve your short game.


Swing in Tempo

Another rookie mistake that tends to happen on the average South Florida golf course is swinging at the ball with too much speed. Indeed, speed and force are needed to power off the tee, yet, for your short game, it’s another story.

Just relax and pace yourself. Soften your grip, take a deep breath and count off in a “one and” tempo for the backswing, proceeded by “two” on the downswing.


Concentrate on Your Left Arm

When it comes to improving your short game, this strategy is probably the most important. Your whole left side, from the wrist, hand, and arm, must lead the way as you aim for the ball and hit it with the center of the club. This is where your control comes from, so don’t neglect it!

Once you improve your short game, you’ll increase your chances of making a shot when you chip or pitch at our South Florida golf course. Want to learn more tips on how improve your overall golf game? Feel free to reach out to our friendly staff at our Deer Creek golf course.


The (Top 5) Best Golf Apps for All Golfers in 2018

The (Top 5) Best Golf Apps for All Golfers in 2018

The (Top 5) Best Golf Apps for All Golfers in 2018

Smartphone apps are your best friend and your worst enemy. Most people tend to accumulate far too many apps, which we end up deleting just a few months after downloading them, having only opened the app twice. When it comes to golf apps, we want players to download the best ones that offer features they’ll actually use on the golf course.

We’ve collected the best free golf apps which will be useful on Florida golf courses, as well as courses around the world. Each app is the best in it’s category. We asked all the golfers in our offices for their favorites, and this is what we found:

Diablo Golf App Logo

App: Diablo Golf Handicap Tracker

Category: Handicap Tracker

Availability: iTunes | Play Store

Description: Learning how to calculate your handicap is like taking a day course in trigonometry and statistics. Though all serious golfers will recommend that you learn how to calculate your handicap, you can use apps to track your handicap until you’ve mastered it. Diablo is one of the best golf apps to track your handicap simply because it is easier than most.

Vi Golf App Logo

App: V1 Golf App

Category: Swing Analysis

Availability: iTunes | Play Store

Description: The V1 Golf App ranks high as one of the best golf apps for real time swing analysis. The app allows golfers to record their swing and provides a slow-motion playback option. Golfers can use this to spot their weaknesses, and you can even send the video to your coach or a fellow golfer whose advice you trust.

The app will never replace the guidance, wisdom, and patience of a golf school, but it will allow you to improve. It’s a terrific addition to your ongoing golf training and improvement.

Randa App Logo


Category: Rules of Golf

Availability: iTunes | Play Store

Description: The Randa app is an easy to use app that provides the rules of golf in a way that makes them easy to find and understand. What we really like about the app is that it also details the rules of golf etiquette.

In 2016, the app added an interactive quiz that will help you determine which golf rule applies to your current situation. The Randa app is considered one of the best golf apps for rules for that feature alone.

GolfMatch App

App: GolfMatch

Category: Golf Community

Availability: iTunes | Play Store

Description: GolfMatch connects golfers who want to play more, meet new people, and get group tee times at a good price.

The app is simple to use. You start it up, create your profile, and connect to golfers and courses in the area. Many players use the app to post images, videos, and reviews of the courses as well, so this is a great golf course review app.

Golf Clash App Logo

App: Golf Clash

Category: Game

Availability: iTunes | Play Store

Description: Golf Clash is fun, free, and addictive. You can make in-app purchases, but those are not necessary. Play real people in very quick rounds of golf on thousands of courses. Enter tournaments, earn points and unlock awesome gold clubs. Slowly build your own personal golf bag.

Golf Snacks That Lower Handicaps | Deer Creek Golf Tips

Golf Snacks That Lower Handicaps | Deer Creek Golf Tips

Golf Snacks That Lower Handicaps | Deer Creek Golf Tips

You are what you eat, so don’t be a pack of nuts and a pitcher of beer! These days, dietary responsibility is a part of all sports. Golf snacks can and do indeed lower handicaps. The energy, the focus, and the general well being that your diet can have on you will improve your game.

Back in the day, championship golfers had a gut, and some were in less-than-championship-shape. Some historians and long-time golfers credit Tiger Woods with creating a health-conscious golf craze in the late nineties.

Even to this day, Tiger’s usual routine on tour is to eat healthy, get lots of rest, and lift weights every day. Though the specifics of his weight regime have changed since his back injury.

Is it just a phase or is there merit to this? Nutritionists and young golfers say that health conscious living improves your game. But you be the judge. Try these golf snacks for starters and see if you notice the difference.


Don’t just go and get a bag of mixed nuts; that ain’t going to cut it. Mixed nuts tend to be salty, and you should avoid salt at all costs because it will dehydrate you and make your joints less forgiving the next day.

Almonds are the perfect golf snack because they are filling, and the natural fat content gives you an almost instant burst of energy.

Breakfast Bars

Cheap, convenient, and made to give you a pep in your step. Breakfast bars are a great golf snack you can store in your pantry for ages. So even if you don’t know when you are going to go golfing next, you can stock up just in case.

Cheese Sticks

Cheese sticks are a great light snack around the third hole. The natural fats are a good form of energy, and there is no sugar, so you don’t have to worry about crashing. Yes cheese sticks are good golf snacks, and for some golfers they are great sources of energy and fat.

We recommend eating them soon into the game because if you are out on a sunny Deerfield Beach golf course, or anywhere else with high temperatures, that cheese stick will not be good for long.

Unsweetened Ice Tea/ Arnold Palmer

Drinking on the course is part of the fun, everyone knows that. And who are we to recommend you don’t have fund on the course?

Having a few beers is a great way to golf but if you are looking for ways to improve your game and to be more energetic on the golf course, then you must also be well hydrated. Take a water bottle with an Arnold Palmer and a few ice cubes.

The Course is No Place to Starve

The wrong thing to do is not eat at all. Spending the day doing a round of 18 is taxing; even the fittest golfers would agree. So not eating is just a bad idea. Make sure you bring something, and if worse comes to worst, buy something at the snack bar or club house.

Spring Golf Trips – Planning a Great South Florida Golf Holiday

Spring Golf Trips – Planning a Great South Florida Golf Holiday

Spring Golf Trips – Planning a Great South Florida Golf Holiday

Planning a Spring golf trip with your buddies is the best idea you’ve had in a while. A trip down to sunny South Florida will be filled with more than a few good memory-making moments – and the golf is pretty good too.

If you’re planning a spring golf trip, then we recommend choosing South Florida for more than a few reasons.

  • The weather is (mostly) predictable.
  • We have more golf courses than any other state [1]
  • There’s more to do besides just golfing
  • Florida is a vacation destination

Planning a spring golf trip is better than just taking a vacation because there’s purpose to your trip. So, get your buddies together and plan a great South Florida golf holiday. Here’s how:


Get an email chain or group text going. Include everyone, even the grumps who refuse to participate. Don’t expect anyone to google any course names you give them, send links to the South Florida golf courses that you find so everyone can easily click and see the course for themselves.

Pick Your Dates

Spring is a time of year, what you need is definite dates. Send ideas for an extended weekend. Most people can’t sacrifice a week and a short weekend is your last options. Try for a Thursday arrival and Monday departure. Work in from there. There are 5 weekends in March 2018 and that’s plenty of time to plan your Spring golf trip.

Find the Right Golf Course

Deer Creek Golf Club hosts players from all over the world. Most golf courses in South Florida are very accommodating to travelers. Call the club ahead of time and ask if they can offer any packages.

Plan More Than Just Golf

Take advantage of your time in So Flo. Go to the beach, check out down town Miami once, then spend the rest of the trip on down town Fort Lauderdale because it’s much better. Groupon has lots of deals, packages, and is great place to get ideas for your golf holiday.


[1]: My Golf Spy – STUDY: Golf Courses & Difficulty by State