Last Minute Gift Ideas for Golfers

Last Minute Gift Ideas for Golfers

Last Minute Gift Ideas for Golfers

Oh, it’s that time of year already and you’re probably rushing out to find the best gift for your favorite golfer before it’s too late. These gifts can be rush ordered online. And If you don’t find anything on our list, visit the Deer Creek Golf Pro Shop and we can help you narrow down your search for the perfect golf gift. If you think we forgot something on our list of gifts for golfers, let us know in the comments!

  • A Custom Marker

Nothing says I like you a whole bunch like a custom gift. Show how much thought you put into this golf gift with a custom marker.

And it’s easy, you can find custom markers at poker websites and order them for much less than you would from an online golfer retail sore.

Custom Markers

  • A Putting Mat

How about a putting matt for at home putting practice? Browse affordable golf mats and golf accessories at Aliexpress.

If you have the space in your home or garage, then putting mats are great gifts for golfers.


  • Subscription to Swinger Box

Swinger Box is a monthly subscription that sends a mystery package to the subscriber filled with all kinds of neat gifts for golfers. It’s the gift that keeps giving all year long! Each month, the subscription cost per box will be charged to your card, and each subscription lasts one year, but you can cancel at any time.

Swinger Box

  • Titleist Golf Balls

All golfers need golf balls, so this gift is guaranteed to make an impression. Titleist are considered the best of the best and you can even put custom designs on the balls.

Sure, there are lots of other golf ball brands out there and you don’t have to choose the Titleist brand, however, these balls have a reputation for excellence and they will impress the golfer in your life.

Titleist Balls

  • New Golf Grips

Golfers need new grips for their clubs more than they care to admit. The truth is that buying new golf grips is a time consuming, hassle. Ask any golfer and they will relate regripping golf clubs with a tire rotation. Not fun, but necessary.

You can visit your local golf pro shop and ask for prices to re-grip. Bring a picture of the clubs and the grips to help the golf pro decide what kind of grips you need.