Roland Stafford Golf School

The hallmark of the Roland Stafford Golf School has long been their unique but simple teaching method of golf instruction created by the golf school’s namesake, Roland Stafford. Roland’s musical talents and golf abilities together culminated in his success as a player, and evolved into his golf instruction methodology that has been benefiting students of the game for over twenty five years. Rhythm and tempo are critical elements of his teaching methodology. It is hard not to love the teaching method. Its brilliance is its simplicity, which in turn breeds confidence in players and allows them their best game on the golf course. Teaching Professionals are selected not only on their knowledge of the game but on their ability to communicate this method clearly and simply to you.

Accommodations for the golf school guests have been arranged with the luxurious Hampton Inn in Deerfield Beach with complimentary morning breakfast, evening receptions Monday through Thursday, swimming pool and a fitness center.

Midweek schools start on Monday and weekend schools start on Friday. Classes meet daily at 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. include playing lessons and an hour for lunch. Classes run October through April for the Fall, Winter and Spring Seasons.