Tips on How to Host at a Classy Event Venue

It’s one thing booking the classy event venue, but now how are you supposed to ensure that the event itself is classy? If you want to provide an upscale, high end, or prestigious event that is remembered, then you need to know how to pull it off. Deer Creek can help!

We help hundreds of businesses host their events at our classy event venue in Deerfield Beach, and we know exactly what small differences you can provide that till ensure that your event is high end and well-remembered. It doesn’t matter if you are hosting a large corporate event or hosting a birthday celebration, you can make these small adjustments to ensure that everyone remembers just how classy your event really was.

Implement a Dress Code Recommendation

An event is only as classy as its attendees, and most people will consider the guest list and attendees a reflection of how classy the event is. So, class it up with a dress code, or at very least a dress recommendation.

You’ll be helping guests too! How often are we confused about the attire before going to an event? Take the confusion away by putting the dress code front and center on the invitation. You can be as formal as you like or as classy as you want.

A classy event venue requires classy attire.

Know Your Audience

Who’s coming to the event? Knowing your audience is key to providing a high-end experience. Cater to your audience’s idea of classy.

If you are throwing a corporate event, then it’s important to know what you want from them; important data, a donation, or simply their participation. Ensure that your event is set up to get this information in the least most invasive fashion possible. If you want to be classy, don’t collect emails at the door, instead ask for business cards for a drawing of some kind.

Quality of Quantity

Understanding where to spend and where to save is so important, especially if you are on a budget. We recommend the cliché, quality over quantity. Here are our recommendations regarding what to invest in and what to avoid investing in.


Food: When it comes to food, go for lots of classy hors d’oeuvres instead of lots of moderately good food.

Décor: Chair covers can make any event a little classier, though expensive, they can make a huge difference if you have more room in your budget.

Place Cards: A personalized experience always feels classy. It’s that little bit of effort that goes a long way, so invest in place cards with names and assigned seating.


Expensive Speakers: If you are going to hire an expensive speaker, consider what the listeners are going to get and what the speaker is going to get. Now what’s left for you?

A Third-Party Catering Staff: Find a classy event venue that has an onsite catering staff. Package deals will not only save you money, but the staff’s knowledge and experience will ensure that the event goes off without a hitch.

Find the Perfect Venue

What’s great about South Florida country clubs is how versatile they can be. 

Though looking for a classy event venue is a good start, remember that you have to add your touch to really make it classy. Event venues are blank canvases ready to be created.

Set up is so important, find an event venue with a qualified event coordinator who knows exactly how to ensure that even a budget conscious event looks fantastic.