How to Pick A Golf Ball That Will Lower Your Handicap

Golf ball choices

When it comes to golf, the tools can change your game. Golf is just one of those sports where finding the right tools will improve your scores. Golf balls are no exception. Choosing the right golf ball will improve your golf game dramatically.

Are Expensive Golf Balls Better Than Cheap Golf Balls?

Yes. There is no way around this simple fact that when it comes to golf, “premium” equipment will improve your game. However, there is a “price tipping point”; a point where spending anymore money would not drastically change your game.

Finding Your Price Tipping Point

When the price of the golf balls you purchase increase, but you stop noticing the difference in performance, is what we call the price tipping point for golf equipment.

Finding the price tipping point where improvement and price intersect is how you save money on golf equipment and improve your golf game. When you pick a golf ball that is at that intersection, you will improve your game, lower your handicap, and save money.

Of course, it’s not just equipment that lowers handicaps. You can also strategize and find tips to lower your handicap that don’t cost you anything but time.

Four Factors That Influence How You Pick a Golf Ball

Callaway has a great quiz you can take which will pick a golf ball for you. The golf ball selector quiz takes you through the following four factors. Learn how to calculate your handicap properly before you take the golf ball quiz.


Golf balls for women tend to be softer with added distance. This allows the ball to gain distance at lower swing speeds.

Men with high swing speeds tend to use golf balls with high compression, because they can control trajectory.


Feel is influenced by compression. When a golf ball is made, it is compressed. The lower the compression, the more changeable or springy the ball becomes, the further it travels, and the straighter it travels.

Low compression also decreases spin. Pick a golf ball with low compression if you want reliably straight shots.


Pick a golf ball for long distance if you are a beginner or have a high handicap. Generating distance is the fastest way to knock a few points of your handicap. Distance golf balls are designed to go far, and compensate for slice and hook shots more than a tour level golf ball would. Consider them the best golf balls for beginners.

                Ball Traits

Dimples: A golf ball with dimples travels twice the distance as a smooth ball. Most balls have between 300 and 500 dimples. Find the number of dimples that works for you.

Aesthetics: For the most part, high visibility balls will be easier to find.

Losing Expensive Golf Balls

So, you spend time picking the right golf ball to lower your handicap, it’s expensive but you spend the money, and then you lose it on the first day out on the course.

Unfortunately, you cannot avoid losing golf balls. You can do a better job finding them though! You can pay for the Golf Ball Locator app or the Golf Ball Finder app. These apps cost a few bucks, but they’ll pay for themselves one you find your ball.

Golf Ball Fitting

The best golf balls are the ones that improve your game and improve your handicap. To find the right golf ball for you takes experimentation.

You can visit a local golf pro shop and be fitted for a few golf balls.