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Golf is a sport that requires practice and dedication. It often takes golfers years to get close to understanding the sport and playing well. At some point, all golfers have taken professional golf lessons. Sometimes, it is beneficial to have a professional evaluate your strengths and opportunities for improvement, then provide feedback in a useful way. At Deer Creek Golf Club, we provide the best professional golf lessons in South Florida, even golf schools!

Deer Creek Golf Club hosts three golf schools taught by PGA seasoned professionals with years of experience in both playing and teaching golf. Professional golf lessons at our championship golf course in Deerfield Beach are available to golfers of all skill levels.

Our professional golf instructors can tailor lessons to suit the needs of each and every client. So whether you have been playing golf for 15 years or this is your first time picking up a club, our instructors will make you feel comfortable and custom tailor a golf lesson package that will best suit your skill set.

Private lessons are offered for one-on-one time with an instructor. Or, there are group golf lessons with varying teaching methods and styles in order to maximize your skills and have you teeing off like a pro in no time!

If you thought it couldn’t get any better than that, Deer Creek’s golf programs are not only taught by golf pros, but also offer custom club fittings in order to make sure that you are fully prepared for lessons – fit like a pro!

Brian Curran, Head Golf Professional
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Jess Frank Golf School

With the help of the professionals at Deer Creek, you can get your golf game on point…or on tee! No matter if you have years of experience, are looking to learn the game for the first time, or are working on perfecting a more balanced finish, we offer golf lessons and schools that can be custom tailored to suit your needs.

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