Should I Get A Summer Golf Membership?

golf course in south florida

Yes, you should! You know you’ve got that itch that only a summer filled with great golf is going to scratch. Summer time means summer golf memberships! Golf memberships in Deerfield Beach or VIP championship golf course deals in South Florida are a common summertime gift in the Sunshine State. Golf has been a way of life in South Florida for decades. You can thank the great weather and flat, easily molded terrain for that. Golfers of all ages walk the course at Deer Creek Golf Club, and they all have their preferred membership rates.

Summer golf memberships at Deer Creek Golf Course in Deerfield Beach, Florida have always been a big seller. Their championship golf facility has always had great membership rates and with so many options, you are guaranteed to find a golf course deal that works for you. The summer golf season starts May 1 and continues until October 31. If you are up for a few holes at one of the best golf clubs in South Florida, read on to find the membership rates that work for you!

Summer Membership – Access to the course Monday through Friday, and after 11:30 a.m. on Saturday and Sunday. $395 plus tax.

Unlimited Membership – Like the sound of that? Access to the course anytime you want Monday through Sunday. This is the membership deal for the golfer who wants to play when the mood strikes. Great benefits for only $995 plus tax.

Junior Membership – Only junior golfers ages 17 and under qualify for this summer golf membership at Deer Creek. Get the kids out of the house and swinging this summer! You might have a Tiger Woods waiting to hit the green. Only $275 plus tax. Check out the Deer Creek Golf Club schools as well!