The History of Deer Creek Golf Club

This year marks Deer Creek Golf Club’s 51st year as one of the most fantastic golf courses in Deerfield Beach. Out of all the golf courses in Deerfield Beach and the surrounding area, Deer Creek has always stood alone in service, standards, and setting. Reigning as one of the most beautiful golf clubs in South Florida, Deer Creek invites you to take a small journey back to when it all began.

All the way back in 1971, when Florida was still very much in its infancy phase of development, Deer Creek Golf Club opened its doors to golf enthusiasts far and wide. It cost $5 million to construct, which by today’s standard might not seem like much for a golf course. In 1971, it promised to be one of the premiere golfing destinations, and the hard working people of Deer Creek have always strived to keep that in mind.

Back in 1971 when it first opened, and just like today, Deer Creek opened to the general public. Membership is not required, but better pricing and perks come with taking advantage of the annual, residential, seasonal, and weekday membership plans offered at the golf club.

The original course was designed by world renowned architect Arthur Hills. The South Florida landscape was changed and molded to create a great course for the golfers of the time. A new renovation took place in 2004 which continued the legacy of rolling hills and improved upon the greens and course itself. The challenging course can be played by golfers of all skill levels and is intended to create a great game of golf.

And that was not the only renovation. The Legendary Key West Banquet Room was renovated to further add to the beauty, style, and feel that allows our guests to experience something truly magically when they choose to host events at Deer Creek Golf Club.

Deer Creek golf club has had the privilege of hosting numerous golf tournaments through the decades, from USGA Senior Open Championship Qualifiers, USGA amateur Championship Qualifiers to an LPGA Tournament, and a lineup of lots of local championships throughout the years. At Deer Creek we have always aimed to create a great golfing experience, with our course and amenities ensuring that we are one of the best golf courses in Deerfield Beach.

It’s not just about the pros, Deer Creek has always given back to the golfing community by schooling the next generation of club swinging, pro putting champs. Deer Creek Golf club hosts two golf schools. At these schools you can expect to be taught by some of the best while attending private lessons, clinics and video analysis sessions.

Deer Creek Golf Club has been a local destination in Deerfield Beach and Florida for decades. Through thick and thin, through hurricanes and sunny Florida Days. So here’s to another 53 years in South Florida. And here’s to another 53 years of great golf!

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