Scorecards for Golf – Deer Creek 

Deer Creek Golf Club is more than just your typical South Florida golf course. We are a TifEagle championship golf course designed to be challenging for experienced golfers and casual golfers, and interesting enough to ensure that residents and golfers who travel from all over the world keep coming every year. The golf course design, attention to detail, and dedication of the grounds staff are the three most important things that separate Deer Creek Golf Club from any other golf course in South Florida. We host amateur golf events as well as semi-professionals. Most importantly, Deer Creek Golf Club is open to the public. You can purchase a South Florida golf club membership by simply applying for the membership online. For golfers who like to keep an eye on their golf course scorecards, ratings and slopes, and handicaps, too, all the relevant course information about the championship golf course at Deer Creek Golf Club is here!

Deer Creek Scorecard

These images are the actual Deer Creek scorecard that players use on the course every day. There are 7 tee zones to accommodate players of all levels. Championship-level golfers will prefer to shoot from the gold-level tees, and those with average ability may shoot from the white. Green and red tees are for confident golfers with less than average golfing ability. Silver tees for men and women are set up as well.

Deer Creek Course Ratings and Slopes

Golf ratings are designed to assign a numerical value to represent the difficulty of the course for a scratch golfer. Deer Creek’s ratings can be found below. Our Golf Club is open to the public! We hope that our course will provide a challenge to experienced players as well as entertainment for casual golfers. Men, women, and children of all ages are welcome. Please visit one of our affiliated golf schools to sign up for lessons and improve your game and get the best tips on how to master our championship golf course.

Deer Creek Course Description & Hole Layout

See the bird’s eye view of each hole in the Deer Creek Golf Club course below. Be sure to click on each image to read the brief explanation of the hole itself. Each explanation also has tips for those who want to get the most out of our championship golf course. You can also stop by to check out the course yourself. Deer Creek Golf Club is open to the public. Come in, enjoy lunch, maybe visit the driving range and discuss the course with one of our caddies or someone at the Deer Creek Pro Shop. We are always up for talking about golf!


More Handicap Resources & Golf Information

If you’re not sure how to calculate your golf handicap, we can help too! Read our blog and learn everything you need to know about golf handicaps. For a more experienced golfer, you might want to read our 6 Proven Tips to Lower Handicaps and take it from there. We hope to see you on the course soon! For any more questions, feel free to contact Deer Creek Golf Club staff members, and we will happily answer any questions you may have.


GOLD 75.3 137
BLUE 73.6 133
WHITE 71.8 129
GREEN 69.8 126
RED 71.7 128
SILVER – MEN 61.5 105
SILVER – WOMEN 65.2 117