Hosting Corporate Golf Tournaments for Lawyers

Golf is widely considered to be one of the most competitive, social and relaxing sports, appreciated by everyone from college students to lawyers and presidents. It’s a game that everyone can enjoy. Hosting corporate golf tournaments for lawyers at Deer Creek Golf Club, offers the opportunity  for industry professionals and their clients to enjoy a beautiful South Florida golf course.

The logistics of knowing how, when, and where to host a golf tournament are instrumental to its success. At Deer Creek’s golf course in Deerfield Beach, all the facilities and staff are provided to ensure that your golf tournament meets its goals.

Goals of Corporate Golf Tournaments for Lawyers

First, determine the goal you have in mind to host a golf tournament. Most corporate golf tournaments for lawyers share similar goals, which we have outlined here. The reason for hosting corporate golf tournaments for lawyers may include all of the following, but one will likely stand out above the rest.

Fundraising – Allow your law firm to give back to the community by including a fundraiser when you host a golf tournament. Golf tournaments and fundraisers are nothing short of cliché because they are successful.

Networking – You get the opportunity to mix business with pleasure when you host a golf tournament, because there is no better way to network in South Florida than meeting for 18 holes on a golf course. Hosting corporate golf tournaments for lawyers and potential clients is a great way to  network in a relaxing environment.

Company Outing – A corporate golf tournament is cheaper than a corporate retreat and will likely gauge more interest, and in turn, create higher attendance.  It’s logistically better to plan a few company outings a year than to host a single company retreat, particularly when it involves employees and/or clients with families.

Brand awareness – Some may choose to host a golf tournament for the prestige factor. Corporate golf tournaments for lawyers that boast a major wow factor and spread brand awareness is an important part of that experience.

Let Deer Creek do The Work for You

Deer Creek is a premiere golf club and events destination in South Florida. We host golf tournaments, weddings and corporate events all year long.  Our event planners are experienced and our facilities can accommodate up 350 people. We offer:

  • Professional planners
  • Customizable menus and professional decorators
  • Catering and a banquet hall
  • Check in services and support staff


What’s the First Step?

After making the decision to have a golf tournament for your law firm and potential clients, give us a call at (954) 429-0006, or visit us at our Deerfield Beach location.

Our trained and experienced staff is waiting by to assist you and help navigate the golf tournament from the planning to execution phase. We will help you decide which method of play will work best, which day to book your tee times, and how to plan for check ins, beverages and dinner if needed.

Deer Creek Golf Club will ensure that your tournament is a success and the reputation of your law firm is held to the highest standards!