Corporate Lunch at Deer Creek Golf Club

While the term “power lunch” went out in the 80’s, meeting for lunch with potential clients, investors, business partners, or a holding a workshop for your employees is still an excellent way to network and connect with the people who can and will further your company. Breaking bread with others over a corporate lunch at Deer Creek Golf Club will create a more intimate and casual connection that will foster the formation of positive bonds and good company moral.

Most corporate lunches are found to be overwhelmingly beneficial, since they aim to get issues discussed and come to resolutions, all while over a more relaxing atmosphere. However, even though a corporate lunch may seem more relaxed, you should still maintain a certain level of professionalism as you would at a formal corporate event. 

If you are interested in hosting a corporate lunch at a South Florida golf course, there are some key guidelines to follow whether you are the host or a guest, and preparation is key. Here are a few tips for your corporate event from the professional event coordinators at Deer Creek Golf Club:

– Invitations. Make sure that you have included key people on the invitation list and confirm that they are going to attend before booking your corporate lunch venue in Deerfield Beach. Executives, especially those in prominent positions, have many prior engagements, so be sure to state the purpose of your corporate lunch clearly and concisely. Make sure that your guests are aware that as the host, you will be footing the bill and make it easy for them to decline if they wish.

– The Venue. Choosing a corporate lunch venue in Deerfield Beach that will suit your company can be difficult. Here at Deer Creek Golf Club, our corporate events catering offers predetermined menus and a stunning, private Key West ballroom that can host anywhere from 30-300 guests. No matter how large or small your corporate lunch may be, our professional staff can meet all of your needs and make the room accommodating for your guests.

– Staffing. The corporate lunch venue that you choose should have adequate staffing in order to meet all of your dining needs and requests. Our South Florida corporate lunch venue features a separate kitchen and staff that are dedicated exclusively to corporate events and banquets, so your corporate lunch can receive the attention to detail it deserves.

– Menu. Deer Creek Golf Club has not only an amazing menu from our Deer Creek Grille, but also prefixed menus for events, all of which can be altered and tailored to suit your corporate lunch. Choose between a gourmet lunch menu with plated service, or a lavish buffet. When selecting beverage options, if alcohol is approved by you and your company, it is best to set a maximum drink amount per guest, to maintain a level of clarity for your corporate lunch meeting.

– Etiquette. If you are the host of a corporate lunch event at Deer Creek, our event coordinators will request that you arrive early in order to make sure that everything is as you planned and that tables are decorated for your final, last minute head count.  If you are a guest, arrive early and be sure to silence your cell phone, keep a clean place at the table, take notes of everyone in attendance and their key points, and be sure to send the host a thank you card.

If you are interested in hosting your corporate lunch at Deer Creek Golf Club in south Florida, view our delicious corporate lunch menu options online and call our Corporate Events department to learn more about hosting a corporate lunch at (954)-429-0006. In addition to hosting your corporate event at Deer Creek, you can work with our coordinators to add a corporate golf package for the special event, as well.