Deer Creek Grille Restaurant Open on Christmas Day

Deer Creek Grille is one of the few Deerfield Beach restaurants open on Christmas Day. Every year, Deer Creek serves friends, families, and people from all over Broward who want to enjoy a great Christmas dinner out.

The Deer Creek Grille is open 365 days a year to accommodate our community, to be the best, high quality restaurant open on Christmas Day. Serving gourmet food that won’t break the bank, you won’t be spending your holiday bonus on the bill. We consider our service on Christmas Day to be of the utmost importance. Find out exactly what you have in store when you arrive at Deer Creek.

Why We Stay Open on Christmas Day

We are not the only restaurant open on Christmas Day, but we believe we are the only restaurant serving family feeling on Christmas Day. Deer Creek Grille is open on Christmas Day because we want to ensure that there is a wholesome dining option on Christmas Day for those of us who can’t cook or want to spend time with others while not having to entertain.

Staying home for Christmas dinner is not your only option! If you need a break from the cooking, cleaning and entertaining that comes with holiday’s, then you can come directly to Deer Creek Grille and let us do the difficult stuff. You simply enjoy the atmosphere, the company, and the most importantly the food.

Don’t eat fast food on Christmas day either, you deserve high quality food on Christmas day. That’s why we are inviting you to eat home cooking by world class chefs. A little taste of our Christmas day buffet and you’ll feel at home!

Celebrate the holiday at a gourmet restaurant open on Christmas Day, celebrate with our family and let us take care of yours, celebrate community at the Deer Creek Grille on Christmas Day.

What to Expect Christmas Day

  • Menu

Deer Creek Grille will host a buffet on Christmas Day. Just like home, there will be plenty of classic Christmas and holiday food options. And just like home, there will be more food than you can handle. Eat until your absolutely stuffed like a Christmas turkey and then go back for a second helping.

Our full Christmas Day buffet menu will be listed at the bottom of this page, so check back as the day approaches! Classic Christmas and holiday foods, a few surprises and all of it cooked to taste like they were prepared over the oven and stove at your very own home.

  • Time

Like any other restaurant open on Christmas Day, Deer Creek Grille will observe specific Christmas day hours. We will be open and serving our Christmas Day buffet from 11:30 to 5:00 PM.

It can get a little busy on Christmas Day so feel free to call ahead and even ask about our reservations: (954) 421-5553. We will be happy to help!

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