Notorious Rule Violations & Controversies in Golf

Notorious Rule Violations & Controversies in Golf

Unless you’ve been golfing under a rock, you have probably heard all about Lexi Thompson’s penalty at the ANA invitational LPGA round. This latest golf controversy has brought more attention to rule violations in golf and just how strict the sport is.

If you don’t know, Thompson received a 2-stroke penalty for not “correctly” marking her ball placement the day before. She received another 2-stroke penalty for not recording the original 2-stroke penalty.

Does that sound like an insane golf controversy? Unfortunately, rule violations in golf are too common and there are some controversies that are even weirder.

Tiger Woods Boulder Incident

In 1999 Tiger Woods had just entered the golf world in a big way. He would also enter the golf controversy hall of fame. At the 1999 Phoenix Open, Tiger’s ball had landed behind a giant boulder. A group of fans worked together to lift and move the boulder allowing Tiger to take his shot without the hazard.

There are no rule violations in golf stating that fans can move an obstruction, so Tiger received no penalty and left that prestigious golf club changed forever.

Dustin Johnson Lost Bunker

At the 2010 PGA Championship, Johnson had taken a swing from a bunker without knowing it. When he took his shot, he grounded the club which you cannot do in bunkers.

Here’s the kicker, Johnson had no idea he was in a bunker because crowds had swarmed the area (see picture above).

It took hours for officials to figure out what happened, so Johnson was penalized with an extra stroke, costing him the Championship win that year.

Craig Stadler and The Couch Official

It’s rare that a golf controversy would come from a fan watching at home. In 1987, Stadler took a swing from the woods, next to a tree, where he placed a towel on the ground to kneel without getting dirt on his pants. Immediately a fan at home called and spoke to golf officials, informing them that Stadler has “built a stance” by playing on the towel.

Building a stance: “To artificially manipulate surroundings so as to improve your footing before a hit.”

The penalty cost Stalder the Andy Williams Tournament. Years later, Stadler returned to cut down the tree.

Special 2017 Summer Golf Rates, Fees & Discount Tee Times

Special 2017 Summer Golf Rates, Fees & Discount Tee Times

Summer can mean only one thing, discount tee times at your favorite Fort Lauderdale golf clubs. Deer Creek Golf Club is offering lowered summer golf rates for members and non-members so that everyone can golf all summer long.

The Rates: $35 – $75

Discount tee times are available for the whole summer!  

April 24 through October 31, 2017

Monday – Friday

                A.M. –  $50

                P.M. – $45

                Twilight – $35

Saturday, Sunday & Holidays

                A.M. – $75

                P.M. – $45

                Twilight – $35

Call Deer Creek Golf Club to reserve a tee time before they are all booked: (954) 421-5550.

More Ways to Save On the Course

Still want to save even more money this summer while keeping up with your golfing addiction? If you’re already taking advantage of discount tee times, consider a Fort Lauderdale golf club that offers more discounts with membership

For example, summer golf rates are even lower if you purchase a Deer Creek Summer Golf Membership.

Use Your Savings Well

After you save all that money at your local Fort Lauderdale golf course, how should you spend it?

  • You can use it to buy better golf clubs and gear or you could put all your discount tee time savings into professional golf lessons.
  • If you don’t want to spend your savings on golf, then why not go for a massage after the game?
  • Grab lunch and drinks at the Deer Creek Grille or head down to the Deerfield Beach pier which is only a few miles directly east of the club.

Whatever it is you decide to with your savings from our discounted summer golf rates, we hope you have a great summer out on the links this year!


How to Prevent Back Pain After Golf

How to Prevent Back Pain After Golf

Golf can be played by 8-year-olds and 80-year-olds; that’s what makes the game of golf such a great pastime. Arnold Palmer was golfing right up until his death in September, and other pro players, like Jack Nicklaus, golfed professionally on their local golf courses well after retirement; and they played well! Unfortunately, the older you get, the more pain you may feel, and most complaints come from back pain after playing golf.   

The Source of Your Back Pain 

The back pain after golf that you are experiencing is a result of your swing. Lower back pain is the most common complaint, and as many as 23 percent of professional golfers complain of lower back pain after golf – you are not alone. 

For the most part, your lower back is not considered the cause of the issue, but the source of the pain. The rest of your body is putting too much pressure on your lower back, which is causing stress.   

How Is Your Swing Affecting Your Back?

If you experience back pain after golf, you are likely not maintaining the correct posture during your swing. Golf is exercise after all, and even though you are having fun, you are spending a full day exerting yourself.  

The average golfers are swinging over 100 times during a round on their local golf course. If you are swinging wrong every time, it is going to affect your back.  

How to Avoid Back Pain After Golf

The good news is that preventing back pain after golf will also improve your game dramatically. The issue is that you are bending and twisting your back too often when swinging. You can take lessons at your local golf course and have a pro correct you, or you can look at this great back guide from Golf Digest. The fact is, you need to straighten up your back through your swing.  

You should also consider warming up and stretching before you arrive at the local golf course. There is no reason to feel pain after a great round of golf. 

Olympic Golf Struggled to Get Traction Until Now

Olympic Golf Struggled to Get Traction Until Now

The new Olympic golf course currently under construction in Rio de Janiero is said to be magnificent and matches the tropical majesty of premiere South Florida golf courses. However, ever since it was announced that golf would be added to the 2016 Olympic tournaments, the nature regarding who would actually play has been uncertain.

It was not until Rory Mcllroy confirmed that he will compete in this year’s Olympics that many skeptics went silent. After Adam Scott, Louis Oosthuizen, Vijay Singh, and others confirmed that they were not going to attend, it was a miracle that a big name, pro golfer like Mcllroy actually agreed to compete. It might breathe a little bit of fire back into what was a waning Olympic golf tournament roster.

Although the inclusion of golf in the 2016 Olympics may have been a shock to some, the announcement was, of course, not met with outrage from golf pros. In fact, golf pros were thrilled at the chance to play their beloved sport in the Olympics, despite opposition from sports writers in the United States. The problem for golf pros instead, is that the 2016 Olympics poses time conflicts.

So far, the professional golfers that have dropped out of the 2016 Olympics in Brazil have credited their decision with one of the following reasons:

PGA Tour Schedule

The 2016 Olympic golf tournament is taking place right in the middle of one of the busiest PGA tour times of the year. The British Open, the U.S. Open, the Bridgestone Invitational, and the Greenbrier Classic are all scheduled around the same time as this year’s Olympic golf tournament; and unfortunately, these other events are far more important for golfers’ careers than the fairly unknown Olympic golf tournament.

The Zika Virus

This reason may hold less weight than the aforementioned, however, golfers know that mosquitoes find their way to the green no matter what the location may be, so since the Zika Virus is spread via mosquito, many golfers have decided to simply not take the risk.


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Mother’s Day Event at Deer Creek Golf Club

Mother’s Day Event at Deer Creek Golf Club

Looking for some ideas for mother’s day? How about a great breakfast or lunch mother’s day event at the Deer Creek Golf Club? You don’t have to bring your clubs to enjoy the phenomenal food and buffets at the Deer Creek Grille, hey, you don’t even have to own any golf clubs!

The grand Mother’s Day buffet at Deer Creek will kick off on May 8 at 11 a.m.

Breakfast – If you are planning on having an early morning with mom, check out the Mother’s Day breakfast buffet at Deer Creek Golf Course. Although nothing beats the eggs mom made, our omelet station is out of this world and the eggs will be a close contender! Why not take the clubs out for a game afterwards? Now that’s an idea for Mother’s Day that you will set you apart from the rest and give mom a special, relaxing, fun day!

Lunch – If you already have a busy morning planed, you can meet up for lunch! Pasta stations and some delectable main dishes with leave your mom especially satisfied. Try the bronzed Mahi with green apple mango salsa. We could never beat mom’s cooking, but we can definitely give her a break from slaving over the hot stove, to enjoy a delectable lunch prepared just for her!

Deerfield Beach, Florida is brimming with some great Mother’s Day events, but nothing will quite beat the food and atmosphere you and your family will experience at our championship South Florida golf course’s restaurant and grille. Reservations are required, so make sure that you are prepared! Call us at (954) 421-5553. Adults eat for $34.95 and children under 12 eat for $17.95. Happy Mother’s Day from the staff at Deer Creek Golf Club!

Easter Greetings from Deer Creek Golf Club

Easter Greetings from Deer Creek Golf Club

This Easter, join us at Deer Creek Golf Club for a selection of amazing food to satiate your brunch cravings and quell your lunch time desires. Our fantastic Easter venue in Deerfield Beach, Florida has been decorated in colorful eggs, Easter bunnies, and bright pastels for the occasion. If you don’t already know, we are open 365 days a year to accommodate the needs and schedules of every one of our guests. All Deer Creek events, like Easter, are catered by the renowned chefs at our onsite Deer Creek Grille; we are sure to be the best Easter brunch venue in South Florida.

Easter is a time for family, friends, and fun. Why not take out the guessing and hard work of planning an Easter brunch and leave that to the maestros at Deer Creek Grille? Enjoy the food, the sun, and the relaxing scenery while you celebrate a great Easter with your friends and family. Love golf? What better way to spend the day with your family after brunch at our Grille, than by teeing off on our championship South Florida golf course!

Here at Deer Creek, there are no club membership requirements to enjoy the facilities, amenities and of course the great food offered by Deer Creek Golf Club. We guarantee that a small taste of our food and scenery will make you instant members of our one of a kind golf courses. Speaking of one of a kind, the Deer Creek Grille is home to some of the most delicious menu items you could imagine.

Come one, come all to this Easter Eating Extravaganza! Call the maestros at the Deer Creek Grille now at (954) 421-5553. Happy Easter to everyone and Bon Appetit!