Gwyneth Paltrow’s Pre-Wedding Diet

Gwyneth Paltrow’s Pre-Wedding Diet

When a soon-to-be bride is getting ready for a wedding, a couple of her priorities are probably eating clean and attending several intense cardio classes. After all, a strict diet increases her chances of fitting into her dream wedding dress. However, that’s not the case for Academy Award-winning actress Gwyneth Paltrow.

On the first and recent episode of her company’s podcast, The Beauty Closet, she revealed indulging in fried food and hard liquor in the days leading up to her wedding day last year. While chatting about the beauty perks of clean eating and a balanced diet, the hosts asked if Paltrow stuck to her guns for her pre-wedding diet before exchanging vows with long-time boyfriend, Brad Falchuk.

“I was too stressed,” exclaimed the Goop founder. “I was like French fries and whiskey right up to the day. It wasn’t good.” She went on, “it’s the new Goop way, okay?” [1]


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Yep, that’s right, ladies. Even a health and wellness mogul such as Gwyneth Paltrow has several cheat days on their pre-wedding diet.

She went on to describe her bridal makeup on The Beauty Closet podcast. “I wanted to look like myself, but I definitely wanted makeup,” she clarified. “I think in pictures if I have no makeup, I can look really washed out. I’m very blonde.” [1]

Shredding for the Wedding

Unlike Gwyneth Paltrow, some of us don’t have the luxury of sticking to a strict (and expensive!) diet from the moment we’re engaged until the moment we’re walking down the aisle. However, there are some basics to a wedding detox diet to help keep the extra pounds at bay before the wedding day. To make sure your dress fitting appointments go smoothly, here’s what to include in your pre-wedding diet:

  • Drink plenty of water
  • Refrain from eating processed food
  • Stay away from refined and starchy carbohydrates such as white bread and rice
  • Limit alcohol intake – no more than 7 servings weekly
  • Avoid sweetened or artificially sweetened beverages
  • Meal prep to save time and money
  • Increase veggie and fruit intake
  • Moderate exercise at least four times per day


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[1] Us Weekly – Gwyneth Paltrow Ate French Fries and Whiskey Before Her Wedding: ‘It’s the New Goop Way’

Star-Spangled Weekend: Avoid Golf Burnout

Star-Spangled Weekend: Avoid Golf Burnout

Star-Spangled Weekend: Avoid Golf Burnout

With a Fourth of July weekend fast approaching, you’re probably going over your schedule of obligatory BBQs and parties while trying to tie in your golf matches. Having so much on your plate this weekend can take a toll on your body, especially while spending so much time in the heat. The golfing enthusiasts of our Deerfield Beach, Florida golf course discuss how to avoid golf burnout during this Star Spangled Weekend.

Stay Hydrated

First things first: stay hydrated if you want to avoid golf burnout this weekend. We’re at the peak of the summer season, which means high temperatures will rapidly increase the risk of dehydration. To be strict on your water intake, set up a schedule to guzzle around 12 ounces of water per three holes, for example. Also, don’t forget to keep healthy snacks like protein bars and trail mix handy so you can get the nutrients needed to keep you going throughout the game.


No, we don’t mean “throw shade” to avoid golf burnout. Throughout your rounds, try to stay in the shade as much as you can to stay cool and refreshed. Minimize your exposure to the sun rays as much as possible except when necessary to make your shots so you don’t overheat.

Keep Your Balance

When you grow fatigued during a round, it’s easy to lose your balance. So, a good golf match play tip is to be mindful of your balance so you can maintain a proper swing with rhythm. After all, swinging is 75 percent tempo and 25 percent finishing pose once your ball lands.

Don’t Shorten

Make sure to pair tempo and rhythm with a full backswing to keep a perfect shot this weekend. Do whatever is needed to make a full turn while turning your lead shoulder back as it aligns with your chin.

Have Fun!

Even if you don’t make that perfect shot, remember: this is a four-day weekend, so don’t stress yourself out if you make a bad shot. Just relax and consider this festive time of the year a break from the real world!

During this Star-Spangled Weekend, make sure to stay hydrated – and most of all – have fun! If you’d like to learn more information about our golf course or our inventory of used golf clubs to help save money this summer, feel free to reach out to our golf enthusiasts at Deer Creek Golf Club.


Glossary: Common Golf Terms You Should Know

Glossary: Common Golf Terms You Should Know

Albatross, ballooning, caddy, duffer…if you’re new to golf, you’re most likely scratching your head trying to figure out what these terms mean. On the other hand, you may just be a walking golf dictionary as you’ve played golf for a good portion of your life. Either way, it’s important to know popular terms in golf to easily follow golfing news or just a simple conversation in a cigar room, per se. You’re in luck as our knowledgeable staff of our Fort Lauderdale golf course can better inform you on common golf terms you should know.


An ace is probably the most common golf term you should know. It’s a hole-in-one or a score of one shot in a hole.


The stance the player takes on to prepare to make a stroke.


Also known as a “double eagle,” an Albatross is a score of 3-under-par for a single hole.

Back Nine

The final 9 holes of an 18-hole golf course


The disproportionate amount of climbing or lift for a shot surpassing its normal course. Once shot into the wind, the shot can fall short of the desired distance.


A scoring term describing a score of 1-under par for a single hole


Someone who assists a golf player by carrying their bag of golf clubs and/or gives the player helpful tips and the status of the game.


The main building of a golf course which can house the pro shop, dining area, locker rooms, lounge, offices, and so on.


A person or group overseeing the competition, or the course if no competition is taking place.

Depth Charge

A putt that has lingered softly down a slippery slope and meant to just get near rather than a score the mark.


A scenario where the ball is discharged by hand with an extended arm-shoulder height to only be put back in the game after being lifted under various conditions within the guidelines of golf.


A bad shot where the ball never leaves the ground, caused by hitting the top or side of the ball or hitting the ground firmly behind the ball.

Embedded Ball

A ball caught in the ground due to the impact it received (aka plugged).


A slender pole about 7 feet tall with a flag attached to the end. The flagstick is to be placed inside the cup to notate the position of the hole.


An unadjusted score before a handicap has been utilized.

Half Shot

A shot initiated with not as much force as a full swing, mainly to limit distance, trajectory, and spin.


Though these are the most common golf terms you should know, the full golf vocabulary is quite extensive. If you want to learn more about golf terms you should know or about any of our golf membership deals, give us a call! Feel free to contact our knowledgeable staff at Deer Creek Golf Club – one of the best golf clubs in Florida – to find out more.

Being More Consistent at Golf

Being More Consistent at Golf

Being More Consistent at Golf

Don’t we all want to be more consistent at golf? Consistency can help increase our chances of scoring shots as “practice makes perfect.” However, it’s vital to remember that no golfer can display consistency on every single shot. When watching professional players on the PGA Tour, you’ll see they can still hit bad shots, no matter how much they practiced prior. However, our professional staff at our Deer Creek golf course are happy to show you how to be more consistent at golf.

Warm Up

Just hitting the South Florida golf course straight off the golf cart simply won’t do. Unfortunately, most amateur golfers flunk on warming up before starting a game. Create a good warm-up routine before you approach the first tee to warm up your muscles to help you get into the “zone.” Your warm-up can consist of anything from stretching to hitting a few shots before the actual game.


The key to consistency in golf is your address, which includes the grip, balance, and alignment. There is no universal, correct grip, yet make sure your hand positions remain consistent, no matter the grip you choose. In addition, keep your knees limber as you let your arms hang straight down to shift your weight to balls of your feet. This alignment should help you maintain an address that facilitates your swing.


Too much movement on your downswing can hinder you from being more consistent at golf. To prevent this, maintain a certain amount of weight between your feet. Envision a vertical line reaching upward from between your feet, as it serves as a marker where your hips should slide to the right during your right backswing and vice versa. This method eliminates the additional hip slides while improving your balance for your swing, making it a great key to consistency in golf.


Rhythm is the most overlooked tip to being more consistent at golf. According to the researcher, John Novosel, professional golfers’ (both female and male) backswings were three times longer than their downswing due to rhythm.1 Such players can effortlessly count from one to four, therefore, making it that much easier to gain consistency in their swing rhythm.


Want to learn more about how to be more consistent at golf or about our golf club in Florida? Don’t hesitate to contact our friendly staff to find out more and we’ll respond ASAP!



  1. Tour Tempo – John Novosel
5 Tips to Improve Your Golf Setup

5 Tips to Improve Your Golf Setup

5 Tips to Improve Your Golf Setup

Of all the full-swing fundamentals in golf, the setup position is probably the most overlooked. It’s important to always keep in mind of how much your setup influences your swing, and perfecting it can increase your chances of success. Don’t worry, you don’t need to be a professional athlete in order to perfect your golf setup. Our knowledgeable staff at our Deerfield country club can go into further tips to improve your setup while enjoying some South Florida golf.


Initially, your body (from the feet all the way up to the eyes) should be parallel with the target line. If viewed from behind, a right-handed golfer seems to be aiming slightly left of the goal. The best way to visualize this strategy is by imagining a railroad track with your body inside the tracks and the ball outside the rail.

Feet Position

Another tip to improve your golf setup is to keep your feet shoulder-width apart for the middle irons. For a short-iron stance, it should be two inches smaller, while the long-irons should be two inches broader. You goal-side foot should be ported towards the target at a 20 to 40-degree angle, giving your body the rotation it needs for the downswing. Keep the back foot squared to create suitable hip rotation on the backswing. Maintaining adequate flexibility and body rotation are great golf tips for beginners looking to improve other aspects of their game.


One great tip to improve your setup is to keep your weight well-balanced. Concentrate your weight on the balls of the feet, instead of the heels or toes. When using short irons, 60 percent of your weight needs to be on the goal-side foot. With middle-iron shots, your weight should be distributed 50/50 between each foot. As for long-iron shots, keep 60 percent of your weight on your backside foot. The proper weight distribution should help you swing the club at the correct angle on the backswing.

Arms & Hands

Keep your hands hanging just in front of your pants zipper just before you make the shot. Your hands-to-body distance depends on what club you’re hitting. Position the hands a palm’s width from the body when using short and middle irons, and a palm’s length for long irons.

Have any further questions about improving your setup or other golf tips for beginners? Feel free to reach out to our friendly staff at our South Florida golf club.

Wedding Planner or Do-It-Yourself?

Wedding Planner or Do-It-Yourself?

Wedding Planner or Do-It-Yourself?

The time has finally come: he got down on one knee and you said “Yes!” Now here comes the not-so-easy part: wedding planning. Depending on personal circumstances, wedding planning can either seem a bit daunting or it’s something that both you and your spouse-to-be can enjoy doing. We’ve helped narrow down some scenarios to help you decide whether you should hire a wedding planner or DIY.


As we all know, time is never on our side. Yet, if you and your partner have a lot of time on your hands, you can go the DIY route to plan your wedding. It also makes for a great bonding experience when it comes to choosing the color theme for your wedding, finding the right DJ, as well as finding the right catering company. However, in some circumstances, you and your partner may not have the time to plan your wedding. Both of you may be full-time workers or even run a business, and that’s where the value of a wedding planner comes in. Hiring a wedding planner can give you more time to stay focused on work and other personal matters while he or she spends their time planning your wedding.


It’s no secret that weddings can be costly. If this is the main concern for you, hiring a wedding planner would be ideal. Yes, you may have to kick out a few extra bucks for the services of a planner, but the value of a wedding planner comes into play when they can help guide and negotiate the cost of vendors, venues, caterers, and florists with you. On the other hand, if you’re someone who has a knack for financial management and reading the fine print on vendor contracts, then DIY wedding planning is right up your alley.

Planning a wedding is not for everyone; therefore, it’s up to you to decide whether you need to hire a wedding planner or DIY. Don’t be mistaken, the value of a wedding planner can come in handy if you’re looking to save money and time. They also have insight into various venues like golf clubs in Florida to host your wedding. If you’re interested in having your once-in-a-lifetime wedding at our South Florida country club, contact us for more information.