Florida Golf Courses Open Year-Round

Florida Golf Courses Open Year-Round

Florida is a golfer’s paradise, offering some of the best golf courses in the world. With its sunny and mild weather, Florida is the perfect destination for those looking to hit the links, no matter which month it is. Golfers can enjoy stunning ocean views, lush green fairways, and challenging courses designed by some of the world’s top golf course architects. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced golfer, Florida has a course for you. Golf communities in Florida are very common and inclusive to members at every expertise level. Many of these golf courses are open year-round, giving golfers the opportunity to enjoy the game in all seasons.

Our experts at Deer Creek Golf Club of South Florida explain more about Florida golf courses that are open year-round, highlighting their unique features and what makes them a must-visit for golf enthusiasts during any season. Deer Creek is home to one of the best golf courses in South Florida. Not every state has golf courses that are almost always accessible, so taking advantage of Florida’s resources can be the best thing for you. Keep reading to find out more.


Are Golf Courses Open Year-Round?

Whether golf courses are open year-round depends on the location and climate of the area. In some parts of the world, where the weather is almost always mild, golf courses don’t need to close during any season. In other areas with harsher winters, golf courses may close during the colder months and reopen in the spring. In Florida, many golf courses are open year-round due to the warm and sunny climate. The state’s subtropical climate makes it a popular destination for golf enthusiasts from all over the world. However, it’s important to note that even in Florida, some golf courses may close temporarily for maintenance or renovation during certain times. Overall, golf courses that aren’t as affected by the weather offer golfers the opportunity to enjoy their favorite sport whenever they want, regardless of the weather conditions.


The Best States for Golf Year-Round

Avid golfers know that finding a destination for year-round golfing can be a challenge, especially when harsh weather conditions come into play. There are multiple states in the United States that offer excellent year-round golfing opportunities due to their mild climates. Some of the best states for golf year-round include:

  • Florida: Naturally, golf in Florida is one of the best experiences a golfer can have. With its warm and sunny weather, Florida is perfect for someone looking to golf year-round. The state is home to hundreds of golf courses that stay open for twelve months.
  • Arizona: Arizona’s desert climate makes it an ideal destination for year-round golfing. The state is home to many world-class golf courses, particularly in the Phoenix and Scottsdale areas.
  • California: California has a diverse range of climates, but many areas of the state consistently have milder weather. Parts of California also have a desert-like climate that provides the perfect weather for all-year-round golfing.
  • Texas: The southern parts of Texas offer mild weather year-round similar to the other listed states. Texas is home to excellent golf courses in Austin, San Antonio, and Houston. The dry heat and lack of wind in Texas make the perfect scenario for year-round golfing.


Golf Year-Round at South Florida’s Deer Creek

Are you looking to become a member of our club to be able to golf year-round, or do you want to learn more about tee times and how to schedule yourself for a round? Be sure to get in touch with our South Florida golfing team to learn more from the professionals who operate and maintain the quality of the course. Be sure to take a look at our Deerfield golfing blog to get more insights into all things related to our location, our hours, and the game of golf. Be sure to contact us today if you have any other questions.

3 Ways to Save on Golf Rates This Summer

3 Ways to Save on Golf Rates This Summer

There are two ways to make golf even better than it already is: play more, and pay less! Deer Creek Golf Club has you covered. Save on golf rates and get last-minute tee times, and even advance tee times with these three tips.

#1: Summer Golf Memberships 2017
Take advantage of the summer golf memberships at Deer Creek to get even more savings. It’s simple: just call up the membership office and we’ll take care of the rest: (954) 429-0006 extension 113.
May 1 – Oct 31
Residents: $395.00 + 6% Florida sales tax
Anytime Monday to Thursday, and after 11:30 on Saturday and Sunday.
Unlimited: $995.00 + 6% Florida sales tax
Tee times whenever you like.
Junior: (17 & under): $275.00 + 6% Florida sales tax
Summer golf memberships are a great way to save on golf rates, dining, and other club amenities.

#2: 9-n-Dine
Get in a quick round and then head to the Deer Creek Grille for dinner and drinks. There’s usually a wait list to book a 9 ‘n Dine special, so we encourage golfers to call our booking department first: (954) 421-5550 to make a reservation.
Monday and Tuesday
9 holes and golf cart: $34.95 per person
Wide-variety of menu items
This promo is limited to two golfers at a time!

#3: Twilight
Do you want to know the number one secret to save money on golf rates and book last-minute tee times? Honestly, it’s not a secret at all; it’s a trick that not many golfers know. The magic word is twilight.
Taking advantage of this time of day will save you time and money. Who wouldn’t want that?
Twilight Discount Tee Times:
April 24 – Oct 31
Tee time after 3:00 p.m.
The most requested tee times on any golf course are the first two bookings of the day, the early morning and early afternoon tee times. The most requested days of the week are Friday, Saturday and Sunday. But no one thinks of the later tee times. If you’re not used to the heat, an afternoon tee time on a South Florida golf course can be a little too much for out-of-towners, which usually means you’ll only find the thick-skinned locals on South Florida golf clubs in the middle of the day. Book your tee time for twilight hours and beat the heat, receive a discount, and have fun golfing with not a lot of players on the range.

Junior Golf Club Memberships vs. Summer Camps

Junior Golf Club Memberships vs. Summer Camps

Looking for an activity for your kids to do this summer? Summer school and summer camps can be expensive and may not teach your child a skill, sport, and get them physically active during summer – so why not venture out and try something different? At Deer Creek Golf Club, your child can enjoy getting out of the house, while learning one of the most famous sports of all time. Junior Golf Club Memberships in South Florida offer all that and more.

Junior Golf Club Memberships at Deer Creek Golf Club include:

– $20 plus tax cart fee per rounds of golf from May 15 – October 15

– A 10 percent discount on clubhouse food and regular priced Golf Pro Shop merchandise

– Discount on practice balls

– 6-day advanced tee times

– Bag storage and locker ($75 each or $125 for both)

– Handicap services

– Special guest fees

Deer Creek Golf Club’s award winning golf course is suitable for amateurs and challenging to regular golfers alike. This makes their golf club memberships perfect for the avid golfer and teens who want to learn how to play this great game. So, instead of going for the standard summer school and summer camp options, inject some skill and friendly competition into your kid’s summer scene. Sign up for a Junior Golf Club Membership at Deer Creek Golf Club today and let your child get the most out of your summer.

Summer Golf Trip Planning Guide

Summer Golf Trip Planning Guide

The sun is shining and winds are calm this summer in South Florida. If you are planning your summer golf trip in South Florida, be sure to pack accordingly and plan ahead. Take this opportunity to get away from the stresses back home and make your way to sunny South Florida’s championship golf course, Deer Creek Golf Club! Experience some fantastic golf courses at our pristine Deerfield Beach location, in close proximity to the coast! Our staff and golfing professionals have created a golf trip planning guide that will have you packed and ready to have an unforgettable summer golf trip in South Florida.

Best Golf Courses in South Florida – Ideally, you will be looking for not only the best golf course in South Florida to play at, but also reasonable prices and other amenities. After all, travel is an expense in itself already. Deer Creek Golf Club in Deerfield Beach runs a summer membership program for this very reason. Our summer golf membership packages are reasonably priced and offer the most bang for the buck – or the greenest!

Back-Up Golf Shoes and Gear – Chances are, there will be a few items misplaced over the course of your summer golf trip. Be sure to pack an extra pair of shoes and a few extra shirts. There are great deals to find at golf pro shops in South Florida, but it doesn’t hurt to keep spare shoes on-hand.

Travel Golf Bags – Depending on your method of travel, you’ll want to buy a suitcase that meets your needs. Hard cases are good for air travel because they keep your clubs save, but they are also expensive to check. Soft bags are good for car travel because they offer protection, but they also have the added benefit of taking up less space.

Happy Swinging golfers! We’ll see you this summer at Deer Creek Golf Club!