How to Improve Your Short Game

How to Improve Your Short Game

A nice, relaxing game of golf may be just what you need as an escape from daily life. However, you may be stumped on executing the perfect shots. It all starts with your short game. Short game is all about control. Once you nail it, expect your performance to improve and your confidence to increase. We’re sharing a few golf short game basics to improve your short game at our Deer Creek golf course.


Soften Your Grip for Chip Shots

First things first: loosen up your grip. Most rookie golfers make the mistake of keeping a tight grip, not knowing their grip can make or break their round – especially their short game. As you’re chipping, remember to keep your hands soft and maintain a medium grip. A loosened grip will also ease the tension in the wrists and arms. Once you softened your grip, you can then focus on a basic chipping stance by holding your chin high and your back straight.


Rotate Your Body

Sure, chipping and pitching is all about short shots, but if you want a firm hit on the golf ball, it’s important to rotate your body forward as you swing.

First, swing the clubhead back and then, point the right knee towards your left knee to help maximize your downswing. This method will clear your right side and help you get better rotation through the swing to further improve your short game.


Swing in Tempo

Another rookie mistake that tends to happen on the average South Florida golf course is swinging at the ball with too much speed. Indeed, speed and force are needed to power off the tee, yet, for your short game, it’s another story.

Just relax and pace yourself. Soften your grip, take a deep breath and count off in a “one and” tempo for the backswing, proceeded by “two” on the downswing.


Concentrate on Your Left Arm

When it comes to improving your short game, this strategy is probably the most important. Your whole left side, from the wrist, hand, and arm, must lead the way as you aim for the ball and hit it with the center of the club. This is where your control comes from, so don’t neglect it!

Once you improve your short game, you’ll increase your chances of making a shot when you chip or pitch at our South Florida golf course. Want to learn more tips on how improve your overall golf game? Feel free to reach out to our friendly staff at our Deer Creek golf course.


How to Host a Corporate Event and Get Business

How to Host a Corporate Event and Get Business

There’s nothing more rewarding than a successful event.

This is especially true when applied to corporate events; businesses are grown, customers are satisfied, and relationships are forged. In addition to providing businesses and customers with a pleasant time to build relationships with each other, corporate events are also a great way to gain more business.

Deer Creek, South Florida country club, has some advice to make your next corporate event one for the books.

Determine Your Audience

To attract viable business for your company, tailor your event to your crowd. Figure out what kinds of clients would be most likely to attend an event for your service. An event at one of the golf clubs in Florida, like Deer Creek, would appeal more to golfers and would be perfect for a company selling golf merchandise. With this, you can craft your party, gala, or gathering with a specific audience in mind.

Choose the Day & the Time

Whether your event is at one of the golf clubs in Florida or at a local coffee shop, schedule your event on the slow hour of a slow day. This way, you will be gaining more business during that time, while not detracting from the business procured on busier days and hours.

With this, you should also keep your audience in mind. If you’re hosting a corporate event for your boating company at a South Florida country club, figure out a day and time in which more boaters would be more likely to come. For instance, a Saturday morning may not be a great choice, since your clients may be out sailing.

Provide Contact Information & Follow-Up

Make sure that you don’t leave your guests hanging. Establish some form of contact and exchanging of information, so that either parties can follow-up in the future. Otherwise, the event would have been a waste for your business.

While there’s much more to hosting an effective corporate event, at Deer Creek Golf Club, we hope that these tips and hints help you craft an event that will profit not only your business but your customers, as well.

Plan Your Fall Golf Trip to South Florida

Fall is one of the best times to take a golf trip to South Florida. The weather is perfect, South Florida golf courses are prepared for the season, and the region really comes alive with new business and tourists.

Deer Creek Golf Club the perfect plan and things to consider for your fall golf trip to South Florida:

Who Should You Golf With?

There is no better way to determine if you like someone than to travel with them; however, a golf trip to South Florida is no time to find that out. When you arrive at one of the premiere South Florida golf courses, the only thing that matters is having the perfect swing and having a good time! Tailor your invite list to include people in which you will enjoy spending the entire day with.

What is Your Budget?

Before you can begin to plan the entire trip, you must establish a budget. From planning a budget you can tell how long you will stay, which hotel you will be able to stay in, how many South Florida golf courses you will be able to visit, and any other sights you wish to see while you are here. Plan accordingly and you can visualize how much you are able to spend on your trip.

When Are You Going?

Fall is the perfect time for a golf trip to South Florida, and most golfers would agree, which is why planning the golf trip time frame is essential. It may be tempting to organize your trip during a long weekend, but contrary to popular belief, it is better to avoid them. Deer Creek Golf Club recommends planning to go during early October for your next golf trip to South Florida.

Is Your Timeline Set?

The schedule should be the last item on your list, but also the most fun. It is time to plan which courses you will be visiting, and Deer Creek Golf Club should definitely be top of the list. Our premiere golf course provides affordable rates, and is one of the best golf courses in South Florida. Also, do not forget to add any other attractions you wish to see while in South Florida.

Golfing Myths

When you think about picking up the game of golf, do you have negative images flash into your mind about the sport? Thoughts of the expensive price tags that come with golf, or that it takes up too much time to play. Or, maybe you think that golf is a stuffy, old fashioned game played by snooty, old fashioned men. Deer Creek Golf Club thinks that it is about time that you rethink all of these golf myths that are holding you back from a wonderfully addicting sport.

A championship golf course in Deerfield Beach, Florida can help clear up some of the myths that surround the game of golf:

Myth 1. Golf is old fashioned and stuffy.

Golf is changing and bringing with it young athletes, fans, and new locations and playing formats. The notion that golf is stuffy does not apply to modern day golf clubs. Most courses, like Deer Creek Golf Course, are vibrant and welcoming.

Myth 2. Golf is too expensive.

There are definitely financial playing options when it comes to golf, and you can spend as little or as much as you like. With a little bit of effort, you can find great deals on golf apparel and pristine public courses in South Florida.

Myth 3. Golf games take the whole day to play.

There are quick ways to play the game that will fit into any busy lifestyle. Golf games can be played in the same amount of time it takes to complete any other leisurely activity. The majority of golf courses also have a 9-hole option that lasts about two hours, or an 18-hole option that takes roughly four hours. Don’t let time constraints deter you from this timeless sport.