Building Bonds: Women Golfing Together

It’s no secret that women run busy lives. Check out movies like “I Don’t Know How She Does It,” where Sarah Jessica Parker juggles work, children, a marriage, and a life. Golfing with your girlfriends can be a fun and relaxing way to spend the day and take a break from the hectic daily routine. It is peaceful and quiet, which is often quite the opposite of the typical day.

Don’t have a group of gals to hit the links with? Deer Creek hosts an event focused on women golfing together every Tuesday morning, with complimentary snacks and weekly tournament formats. Golfing can be a great way for women to make new friends. Also, if you are not a golfer but would like to learn the game, we encourage you to sign up for a lesson with our golf pros at our golf schools located on site.

Developing a love for golf, as well as friendships that have golf as a common ground, can provide you with unforgettable memories and a sense of community. What are you waiting for?


Considering a Job as a Golf Pro Instructor?

Being a golf pro is a very rewarding career. You get to enjoy the game you love every day and help golfers with their games. Interested in becoming a golf pro? Here are our tips for helping you achieve a new career. Learn more about becoming a golf pro instructor and what it takes to be eligible for certification by the PGA.

You must be 18 years of age or have a high school diploma to be eligible. Have proof of U.S. citizenship or be a registered alien.

You must meet the PGA eligible employment requirements. To be considered eligibly employed, you need to be employed full time in an eligible position for at least six months at the time of registration. The PGA has a full list of jobs that qualify as eligible employment on its website.

Pass the PAT (Player Ability Test). The test is over two rounds of golf and each PAT has a different target score. Shoot below the target score to pass.

Register to be an apprentice by filling out the apprentice registration form on the PGA website. You must verify your employment, pay all apprentice fees and buy your level 1 kit to become an apprentice. Registration fees average $500 and your Level 1 kit costs $560.

There are three levels and you have two years to complete each level. Complete your level 1 kit and send it in to be reviewed. When the kit is accepted, you take the level 1 checkpoint test. Then you will advance on to level 2, followed by level 3.

Complete 36 hours of work experience credits along with the level kits. You receive twelve credits for a four-year college degree and six credits for a two-year college degree. Earn one credit per month by working under a PGA professional. After completing your work experience credits and Level 3, you are a PGA member.

Goof luck!

Perfect Your Putting Game

Putting can be the most difficult part of golfing. Driving seeks to gain yardage on the greens, so your aim has to be in a general area, but putting requires an exact target. So how can you perfect your putting game and hopefully knock a few strokes off of your round? Let’s examine!

Use both hands, respectively. While you obviously have both hands on the putter, what are your hands actually doing? Use one hand to lightly swing the putter, and use your other hand to guide the swing.

Think in terms of rolling the ball rather than hitting it. To do this, take an open stance, your weight slightly favoring your left side and your putter shaft leaning toward the target, which makes it easier to feel the left hand to move the ball. When you make the stroke, keep the putterhead low to the ground past impact. Don’t try to hit up on the ball, which makes it hop.

Consider your finger placement. Grip the putter any way you like, as long as it doesn’t hinder your left hand’s role in the stroke. But make sure to grip the club in your fingers. Take the focus off of your palms and use your fingers to move the putter.

Don’t look at the ball, look in front of the ball. This gets you thinking about the target line instead of the stroke–the opposite of what most golfers do.

Need more tips for your golf game? Stop by for one-on-one instruction at our South Florida golf school with our team of golf professionals.

Teaching Your Kids the Game of Golf

Golf can be a very valuable sport to teach your kids: it instills patience, honesty, perseverance, focus, and determination. Letting your kids go to the golf course can be a bonding regimen for you, and it can give them a lifetime love of the sport. Getting your kids off on the right start with golf involves a few pointers, though. We suggest your children go through a professional lesson with a South Florida golf pro, and then continue regular, periodic lessons. Also, these tips:

Have them fit for clubs. A rule of thumb for most irons, is when the club is standing tall it should reach close to your child’s belly button. There are many junior sets out there for children of all sizes. The right clubs will impact their swings and will help them learn the right form and swing with the most natural ease.

Safety and etiquette. Kids are usually unaware of their surroundings and this is especially true on the golf course. Please impress upon your kids how dangerous a moving golf club is. Also, etiquette on the golf course is a valuable lesson to teach early on.

Teach proper grip. Kids have a tendency to grip the club in any shape or form that feels comfortable to them. Usually their grip stems from other sports, for example baseball or hockey. Try and teach your kids the interlocking grip right off the start, because as they grow and progress, this grip will benefit them the most.

Remember to let them have FUN with it! If your child is not having fun, they will not have the patience to stick with it. If they do something right, or hit a great shot, congratulate them… high-five them. Be positive, and remind them of how to do it properly, and it will eventually stick.

Helpful Golf Tips for Beginners

When you decide you want to start golfing, the sport can seem overwhelming and daunting. Luckily, there a few pointers you can implement right away as a beginning golfer, or you can even sign up for introductory golf lessons at a local course.

Golf can be frustrating for some, especially if you have friends that golf who you want to play with. The majority of beginner golfers want to play great golf immediately, but are not willing to devote the time to learn the fundamentals which will enable them to play great golf. So when they play a few rounds shooting terrible scores, they simply give up. Golf is an amazing and challenging sport, and we want to encourage you to stick with it and really focus on becoming a dedicated player.

Beginners need to know golf tips like the right way to grip the golf club, correct way to stand, and the proper way to swing. But aside from the technical elements of the game, you should also learn about golf course etiquette. If this all seems like too much to handle on your own, contact our South Florida golf school and get a course from one of our professionals today!

How’s Your Golf Grip Affecting Your Game?

How’s Your Golf Grip Affecting Your Game?

When it comes to the game of golf, the smallest details can make a huge impact on your game. From your clubs to your posture, every piece has a key role in the outcome of your golf game. So how’s your golf grip playing a party in your overall swing? Let’s examine. There are fundamentals to the golf grip that can change your golf swing and lead to straighter shots.

Check your stance & grip. From there, hinge the club with your wrists without moving your arms. Do this until the club is in front of your body and parallel to the ground. If the toe of the club isn’t pointing straight up, your grip is not square, which is a problem.

Once you refresh your grip, which can be done through one of our South Florida golf schools, you can use your left shoulder coil into your backswing. You should be able to utilize this position well to get the best golf swing, as long as you are using your body correctly into the downswing.

It helps to have another person critiquing your swing and looking for errors, which can begin with the grip. Contact one of our experts today and see how a golf professional can help guide you into a better stance and a better golf game.