How to Get a June Wedding Without Waiting for Years

How to Get a June Wedding Without Waiting for Years

The film Seven Brides for Seven Brothers put it best: “They say when you marry in June you’re a bride all your life.”

Whether or not that’s true, the craze for June weddings has continued to turn even the most peaceful brides into bridezillas since the beginning of the wedding industry. Dating back to medieval times, June is the most desirable wedding time for many reasons which have changed during the years. At first it was desired for its connections to both ancient traditions and the harvest times.

Now, couples fight for their June wedding due to its longer daylight hours and better weather conditions. It’s also a much easier time for family and friends to travel if needed.

For these reasons, it can be extremely difficult to book that June wedding at your dream venue within a reasonable time frame. Deer Creek South Florida golf club has a few pieces of advice on how to get that June wedding without waiting for years.

Stay Away from the Holiday

When choosing your wedding date in June, don’t even consider holiday weekends. Not only are they more expensive for the wedding couple and those attending, but they’re more difficult to book, as well. Of course, a three-day weekend may seem like the perfect time to schedule your dream wedding, but you’ll probably waiting a few years for that dream to come true.

Move on to the Off-Season

Your best bet for booking your breezy June wedding is to consider the off-season. If you’re interested in a destination wedding in the tropics or the mountains, summertime is a much less popular time to schedule a date.

Dabble in Discounted Days

Even in June, many wedding venues offer discounted prices for Fridays and Sundays. Additionally, other weekdays are priced even lower than this. It’s not that ideal Saturday evening June wedding, filled with the glow of a golden sunset and the cool night air; it’s still in June, though, and weekday nights are just as beautiful.

Toy Around with the Time

If you are dead-set on a Saturday June wedding, consider holding it during the day. You will be more likely to book a venue for the day than for the night. Brunch weddings are trending now, as well, since the couple can serve varieties of festive, delicious breakfast and lunch favorites. Maybe waffles aren’t as romantic and sophisticated as a filet, but what about an artisanal-decorated French crepe cake?

Bring Your Backups

The most sure-fire way to ensure that you land that June wedding is to consider multiple dates at multiple venues. Be flexible and plan in advance. According to a survey by The Knot, couples wait an average of 14 months before their wedding day. This way, if you one date falls through, you’ll have another to pull out for your June wedding.

If you need more help or would like a romantic and unique wedding venue, Deer Creek can help. Our club offers a variety of dates for a spectacular and memorable June wedding. Contact us today to book your perfect day at our venue.

The Golf Course Graduation Party to Remember

Combined with 18-foot ceilings and windows, the stunning ambiance of the Deer Creek Banquet Hall is the perfect backdrop for your graduation party.

Unlike traditional South Florida Graduation Party Venues, our Key West Banquet Room is ideal for intimate affairs and grand masquerades. So whether you are throwing a graduation party for immediate family, or a soiree for 300 guests, our graduation party hall can accommodate your requests.

Throwing a golf course graduation party will give your party a special touch, compared to traditional South Florida private rooms for rent or a Fort Lauderdale restaurant.  Our Graduation Party Venue is centrally located in Deerfield Beach, close to I-95 and the Turnpike; making it an ideal location for guests throughout Broward and Palm Beach County.

All of Deer Creek’s Banquet Hall Graduation Party Packages come with cocktail hour, hors d’oeurves, and a three course meal. The Graduation Party Venue is equipped with a 20×20 dance floor to keep your guests entertained all night!

Make your graduation a night to remember, with the help of the Deer Creek Graduation party planners. Our experienced staff has the knowledge and flexibility to make all of your dreams come true on this special occasion.

To learn more about the Deer Creek graduation party packages, contact the graduation party catering department at 954-426-6588. 

Hosting Your Holiday Party at a Golf Course

Can you believe the holidays are already here? This year has flown by, and if you’re like us, you are definitely looking forward to the celebratory season of the holidays. If you are playing host or hostess this year, then you need to ensure you have the perfect venue for your holiday get together. Whether it’s for family, employees, or a reunion of some sort, you can host the perfect South Florida private event at Deer Creek Florida.

Our golf course is conveniently situated in between Boca Raton and Fort Lauderdale, with a large free parking lot and easy access to major highways, including I-95 and Florida’s Turnpike.

When you are selecting a South Florida event venue, you tend to look for a few key selling points. Location, appearance, service, and food! Here at Deer Creek, we have the prime location, the renovated and welcoming appearance, stellar service, and delicious food that you can customize for your event. Don’t delay, book your private South Florida holiday event at Deer Creek today.

Reasons to Have a Golf Course Wedding

In South Florida, there are a wide range of gorgeous places where you can have a wedding. When making your decision on where to host your special day, there are a few reasons why we think South Florida weddings are best at a golf and country club. Here is our list of why a golf course and country club setting is ideal for your wedding.

The picturesque setting. A golf course is typically very well maintained and presentable. While you might not plan to hit the links, you’ll appreciate that the setting at a golf and country club is well manicured and makes for an amazing photo backdrop.

The accessibility. Some venues are difficult to manage for guests, and things that should be simple (such as parking) become a complicated endeavor. Rather than make guests valet or find paid parking, a South Florida golf course likely has an ample parking lot where guests can self park their cars for free.

The inclement weather. In South Florida, we have very sunny days, and we have very rainy ones. Sometimes, days are a wide variety of weather, including inclement. When it starts raining, your dreams of a beach wedding could be shattered. Safeguard from the possibility of getting rained out and host your wedding at a place that provides rainy weather alternatives. 

Be sure to contact our event coordinator at Deer Creek if you are interested in having your South Florida wedding at a golf and country club.

Throw a Golf Themed Surprise Party

What better way to make someone feel special than by showering them with the excitement of a surprise party? With a little creativity and a lot of secrecy, you can throw a surprise party to truly celebrate and appreciate your guest of honor. Here are our tips for throwing a golf themed surprise party for the avid golfer in your life.

The Food.

Create a menu that incorporates your guest of honors favorite tastes and items. You can serve passed light bites and set up a buffet style table, or you can make it seated. Use golf tees as an alternative to toothpicks for a fun and creative touch.

The Music.

Upbeat tunes are a must for any party, and you can include some of the party recipient’s favorite bands and anthems–what songs pump them up for a round of golf? 

The Venue.

A golf-themed party requires a venue that speaks to the sport. Hosting a party at a golf and country club is an easy way to accomplish this!

Wardrobe and Accessories.

While you can’t dress everyone for the party, you can have fun favors like golf visors with the guest of honor’s name on them, or a photo booth with golf props to everyone can take themed photos. 

The Cake.

A cake is easy. Have one created in the shape of a golf ball, a tee, or even a replica of their favorite course. 

Remember, the biggest tip of all: Have Fun! 

Searching for a South Florida Party Venue for Your Birthday?

Celebrating the life of your loved one, child, spouse, or close friend means finding the perfect venue to have a great party. Here in South Florida, it seems like the options are endless. Luckily, we have a few tips to help you decide which South Florida party venue is right for your next event. The right party venue should have a few characteristics:

-Customizable menus. Maybe you want a dish named after the birthday boy or girl, or a specialty namesake cocktail celebrating your guest of honor. You can achieve this with a customizable menu.

-Gorgeous scenery. When you are looking to host a party, you want a venue that shines and that is the perfect backdrop to your fete. A lush, green golf course landscape is a great choice.

-Ample parking. In South Florida, one of the most frustrating things we experience is parking! While it should be simple, parking is never as easy as it should be. A venue with a free parking lot is a gift, so make sure you secure a venue that enables you and your guests to easily park for free.

-Convenience. While the Tri-County area is a commuter metro, you want a location that is easy to reach for your guests. Look for venues along I-95 that are situated in a central spot. For example, if you have guests coming from West Palm Beach and Miami, you should have them meet in the middle in the Boca Raton or Deerfield Beach region.

Good luck planning your next party!