Why You Need an Outdoor Wedding Ceremony

Why You Need an Outdoor Wedding Ceremony

From the moment of accepting an engagement proposal, wedding planning is full of having to decide between a variety of choices, from wedding dates to size to locations and more. As a South Florida wedding venue, we have some recommendations for why you may want to have an outdoor wedding ceremony. 


Throwing a Wedding During COVID-19

A recent phenomenon has unfortunately thrown a wrench into nearly everything, with weddings being no exception. One of the benefits of having your ceremony outdoors is that it will mitigate the risk of spreading any illnesses. 


Beautiful Weather

This may be a bit specific to where you end up choosing to have your wedding. As a provider of one of the most beautiful outdoor wedding venues in South Florida, we are lucky enough to have beautiful weather year-round. An outdoor winter wedding at our South Florida golf course is not only doable but enjoyable. You can enjoy the beautiful weather of the Sunshine State no matter the time of year.


Outdoor Wedding Ceremony Decor

Wedding decor can look great both at indoor and outdoor venues, though there are certain flowers and decorations that look stunning in an outdoor setting. A more rustic or seasonal-themed wedding will benefit greatly from an outdoor wedding ceremony. 


Wedding Space and Logistics

Indoor wedding venues will always have a limit on capacity. Additionally, if you choose to have a smaller wedding, it can look strange and empty in a large wedding venue. An outdoor wedding can be made into the exact specifications for your specific wedding size. 


Outdoor Wedding Photos

Wedding photos taken outside are hard to beat – the beauty of nature pairs great with wedding photos. Having the backdrop of the outdoors for a beautiful outdoor wedding shoot will surely create gorgeous photos to capture your special day.


Indoor and Outdoor Wedding Ceremonies

While outdoor ceremonies have certain characteristics that indoor wedding ceremonies cannot, the same can be said in reverse. Luckily, at Deer Creek Golf Club, our South Florida wedding venue provides the option for a combination of both! 

Have your wedding ceremony on our beautiful South Florida golf course wedding venue or in one of our famous South Florida banquet halls. If you can’t choose between the two, we even offer the option of having both a banquet hall and an adjacent outdoor space! Our beautiful course has year-round trees, flowers, and even a cascading waterfall. 

We even offer our own catering by our very own Deer Creek Grille, with specialized wedding menus. We also provide rehearsal dinner space, engagement parties, and bridal shower venues

Contact us today to learn more about our venues and pricing.


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Why You Need to Head to South Florida for Winter Golf

Why You Need to Head to South Florida for Winter Golf

Of the various sports, few are more affected by the elements than golf. Depending on where you live, winter golf may be unpleasant, dangerous, or downright impossible. While whether golf courses near you are open in the winter will depend on where you live, the United States always has courses available to the public year-round. We always recommend taking a brief vacation or a holiday trip to a place where you can golf all year round, such as Florida, better known as the sunshine state. 


Where to Golf in the Winter

When it comes to deciding on a golf trip for the winter, we feel that it is hard to beat the sunshine state. Golf courses in Florida are open year-round and are home, of course, to our beautiful weather. Our South Florida golf course makes for the perfect winter trip, home to the best winter golf weather and a fun yet challenging set of 18 holes. 

In addition to our stunning course, we are a close drive to popular winter and holiday destinations such as Miami and Fort Lauderdale. They’re great areas for family trips and practicing your golf game. Additionally, if you are visiting for the holidays, we offer holiday dining options at the Deer Creek Grille in South Florida, perfect for family and friends! 

Winter makes for the perfect time to improve your golf game while friends and competitors may not be. Our golf lessons, perfect for all levels of golfers, are a great way to improve your game with our professional golf instructors. 


How to Practice Golf in the Winter

With recent advancements in technology and the expansion of golf businesses such as Top Golf, there are various ways that some claim to be able to stay sharp during the cold winter months. Golf simulators or franchise golf venues such as Top Golf can be open year-round, however in our experience, and most likely yours as well, they are a far cry from a real course. Golf requires the ability to constantly account for changes in weather, the course, or a sudden gust of wind. 

While golf simulators allow you to swing your clubs and are fairly accurate in their estimation of where your ball lands, it is still only an estimation. As technology continues to advance, it wouldn’t surprise us if, in the future, simulators become nearly indistinguishable from real courses. However, we have yet to reach that point. Winter golf simulators are, unfortunately, still no substitute for playing on a real course and dealing with the variety of factors that make the game so challenging but also so much fun! 


Book a Day at the Best Golf Club in Florida

Our South Florida country club course is the perfect venue for golfing in the winter. While we do offer a variety of membership deals, we are still open to the public, regardless of membership status, with affordable rates

View our golf club tee times, and come see why we are one of the best golf clubs in Florida. 


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Why You Should Choose Florida Winter Wedding Venues

Why You Should Choose Florida Winter Wedding Venues

As the top golf club in Florida, our guests are usually astounded by the beauty of our course. Sprawling greens, a cascading waterfall, and South Florida country club amenities have allowed us to host many weddings. As far as winter wedding venues go, we believe it is hard to beat the South Florida weather and even harder to beat our venue. 


The Weather

Weather can play a large role in the success of your wedding, especially if you plan on having a fully outdoor wedding or having some components open to the elements. A Florida winter wedding offers the opportunity to have a variety of options at your disposal. Our South Florida wedding venue offers fully outdoor weddings, fully indoor weddings, or a combination of the two. 

Finding what to wear to a winter wedding in Florida is not difficult compared to other states. Temperatures range from lows of 55 degrees to highs of 77 degrees. This equates to a beautiful Spring day in most other states, meaning guests and participants will be comfortable in formal attire. 


The Time Year

Having a winter wedding means it most likely will be close to the holidays, a time for the gathering of friends and family. As far as winter wedding venues go, asking your family to gather in South Florida will be welcomed as a nice trip and vacation. It’s the tropical feel without the need for an overseas destination wedding that can, at times, be a hassle. 

Additionally, our Deer Creek Grille offers holiday dining, allowing you to incorporate the foods you want, with the option to include some holiday specials for the perfect wedding menu


The Venue

At Deer Creek Golf Club, our facility has the perfect space for bridal shower venues, engagement parties, rehearsal dinners, and more. Our South Florida banquet rooms are a spectacle to behold, offering specifications to fit any wedding. 

Not many winter wedding venues can also call themselves a Florida golf course wedding venue, allowing your wedding the opportunity to spill out onto the green if you’d like. 


Book the Perfect Wedding Venue This Winter

Whether you are looking for indoor or outdoor wedding venues in South Florida, our variety of rooms and greens have you covered. Of course, in addition to visiting us for our wedding venues, we also highly recommend our stunning south Florida golf course, perfect for days before or after your big event. 

Contact us today to learn more about rates and to begin planning a day and night of unforgettable memories. 


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A Guide to Women’s Fall Golf Attire

A Guide to Women’s Fall Golf Attire

A gentle breeze is in the air, the leaves begin to change their hue, and the greens are starting to firm up. All around, the country is starting to show signs of autumn’s arrival. While any summer weekend will do for a round of golf, fall is an underrated time to grab your clubs and hit the links. The courses become less busy as the weather turns, all the while thriving off of the year-long maintenance. 

At Deer Creek Golf Course in Deerfield Beach, FL, we want your love of the game to continue to grow all year long. As one of the premier country clubs South Florida has to offer, our course will be ready and fit to play well through the fall into the winter. If you’re interested in taking advantage of the slower pace in autumn, there are a few things to keep in mind. Here we will take a look at a few pieces of women’s fall golf attire you should keep in mind.


What to Wear Golfing in the Fall

Your outfit does not completely change from head to toe. Your regular choice in hat and golf cleats will suffice during the fall. But during autumn, there are a few pieces of golfing clothes you need to prioritize.


Long Pants

The days of women wearing golf skorts are months behind us. It’s the time of the season to protect yourself from that cooling wind by donning a pair of golf pants. These pants are known for their flexible fibers and breathability, keeping you warm but limber for your round. Though you might think that jeans would keep you warm, many golf courses have set rules for proper attire and will not let you wear jeans on the course. If you are in a time pinch, a pair of khakis or dressier pants will do! Or you can scoot on by our golf pro shop to find a sweet deal on some new golf pants. Just remember, hip flexibility and overall comfort are critical factors in scoring low on the course.


Polo and a Vest

While wearing sleeves may seem like a no-brainer, some find them restrictive and a hindrance to their golf swing. If you want to stay warm while keeping your arms free to wield your clubs at ease, try wearing a vest over a standard polo. You can keep the vest trendy with a more modern look or throw it back with something plaid and colorful. Mix and match colors with your undershirt and pants. If you ever feel too warm, you can ditch the vest and rock the polo solo. Either way, a vest can be a perfect piece of fall golf attire for women.



The most important piece of fall clothes for women to remember is a thin sweater. When you are traversing an open course, it can get a little breezy out on the fairways and greens. The sweater does not have to be an integral part of your outfit. But if you hit the seventh hole and you cannot stop shivering, you are going to wish you had thrown a jacket in the back of your cart! Pick out something neutral that matches well with the rest of your outfit. It’s not always necessary, but a sweater is never something to leave behind when you are on the golf course in the fall.


Check Out the Best Country Club in South Florida!

If you are searching for a home course for the fall and beyond, our team at Deer Creek is ready to welcome you with our fall membership deal. Since 1971, we have offered the best golf experience in Broward County. Our award-winning course draws thousands of beginners and scratch golfers looking for a challenge.

Are you looking to up your game this fall? Check out our beginner’s guide to golf. Regardless of your skill level, we hope to see you on the course soon! And don’t forget that sweater!


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The Best Fall Wedding Flowers

The Best Fall Wedding Flowers

At our South Florida Wedding Venue, the weekends of the summer months are chock-full of color. The typical wedding season runs from June through September. It may just be us, but by the time August rolls around, the wedding colors and their corresponding flower arrangements blend together. When everything is so vibrant, it tends to become contrived and derivative. So while the season of change comes along and leaves on the trees start to wilt, you have a chance to let your creativity bloom. With cooler, more neutral colors coming into fashion by October, your palette for wedding flowers opens up tremendously. 

At Deer Creek Golf Club, we want you to feel prepared in every facet possible for your big day. Our grounds hold spectacular views to act as a backdrop for those special moments. Whether we become your wedding, engagement party, or baby shower venue, we will do what we can to lend a guiding hand towards an unforgettable memory. If you’re busy planning your autumn wedding, let’s take a look at some of the perfect color arrangements for your fall wedding flowers.


Flower Colors for a Fall Wedding

It’s important to keep your wedding’s overarching color palette in mind when choosing the right flowers for your bouquet and centerpieces. With flowers, you want to blend and accentuate your wedding’s theme. Here are a few suggestions for trendy colors for your fall wedding bouquet. 


Warm or Cool Tones

While it’s smart to leave the vibrancy of spring and summer in their seasons, the bright colors of changing leaves, like red, orange, and yellow, can work perfectly as centerpieces with a more neutral theme. The flowers will pop and give your wedding a lively boost.

If you’re playing for the understated, lighter purples and a mixture of off-white roses can do the trick. Centerpieces don’t always need to be the center of attention. Let your flowers speak for themselves and blend in with the rest of your decorations.


Pretty Pastels and a Little Pink

As the weather cools and plants get ready to push the reset button, it’s a perfect time to spring for a paler palette. Pastel purple, yellow, and green can give your bouquet a favorable sense of calm. And throwing in a sprinkle of slightly brighter pink can give your arrangement a bit of zest that will be the talk of the reception.


Think Green

When it comes to bouquets and centerpieces, the flowers are only part of the struggle. Adding in some green through leaves and an appropriate amount of foliage can turn an otherwise bland-looking arrangement into an autumn sensation. Getting some green in the mix works well with any flower palette.


Get Creative

You don’t have to stick to the usual. Find unique flower options, such as petals with an ombre finish or a golden finish. And remember, you don’t have to be bright to stand out. Darker colors can bring out lighter tones in a party’s palette. Deep reds and gold play beautifully together, so be creative and have fun!


Vibrant Bridal Shower Venue in South Florida 

Preparing for a wedding can be equal parts stressful and rewarding. But no matter how much research you put into fall wedding flowers, the main focus on your big day should be you and your partner. If you love the look, everyone who was invited will love it, too. 

The team at Deer Creek Golf Club wants to be a part of your everlasting moment, no matter the season. Our award-winning venue has been the chosen grounds for some of South Florida’s swankiest get-togethers. We offer catering and acts as a South Florida special events venue for all sorts of happenings. When you’re ready to book your big day, call upon Deer Creek Golf Club.


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How to Plan a Perfect Wedding for Social Media

How to Plan a Perfect Wedding for Social Media

Weddings today are geared towards being the social event you want everyone talking about. The only way to do that is to get social media involved. Since opening its doors almost 50 years ago, Deer Creek Golf Club has been a venue for many weddings and can show you how to plan a perfect wedding for social media. 

Social Media Wedding Guide

First, some key points need to be met for a social media wedding: use multiple platforms, create your wedding hashtags, and follow your vendors and planners. Using social media isn’t just about the planning side of things. It can also be used to help you find planners, vendors, and other wedding needs. 


Using Multiple Social Media Platforms

When it comes to a social media wedding, you’ll want your wedding on as many platforms as you can think of, including Tik Tok, Instagram, Facebook, and even Snapchat. The more places your wedding is seen, the more people will talk about it. Creating content that interests the audiences of these platforms will generate the buzz your wedding deserves. 

Content Ideas:

  • Tik Tok: Take a before and after video of the wedding party getting ready or them dancing.
  • Instagram: On Instagram Reels, you can show each step leading up to the big day and then post-ceremony and reception pictures. Make sure to tag all photographers, videographers, makeup artists, hairstylists, and any other vendor involved in your wedding or shown in the image.
  • Facebook: Different photo albums can be created here, from the initial tastings to the day’s pictures. Take your followers on the journey with you. You can also live-stream your wedding ceremony to share with friends and family that couldn’t make it.
  • Snapchat: This is the perfect place to post pictures and videos of you and your guests using funny filters and having a great time. 


Wedding Hashtags

On top of creating the content and taking your followers along for the ride, using hashtags will further your reach! Hashtags are great for a play on words using your and your fiance’s first or last names and creating a place where all the pictures posted using the hashtag can be seen. For example, if your new last name is going to be James, you can hashtag #LetTheJamesBegin. If your names can’t be turned into a punny wedding hashtag, don’t worry. Just visit some top wedding sites and look at some of their expert tips on wedding hashtags. 


Discovering Planners and Vendors

Social media has become one of the best ways to see what wedding planners and vendors can do for you. By following their accounts, you can get a taste of what they can offer you while also showing your support for them. After your wedding, following social accounts is also important when you are posting pictures and tagging. Throughout the planning process, you’ll want to tag the catering company in a photo of the food, tag the makeup artists in a picture of the bride, and you’ll also want to credit the photographers and videographers that capture your special day. 

Vendors that can be found on social media:

  • Caterers
  • Makeup Artists
  • Hairstylists
  • Musicians or DJs
  • Florists
  • Photographers and Videographers
  • Event Planners
  • And More!

Social Media has been known to bring people together even if they are miles and miles apart. Having a big social media presence for your wedding will allow friends or family members that can’t be there to feel like they are a part of your wedding. 


Contact Us

If you’re still in the planning phase and are looking for the perfect wedding venue, Deer Creek would be able to host your special day! Contact Us today so we can get started! 

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