Golf Exercises for Seniors

Being a senior, you’re most likely craving to get active and fresh air. What better way to do so than by playing golf! As a popular sport among seniors, it’s a great way to spend time with friends and family while benefitting your health. However, if you want to get the most out of your golfing session, try out these golf exercises for seniors to improve strength and flexibility.

golf exercises for seniors infographic

Stretch and Strengthen Ankles

Let’s go from the bottom up! While in a seated position, rotate your ankles (both clockwise and counterclockwise). To stretch your ankles even more, try out calf raises. Though it seems like you’re not stretching your ankles directly, it’s also important to stretch out the surrounding muscles.


Improve your balance and rotation mimics with this quad stretch and torso rotation. This exercise for seniors will benefit their golf swing. You can also use a wall to help you balance yourself while doing this exercise.


To strengthen your hips, do squats and lunges. Stretching your hips can contribute to a better range of motion when golfing. Doing hip drops and seated hip stretches [1] are great for improving the flexibility in your hips.


Using a rowing machine at the gym or doing dumbbell rows can strengthen your shoulders. If the dumbbell rows are too intense, opt for a very low weight or none at all. Work your way up from there to get stronger shoulders. Give your shoulders a good stretch by doing easy rotations back and forth to improve range of motion.

Yoga for Senior Golfers

When you think of golf, yoga doesn’t come to mind. Nevertheless, it’s a great way to warm up fifteen to twenty minutes before your game. The chair pose strengthens your ankles while improving your balance. If you want overall strength, the warrior pose targets your arms, legs, ankles, and core.

Golfing is a popular sport, especially among seniors. You deserve to enjoy the sport and strengthened, flexible muscles can help with that. Yoga for senior golfers is a great way to start your game while golf exercises for seniors to improve strength and flexibility can provide long-term benefits for your golf game. Want to know more about golf exercises and yoga for senior golfers? Feel free to contact our South Florida golf course!


[1] Mayo Clinic – Golf Stretches

How to Save Money on Golf Costs

When you first think of golf, you may think of how pricey the sport can be. Or you may already be an avid golf player looking to cut back on their golfing costs. Either way, cutting back on the cost of golf is very much possible. Check out our tips on how to play golf on a budget.

Invest in a Membership

Since it’s a buyer’s market in the economy, it’s time to take advantage of it for the sake of your wallet. When practicing golf on a budget, try to sign up for a membership. You can find golf membership deals at various South Florida golf courses such as monthly credits, a few months of no fees, and so much more.

Buy Secondhand Clubs

You don’t always have to impress your friends with the newest and latest golf club on the market. When you shop on sites like PGA and 3Balls, you’ll get used, but top-notch golf clubs, recycled golf balls, and other golf equipment at a fraction of the original price.

Play Off-Season

If you’re looking of another way to play golf on a budget, play during the fall and winter seasons when there are fewer golfers on the courses. Besides golf courses being in prime condition, you’ll also find some great end-of-season deals on apparel and equipment. Along with the seasonal golf membership deals, you can go searching for balls on the courses as the trees are bare.

Playing golf doesn’t have to be expensive. Practicing golf on a budget is something you can do while enjoying your favorite sport and saving money. Contact us anytime if you have any questions about our golf club membership deals or any other way to save money while playing your favorite sport!

The (Top 5) Best Golf Apps for All Golfers in 2018

The (Top 5) Best Golf Apps for All Golfers in 2018

Smartphone apps are your best friend and your worst enemy. Most people tend to accumulate far too many apps, which we end up deleting just a few months after downloading them, having only opened the app twice. When it comes to golf apps, we want players to download the best ones that offer features they’ll actually use on the golf course.

We’ve collected the best free golf apps which will be useful on Florida golf courses, as well as courses around the world. Each app is the best in it’s category. We asked all the golfers in our offices for their favorites, and this is what we found:

Diablo Golf App Logo

App: Diablo Golf Handicap Tracker

Category: Handicap Tracker

Availability: iTunes | Play Store

Description: Learning how to calculate your handicap is like taking a day course in trigonometry and statistics. Though all serious golfers will recommend that you learn how to calculate your handicap, you can use apps to track your handicap until you’ve mastered it. Diablo is one of the best golf apps to track your handicap simply because it is easier than most.

Vi Golf App Logo

App: V1 Golf App

Category: Swing Analysis

Availability: iTunes | Play Store

Description: The V1 Golf App ranks high as one of the best golf apps for real time swing analysis. The app allows golfers to record their swing and provides a slow-motion playback option. Golfers can use this to spot their weaknesses, and you can even send the video to your coach or a fellow golfer whose advice you trust.

The app will never replace the guidance, wisdom, and patience of a golf school, but it will allow you to improve. It’s a terrific addition to your ongoing golf training and improvement.

Randa App Logo


Category: Rules of Golf

Availability: iTunes | Play Store

Description: The Randa app is an easy to use app that provides the rules of golf in a way that makes them easy to find and understand. What we really like about the app is that it also details the rules of golf etiquette.

In 2016, the app added an interactive quiz that will help you determine which golf rule applies to your current situation. The Randa app is considered one of the best golf apps for rules for that feature alone.

GolfMatch App

App: GolfMatch

Category: Golf Community

Availability: iTunes | Play Store

Description: GolfMatch connects golfers who want to play more, meet new people, and get group tee times at a good price.

The app is simple to use. You start it up, create your profile, and connect to golfers and courses in the area. Many players use the app to post images, videos, and reviews of the courses as well, so this is a great golf course review app.

Golf Clash App Logo

App: Golf Clash

Category: Game

Availability: iTunes | Play Store

Description: Golf Clash is fun, free, and addictive. You can make in-app purchases, but those are not necessary. Play real people in very quick rounds of golf on thousands of courses. Enter tournaments, earn points and unlock awesome gold clubs. Slowly build your own personal golf bag.

How Many of These Putting Mistakes Are You Making?

How Many of These Putting Mistakes Are You Making?

Every avid golfer knows putting is vital and often overlooked by beginners and amateur golfers. Putting mistakes can cost you an entire game. How many putting mistakes are you making? If you are making common putting mistakes, go out and get some practice on the green of your favorite golf course in South Florida: Deer Creek Golf Club in Deerfield Beach!

  1. Lack of Confidence

More often than not, it is the easy putts that we miss. That scene from Caddyshack comes to mind. When Rodney Dangerfield yells just as Ted Knight is about to putt a 3-footer: “A thousand bucks, you miss that shot!” Knight misses and throws his putter. “You can owe me!” What was Knight’s putting mistake? Lack of confidence. He changed his game when everyone was watching and every pro on any golf course in South Florida will tell you: confidence and focus is key. Speaking of focus…brings us to our next point.

  1. Losing Focus

Channel your inner Ty Webb. Chevy Chase’s incredible putting skills in the famous putting scene in Caddyshack are out of this world; but, even he misses a putt. Chase’s Ty Webb is always calm and focused, but he made the common putting mistake of slightly losing focus at times.

  1. Holding on Too Tight

Ease up tiger! You are on a golf course in South Florida, this should be relaxing! Holding too tight is going to allow your hands to influence the putting swing, when it is supposed to be all in the hips!

  1. Not Reading the Green

Reading the green may look cool, but it is more than that. Learning to correctly read a green is difficult, and the best way to learn is with a golf pro. It may be best to come to Deer Creek Golf Club to speak with Brian Curran, and learn firsthand how to read a green and avoid simple putting mistakes.

Keep Warm on the Golf Course This Winter

Keep Warm on the Golf Course This Winter

Contrary to popular belief, golf is not solely a summer sport. Here at Deer Creek, like most South Florida golf courses, wintertime is our busy season. However, it can get a little chilly in the first few months of the year. Unless you want to try your swing with mittens and a wind breaker, you have to find some sort of compromise between comfort and functionality. Check out each winter golf tip from Deer Creek to find your solution!  

Winter Golf Gear 

Keeping warm on the golf course does not require you to go to a golf pro shop and break the bank, but it does help to invest some money in quality gear. Wear an extra pair of socks because you lose most of your heat through your extremities. Get a nylon golf jacket and a snug fitting golf cap, as well. Pro tip: keep your hands warm to ensure your swing stays consistent.  

Use Softer Balls 

Striking a cold, hard gold ball will feel like hitting a steel poll with a baseball bat. This winter golf tip will not only save you from hurting your hands, but will also improve your distance and control when you play during the colder months.  

Plan Golf Trips to Warmer Climates 

One of the reasons why most people come to South Florida golf courses in the winter is the warmer weather. Though this may not be the winter golf tip you may want to hear, it is the best way to have fun playing golf during this time of year. Join us at Deer Creek Golf Course this winter and play a round of golf without freezing over.  

Keeping warm on the golf course is not as challenging for golfers who are accustomed to the frigid northern winters. However, for those who frequent South Florida golf courses, anything below 72 degrees can be unbearable. Try out a winter golf tip and join us out on the green! 

Putting Practice at Miniature South Florida Golf Courses

Deer Creek Golf Course in Deerfield Beach shares how to practice putting at miniature South Florida golf courses.

Two things to keep in mind when learning how to golf and practicing your putt:

  1. You can practice and learn golf anywhere.
  2. Golf does not always have to be taken so seriously.

Those may not have been the lessons you expected when you decided to read a post on how practice putting at miniature golf, but they are the most important! These tips will eventually help you when you are putting on any championship South Florida golf course in the future.

Use the Terrain

Though the putting you do on South Florida golf courses is vastly different from that of a miniature golf course, the course and challenging terrain makes miniature golf courses a great place to practice putting. Most mini golf courses will have steep inclines, high and low gradients, and deep curves that you won’t find on most traditional, championship golf courses. In order to practice putting at miniature golf effectively, you should attempt to master the insane curves and terrain. They will make any other curves a cinch.

Master Your Hand Eye Coordination

While practicing putting on a miniature golf course, use the opportunity to master control of the golf ball and your hand-eye coordination. Focus on the ball, the small strokes that control where the ball goes, how hard or soft you must hit the ball for distances, and more. Having controlled hand-eye coordination is the key to being a good putter in the sport of golf.

Have Fun

Sure, having good hand-eye coordination is the key to being able to control your putts, but being able to relax is a key element of golf as well. While working on your technique, you must also be able to relax in order to play effectively and efficiently each time. Being too tense may cause you to trip up your focus and coordination.

When it is all said and done, even if someone is great at miniature golf, does not mean that they will be a great, professional golfer when they hit a championship golf course in Deerfield Beach, Florida. You can practice putting on a miniature golf course, but then you should take to a local golf course to really challenge your putting skills.