Improve Your Driver Distance in Golf

Improve Your Driver Distance in Golf

a man driving a ball while golfing.

Having the longest golf drive possible for your game is an amazing way to improve your game, particularly on longer holes where you will need to cover more distance with fewer swings to make par or better. Despite how essential this part of the game is, it is still considered one of the harder parts of the game for many players and can often be the last piece of the puzzle to finally click for golfers. Deer Creek Golf Club is the premier South Florida golf course in Deerfield, and as such is staffed by a team that plays regularly and sees the errors and tricks that are used by the very best golfers that come to our greens, and they are prepared to share! In this guide, you will learn how to improve your driver distance by being equipped and trained properly.

Equipment to Improve Your Golf Driver Shot

When it comes to maximizing driver distance, it all starts with being equipped with the proper gear so that every swing is boosted to its highest potential and so that the best drive in golf possible for your skill level can be achieved. Be sure to equip yourself with a properly sized driver, remember that the most expensive club for driving is not necessarily the best golf driver for you and you should instead focus on the comfort level and compatibility the gear has with your game. You could also explore different gloves, these will provide a better grip and could be the missing piece that your driver needed to have the best results. If your accuracy is there but you need to put a little bit more on the ball, then finding the best glove fit and best driver for distance is a combination to consider. If you are struggling to find the perfect combination of gear to acquire, then be sure to check out the Deer Creek Country Club Pro Shop next time you’re on our course and see our wide selection of clubs, balls, and accessories.

Classes for Driving a Golf Ball Can Help

You could be outfitted with the perfect gear and accessories, but if you do not know how to drive a golf ball at a proficient level then your game will forever be hampered by your lack of expertise in that aspect of play. But the Deer Creek Golf Course is not just an amazing place to test your skills, it is also a location that offers access to some of the very best golf instructors in South Florida. With these professionals you will be able to learn more than simply drive-in golf tips, you will instead learn the fundamentals of the game and be able to upgrade your skills with every visit. Golf is a unique game in that it requires a mix of excellent training, experience, and equipment, each piece of the puzzle is just as important as the others, and factors such as driver distance need to be improved accordingly. All of these needs can be properly tended to at the best South Florida golf course available for members, residents, and visitors alike when you plan your next golf outing at Deer Creek Golf Club.

Test Your Drive at Our Golf Course in Broward County

Are you looking to learn more about the game of golf at our school, want to outfit yourself with amazing gear at our shop, or want to simply hit the course and test your abilities? If so, be sure to make Deer Creek Golf Club in Deerfield, Florida your next stop! Inquire about membership opportunities, our tee times, and anything else related to our location by giving our golf professionals a call today or by reading some of the expertly crafted golf articles that our team writes routinely. Our club is also an amazing place to host an event if you are in the market, with the course and club being a spacious and beautiful venue for events of all kinds.


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Putting Tips to Improve Your Short Game

Putting Tips to Improve Your Short Game

A zoomed in photo of a putter about to hit a golf ball.

If you have ever tried to improve your game while out on the course, then you have certainly also had to come to a point where you decide it is time to get your golf putting game as advanced as the rest of your play. But putting in golf is often considered one of the more difficult aspects of the game for a reason. It tends to require incredible precision and a commitment to a putting technique that is crafted through repetition and time. If you are interested in becoming the best golfer you can be by improving your short game, then be sure to read the expert putting tips presented by our team of professionals and avid players at the Deer Creek Golf Club below. Our team’s suggestions for how to putt in golf easier than ever come from personal and outside improvements that can be put into practice at our golf course in Broward County

How to Putt Better Through Improved Technique 

Putting tips to improve your short game is similar to the advice you would get for improving other aspects of your golfing technique, such as putting stance, force, speed, and the like, all of which go into making the perfect putt. Our team recommends following a general guideline while slowly calibrating it to fit your particular style and preferences. Remember that this will come with time and develop naturally, so do not force it, just let it happen. The general putting advice for getting the basics down perfectly includes:

  • Allowing the origin of the force and aim to come from the hands, not the arms. If you are a seasoned golfer this may seem a bit odd, but the short game has always had its quirks. 
  • Keep your wrists solid and let the stroke originate from the shoulders and lead to the hands. As mentioned above, the hands become important once contact is made.
  • Your lower body should stay completely still with your weight being proportionally distributed to both of your feet.
  • Your backswing should be the same length as what your follow-through will be. Taking practice strokes is a must for getting everything down accurately. 

These putting tips will ensure that your technique is perfect when you’re hitting the greens on South Florida golf courses. Even so, there is more to putting, and playing as a whole, than simply getting the technique down right. You should also ensure that your clubs are perfect for your style and preferences while also hitting a course that you know will have amazing terrain that is kept perfectly to ensure consistency in line with your improvements. 

How to Improve Putting with Better Gear

Golf is a unique game consisting of multiple elements that work along with the athletic capabilities of the player. Therefore, having the proper equipment and access to an amazing course that keeps the greens perfect is just as important. This means that the golf putting tips that our team presented above should be combined with the perfect putter, which can be selected from our clubhouse Pro Shop and should be chosen based on height, skill, or simply preference. While the aspects of practice and equipment can be managed by the player, keeping the course in amazing condition falls on the professionals at the golf clubs you attend. Although many golf course attendants would see the greens often fall into sub-prime condition, particularly around weather conditions changes, the team at Deer Creek Golf Club ensures that the greens are always kept in amazing condition so that you can focus on making every swing better! Put our team’s putting tips to the test at our course and watch your short game improve after each visit. 

Get Your Putting Practice at Deer Creek Golf Course

Do you want to put the amazing putting tips presented by our team to the test on the very best golf course in South Florida? If so, the team at Deer Creek Golf Club would love to have you stop by for a few rounds with friends, family, or solo! Our amazing location is also a popular stop for amazing food from our grille, a must-see store in the form of our Pro Shop, and a popular wedding venue for many couples. Our team would be happy to answer any questions you may have regarding our hours, the course, or anything else you may need help with, so feel free to get in touch with us today

Are you interested in reading more professional and expert insights from our team? Be sure to read some of our other golf blog articles to get a deeper look into all things related to our course or golfing in general. If you are interested in becoming a member, be sure to see our membership page to get all relevant information regarding availability and pricing. 


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What Is Par in Golf?

What Is Par in Golf?

Deer Creek Golf Club is one of the best championship golf courses in South Florida, not only can guests enjoy the game in a tropical setting, but they can also take advantage of learning from our experts at our golf school. One of the many things that are taught in our lessons is the basis of the basics, for example, what is par in golf? What does it mean and how do you keep score? 

Par in golf means the number of strokes set to get the ball in the hole. It is a standard score that is established for each hole depending on its length. The par score is the average number of strokes it takes to complete the hole from the tee box. This is then calculated into the total score for each golfer for the entire course. 

Different Types of Golf Course Par

On a regulation golf course, there are typically three types of holes:

  • Par 3
  • Par 4
  • Par 5

A Par 3 means that the golfer is expected to reach the green in one stroke, then get the ball into the hole in two putts for three shots. This type of par is the shortest hole on the course but that doesn’t mean it is the easiest. 

Par 4 holes, expect each golfer to reach the green in two strokes and get the ball in the hole with another 2 putts. Par 4s can often have wide variations of distances including over 500 yards for professional golfers. 

On a Par 5 hole, golfers are expected to take three strokes to hit the green due to it typically being the longest hole on any golf course. Players often try to take advantage of the par 5 and hit the green in 2 strokes, still 2 putts to get the ball into the hole. Which means they completed the hole in 4 instead of 5. 

How to Keep Par Score?

Golfer’s scores are in relation to the par, especially in more professional games of golf. Some of you may have heard terms like “Bogey” or “Birdie” used when talking about a player’s score. However, one means one worse than par while the other is one better. Here are a few other par score terms players would know when learning what is par in golf;

Good Terms:

  • Birdie – This is one shot less than the par set on a single hole. A par score of 3 on a par 4 hole is called a birdie.
  • Eagle – This indicates two less than par on a single hole. Completing a par 5 in three strokes is an eagle. 
  • Albatross/ Double Eagle – Albatross means three less than a set par. Finishing a par 5 in two strokes is called an Albatross or Double Eagle. 
  • Condor – This means a hole-in-one on a Par 5. This is the rarest of all golf scores. As of recently, there are only five recorded condors in history. 

Bad Terms:

  • Bogey – This means one shot more than par.  
  • Double Bogey – Two shots more than par is called a double bogey. 
  • Triple Bogey – This is three shots over par on a single hole. 
  • Quadruple Bogey – This means four shots more than par on a single hole. This is the last specific name for any score over par.

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What Are Some Golf Tips for Seniors?

What Are Some Golf Tips for Seniors?

Deer Creek Golf Club understands the importance of continuously adapting your golf swing and game to your body as you get older. Our experts have put together some golf tips for seniors and older golfers. For more golf tips you can also check out our blog!

Let’s say you’ve been golfing your whole life and plan on continuing into your “golden years’ as a senior golfer. You’ve worked so hard on your game and as we age our bodies start to change, whether it’s loss of flexibility, your swing not going as far as it once did, or your stamina has diminished, there are many ways for senior golfers to feel like they’ve lost their skills.

Here are a few ways to help combat the parts of aging that can hinder the game. 

Older Golfers Tips and Tricks

Throughout this blog, we will break down our tips into three different categories:

  • Body
  • Equipment
  • Tips for The Game

 1 – Take Care of Your Body

Regardless of your age, taking care of your body and staying in your best physical shape will always benefit your golf game. Here are a few ways to take care of your body and increase the longevity of your gold game. 

Flexibility and Strength

The first step in golf fitness is flexibility and strength. Flexibility affects your swing, so focusing on stretching exercises. Other fitness exercises to increase flexibility will be extremely beneficial. When it comes to strength, there are many exercises to build up the specific strength needed for golf:

  • Single Leg Hip Circles
  • Highwire Shoulder Raises
  • Single Leg Chipping
  • Split Power Jumps
  • Squat Med Ball Rotations
  • Half Kneeling Resistance Band Rotation 

Warm Up Before Each Round

Before you play, arrive a little earlier and warm the body up. Do some warm-up stretches and get your body moving, start with some practice swings with a short iron, then a medium iron. Just get a few good stretches and swings in to get the body ready.

Don’t Over Warm up or Play

As much as it is important to prepare the body, it is equally important to listen to it. Don’t over warm up or over play and exhaust your body before the game even begins. Find a pattern of play that works for you! 

2 – Equipment Matters

What you play with is just as important as how you play. It is important to choose your equipment carefully. 

Clubs and Balls

The key to this is the shaft. Here are some ways to make sure your clubs fit perfectly to your needs:

  • Get fit for a senior shaft, they are available in different flexes that can help get some distance back into your game as the swing speed may slow. 
  • Move to a hybrid alternative instead of the long irons. 
  • If you aren’t a long-established golfer then it is best to keep a selection of wedges in your bag. 
  • Have the proper putter length, for a correct setup, the eyes should be positioned over the ball.
  • Check your grip size as well. If you struggle with arthritis then adjusting your grip size can help. A midsize or jumbo golf grip size can be the solution and make things easier on the hands. 
  • Find the ball that suits your game. The ball that professionals use isn’t the best idea for older golfers. A ball that has low compression with a rating between 70-80 will match up with a slower swing speed and help improve distance. 

3- Game Strategy

As golfers get older, their game should be redesigned to fit their abilities over the years. With our golf lessons and more, seniors can continuously audit and go over their fundamentals such as good posture, grip, stance, and alignment. 

The fundamentals also involve embracing a shorter backswing, working on your follow-through, and making sure you transfer your weight.

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How to Focus While Playing Golf

How to Focus While Playing Golf

There is much focus that is needed in the sport of golf. Naturally, when you need golf focus, it can be very easy to burn out from it. With golf mostly being slow-paced, the game provides many windows and opportunities for you to think. You can collect your thoughts, as well as focus on the mental aspect of your next move in the game. Losing concentration during a game of golf can be costly. If you want to play to the best of your ability, honing in on different tips and tricks to keep you alert and focused is important.

Deer Creek is here to give you tips on how to focus better in golf. We have a full golf course with 18 upgraded holes and brand-new TifEagle Ultradwarf bermudagrass in a high-end setting. At Deer Creek, we have the knowledge to offer advice on staying focused on your game of golf so you can play your best game. Keep reading to learn more from our golf experts.

The Mental Aspect of Golf

As with many sports, the mental aspect of golf is almost as important as the physical aspect. As simple as it sounds, thinking positively can affect your ability to focus. If you go into the game with a negative attitude, your focus will not be in the right place. It might not even be present at all. Work on your process, not your score. Overthinking about your downswing, the takeaway, or your grip can really interfere with your mental state and ability to focus.

Losing Concentration During a Golfing Game

A tip that can help you hold concentration during a golf game is splitting the 18-hole game into rounds of three holes per round. Doing this makes it three mini-games during each of the two rounds. Having mini-games is very helpful because completing nine holes twice in a row can become very tedious. Typically it is during the second set of nine holes that people begin to lose focus.

Another tip is to only focus on one hole at a time. Completely forget about how the previous holes went – good or bad. Don’t begin to think about the upcoming holes. Focusing on the hole at hand will increase not only your performance but your ability to focus throughout the game. This is because your head will be less cluttered, and you will not be thinking about the past or the future.

Having a pre-shot routine, as well as practice routines, can be tasks that contribute to your ability to focus. Prepare your pre-shot routine earlier than you already do. You’ll be able to look at the slope of the ball as well as feel how heavy the wind is at the time of day. Many professional golfers recommend that you think to yourself, “What does the shape of my shot look like?” Course management can bring consistency. This will help create less noise about what your next steps are. It will also give you more room for your golf focus, and you can concentrate on how well you are about to play.

Playing a Focused Game of Golf at Deer Creek

Once you have these tips down, you can check out our tee times and rates. If you have any questions about our course, contact us today.

How to Not Slice a Golf Ball

How to Not Slice a Golf Ball

“Slicing” in golf is when a sidespin is put on a ball, which means golf shots go right for a right-handed player and left for left-handed players. It is known as one of the most common faults in golf. It is not as destructive as the hook (a ball that curves during flight,) but it still does not help one to get a good score in their game. Unfortunately, it is not always a quick or easy fix, either. 

Deer Creek Golf Club has seen and worked with many golfers over the years that have overcome this fault in our golf school. With this experience, we are able to offer some advice and tips on how to not slice a golf ball. 


Tips to Stop Slicing

There are a few factors at play when a golfer continuously slices. No one wants to waste a tee time on slices and bad shots. Here are ways that work for some, including our professionals’ basic tips and things you can work on. 


#1 Work on Proper Weight Shift

A common theme among slicers is having incorrect or insufficient weight transfer in their swing. When players get to the top of their backswing and the first move is made by the shoulders and arms is where the expression “coming over the top” comes from. The feet get stuck because the player is putting too much weight on the back foot. 

A good weight shift comes from the proper sequence of movements starting in the lower body, feet, knees, then hips. Then the upper body follows the upper torso, arms, and hands, all in that order. This means that the hands, which control the club, will stay more inside the correct path for a decent swing. 


#2 Turn Through the Impact

Good golfers who have proper weight will shift and turn their bodies through the impact and, more often than not, won’t slice. If professional golfers are analyzed, it will often be seen that their shoulders are about 15 to 30 degrees left of the target, and hips are between 30 to 60 degrees leftward. 

Tips #1 and $2 are about correcting the motion of the body as a way to stop slicing. 


#3 Don’t Aim for a Slice

Many golfers who are dealing with a slicing problem attempt to aim more left as a fix for how to correct the right slice in golf. That is not the answer! If a round is being played with a left-to-right wind, then aiming more left will just further exaggerate the slice. A wind that is coming off the left may stall the ball’s forward motion, meaning it’s going nowhere. 

By working on correcting the swing and path of motion, golfers learn how to get the clubface and stance more squared up, which helps overcome the slice regardless of the wind patterns.


#4 Try Stronger Grips to Make It Easier to Square Up the Clubface

The face of the club naturally rotates closed as it approaches impact. A common problem that golfers have is being able to allow this to efficiently happen. Some players overdo it, and suddenly, instead of slicing, they’ve pulled insanely left. 

A way to square the clubface up to avoid either of those bad shots is to strengthen the grip a little. For right-handed players, stronger grips mean more knuckles of the left hand and, if necessary, dropping the right hand slightly under the shaft. 


#5 Use Softer Flex Shafts

As golfers swing down, the club head is initially lagging behind the hands. With stiffer and heavier shafts, it makes it harder for it to catch up correctly, while light and flexible shafts help the club head kick forward before impact. This creates more rotation of the face which then helps square up the face and adds loft to the face, which minimizes the headspin on the ball at impact. 

Softer shafts should be used by players who slice, while heavier ones should be used by those who struggle with the hook. 


Contact Deer Creek Golf Club

We hope our tips for how to not slice a golf ball have helped and if you are interested in our golf school, tee times, or rates, contact us today! If you are in the area, you can also check out our pro golf shop, filled with all the attire, accessories, and equipment you’ll need to look like a pro golfer.