What is Proper Golf Attire for Men?

What is Proper Golf Attire for Men?

Anyone who has watched or played golf can see the sense of formality, this mainly has to do with the attire worn by the players, the clothing etiquette, and how strictly they are implemented. So if you and your friends want to come to enjoy the beautiful greens at Deer Creek Golf Club, there are a few things you should know about the golf attire for men. 

We broke it down into 5 main points to know before your next round with us! 


No T-Shirts Allowed

The proper golf attire for men is usually collared shirts. That is one of the most important rules about men’s golf gear. No t-shirts!, Polo shirts are as comfortable and cool as t-shirts, but this one has a collar!   


Jeans Are Not Allowed

Khakis and golf slacks are the preferred option for men’s golfing clothing. Whatever color or material you may choose, there are a few rules: 

  • Must have belt loops and a belt
  • Avoid cuffs (cuffs can accumulate sand) 
  • No denim material 

Shorts are okay to wear when golfing, but they shouldn’t be too short or too tight. Shorts should be tailored like casual trousers and should be above the knee. These, like the golf pants, should have belt loops and a belt. 


Wear Proper Shoes and Socks

This is a very vital one because your footwear is also protection. Rubber shoes or sandals should never be worn when on the golf course. Instead, there are specific shoes with soft spikes. The spikes are supposed to keep you from slipping, and the shoe itself is close toed for your protection as well. Golf shoes with spikes should only be worn on the course. It is best to arrive in other shoes then change into the golf shoes in the locker room. 

When it comes to socks on the golf course, they should match the color of our golf slacks. If you are wearing shorts then the socks should be a lighter color and lower around the ankles. 


Golf Clothing Colors

When it comes to the color of the golf attire, it is important to remember that brighter colors or loud patterns are a distraction to the group and other players on the course. If you are there with business associates or there trying to close a business deal, it is best to keep the colors and look more toned down and professional. 

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Golf Etiquette 101

Golf Etiquette 101

Are you a long-time, amateur golfer or someone who’s looking to get into the sport? That’s great! There are all sorts of benefits in golfing such as the community of avid golfers, health benefits, and great use of your free time. No matter the reason for your interest in golf, there are still some implicit rules you need to keep in mind. Not doing so can give you a bad reputation as a golfer, and we all know how rumors spread like wildfire. Not to worry as our professional staff of golf enthusiasts here at our South Florida golf course can teach you a little something called Golf Etiquette 101.


Arriving Less Than 15 Minutes Before Your Golf Club Tee Time

Probably the most important rule in golf etiquette is to make sure to arrive early for tee time. Not doing so can irritate the starter and others in the shop as well as put the rest of the tee sheet at risk of delay. The 15-minute grace period is considered substantial given that most golf clubs require golfers to be present on the course 30 minutes prior, so get here early!


Leaving Too Many Balls on the Practice Green

Don’t hog the real estate of the practice green by putting down one too many golf balls. If you’re the only one there, sure, go crazy by flooding your space with golf balls, but if the area is crowded, one or two practice balls should suffice.


Searching for a Lost Ball for More Than Five Minutes

It’s understandable that golf balls are quite pricey and you’re willing to risk a poison ivy rash, but there’s a big difference making an honest effort and overemphasizing the point. Once you’ve looked for the ball for five minutes, accept your golf ball loss and move on with the game.


Constantly on Your Phone

In 2019, sometimes, we can’t help but be on our phones since we’d like to check the score of a game or send a quick text in between holes. However, habitually keeping your phone glued to your hand goes against the idea of hanging with friends or simply enjoying nature. Being on your phone all the time gives off the vibe that you’d rather be anywhere else than on the green.


If you just so happen to slip up with one of these golf etiquette examples from time to time, it’s alright. It happens, but don’t make it a habit. Want to learn more about golf etiquette or our golf club memberships? Feel free to reach out to our friendly staff at our golf course in Fort Lauderdale.

2016 Golf Course Etiquette: Cell Phones

Since smart phones have consumed their owners, golf course etiquette and cell phone use has been a hot discussion. Many traditional, older generation golfers complain about cellphones taking the enjoyment out of the moment and the overall game; so, when it comes to setting some golf course etiquette for cell phone use, Deer Creek Golf Course has some tips!

Golf course etiquette is somewhat universal; it is the same on a South Florida golf course as it is on golf courses halfway around the world. The unwritten rules of golf transcend language barriers and age. Since a lot of business takes place on golf courses, it is up to the players to set cell phone etiquette before hitting the green, but the following has become common etiquette for smart phone use on the course.

Turn off Your Cellphone

A no cell phone policy on the golf course may seem like a no brainer to some, but the argument can be broken down using the following points:

– Cell phones are a distraction for more than just the person who is on the phone. No professional golfer wants to hear ringtones or phone conversations while playing a game of golf.

– Cell phones slow down play. Cell phones cause players to not pay attention, therefore slowing down play.

– Cell phones ruin the game. The game of golf is meant to be quiet, relaxing, and all-encompassing. While on a championship golf course in South Florida, you should not be on your cell phone distracting other players on the green and ruining the game.

In general, cell phone use goes against traditional golf etiquette and should be refrained from.

Golf Course Etiquette

Playing your first round of golf can be very intimidating. There are decades old rules of golf course etiquette that play a great role in the sport of golf. There are numerous, tiny aspects that go into the golf game itself, but there are also many rules of etiquette that you may be unaware of. The golf professionals at Deer Creek’s championship golf course in Deerfield Beach want to make your first round on the green a little easier, by helping with a quick primer of golf course etiquette.

  • Equipment. Taking the right amount of equipment to the course plays both into rules and etiquette. It is best for a beginner golf player to make sure they have all the clubs they will need, but do not exceed 14 clubs since it is against the rules. Make sure that you have plenty of tees and golf balls, so that you are not constantly badgering your fellow players for theirs.
  • Schedule a tee time, then show up for your Deer Creek tee time. You should always make a tee time even if it is not required, and then show up to the tee time 30 minutes early, just to be safe. If you miss your tee time your golf group may miss their spot and have to wait for another opening.
  • Dressing the part. Most golf courses have some form of dress code. Find out what the dress code is for the course you are going to play and dress appropriately. If you do not have the proper attire most golf courses have a golf pro shop with golf attire.
  • Teeing off. Make sure you are teeing off your golf ball at the correct marker. Never place your ball in front of the tee markers.
  • Play as it lies. One of the most fundamental principles of golf. What it means is pretty simple, don’t move or touch the ball. Where ever it comes to rest whether it is out of bounds or in high grass, you most likely have to play it as is.
  • Keeping the pace. It is important as a beginner to be aware of your pace of play because slow play has always been an issue with golfers. You don’t want to keep golfers behind you waiting.
  • Golf course care. Golf courses are here to be enjoyed by all golfers, so part of your responsibility is to take care of the golf course while you are on it. Be responsible of your actions and how they affect the golf course.