Spring Golf Trips – Planning a Great South Florida Golf Holiday

Spring Golf Trips – Planning a Great South Florida Golf Holiday

Planning a Spring golf trip with your buddies is the best idea you’ve had in a while. A trip down to sunny South Florida will be filled with more than a few good memory-making moments – and the golf is pretty good too.

If you’re planning a spring golf trip, then we recommend choosing South Florida for more than a few reasons.

  • The weather is (mostly) predictable.
  • We have more golf courses than any other state [1]
  • There’s more to do besides just golfing
  • Florida is a vacation destination

Planning a spring golf trip is better than just taking a vacation because there’s purpose to your trip. So, get your buddies together and plan a great South Florida golf holiday. Here’s how:


Get an email chain or group text going. Include everyone, even the grumps who refuse to participate. Don’t expect anyone to google any course names you give them, send links to the South Florida golf courses that you find so everyone can easily click and see the course for themselves.

Pick Your Dates

Spring is a time of year, what you need is definite dates. Send ideas for an extended weekend. Most people can’t sacrifice a week and a short weekend is your last options. Try for a Thursday arrival and Monday departure. Work in from there. There are 5 weekends in March 2018 and that’s plenty of time to plan your Spring golf trip.

Find the Right Golf Course

Deer Creek Golf Club hosts players from all over the world. Most golf courses in South Florida are very accommodating to travelers. Call the club ahead of time and ask if they can offer any packages.

Plan More Than Just Golf

Take advantage of your time in So Flo. Go to the beach, check out down town Miami once, then spend the rest of the trip on down town Fort Lauderdale because it’s much better. Groupon has lots of deals, packages, and is great place to get ideas for your golf holiday.


[1]: My Golf Spy – STUDY: Golf Courses & Difficulty by State

Plan Your Fall Golf Trip to South Florida

Fall is one of the best times to take a golf trip to South Florida. The weather is perfect, South Florida golf courses are prepared for the season, and the region really comes alive with new business and tourists.

Deer Creek Golf Club the perfect plan and things to consider for your fall golf trip to South Florida:

Who Should You Golf With?

There is no better way to determine if you like someone than to travel with them; however, a golf trip to South Florida is no time to find that out. When you arrive at one of the premiere South Florida golf courses, the only thing that matters is having the perfect swing and having a good time! Tailor your invite list to include people in which you will enjoy spending the entire day with.

What is Your Budget?

Before you can begin to plan the entire trip, you must establish a budget. From planning a budget you can tell how long you will stay, which hotel you will be able to stay in, how many South Florida golf courses you will be able to visit, and any other sights you wish to see while you are here. Plan accordingly and you can visualize how much you are able to spend on your trip.

When Are You Going?

Fall is the perfect time for a golf trip to South Florida, and most golfers would agree, which is why planning the golf trip time frame is essential. It may be tempting to organize your trip during a long weekend, but contrary to popular belief, it is better to avoid them. Deer Creek Golf Club recommends planning to go during early October for your next golf trip to South Florida.

Is Your Timeline Set?

The schedule should be the last item on your list, but also the most fun. It is time to plan which courses you will be visiting, and Deer Creek Golf Club should definitely be top of the list. Our premiere golf course provides affordable rates, and is one of the best golf courses in South Florida. Also, do not forget to add any other attractions you wish to see while in South Florida.

Must See Golf Courses of 2015

With every coming year, New Year’s Resolutions are a must. But are yours centered on golf? Why not make a New Year’s resolution to visit the Most Anticipated Golf Courses of 2015?

If you are looking for a way to hit a milestone and celebrate your golf game at the same time, here is a list of the must see golf courses of 2015.

SentryWorld, Stevens Point, Wisconsin

Wisconsin is known for more than cheese if you are golfing SentryWorld at Stevens Point. This course has been a golf destination since its opening in 1982, but was recently renovated with several new holes and over 50,000 flowers.

Bluejack National, Montgomery, Texas

Composed of over 750 rolling acres of Texas countryside, Tiger Woods made this world-class golf course design, which should be experienced by golf lovers of all ages and levels. Bluejack is scheduled to open in October 2015.

Trump Ferry Point Golf Links, Bronx, New York

Overlooking the Whitestone Bridge and outlined by the Manhattan Skyline, Jack Nicklaus’ signature designed golf course may be one of America’s best golf courses. Located in the middle of New York City, come enjoy the tournament quality play, as if the million dollar view wasn’t enough!

If your New Year’s Resolution is to visit some of the most anticipated golf courses of 2015, Deer Creek Golf Club would recommend these top three must-see golf courses.

Deer Creek Golf Club is a semi-private golf course located in Deerfield Beach, FL. 

You Can Still Play Golf This Winter!

Winter can put a stop to many of the things that we enjoy: sun bathing, swimming, days at the beach…but it doesn’t have to put a stop to your golf game! Whether you are dealing with a chilly cold front here in South Florida or you are taking your golf game north, Deer Creek Golf Club has a few tips on how to stay warm on the green. So don’t worry, you can still play golf this winter!

Keeping warm is the first step to a successful round during winter. Most of our body heat escapes through our head and hands, so keep those covered! Invest in a warm ski cap and a good pair of gloves. You probably are not going to be able to wear your gloves when you play, so a good tip is to bring along some heating pads and stuff them into your gloves or pockets; they will warm you up fast between rounds. While you are playing, it is probably not a good idea to get around via golf cart. If you do not keep moving, your swing will get stiff and your game will suffer…so walk the course!

For the game, we highly suggest bringing some colored golf balls. There is nothing that will kill the mood like searching through the snow for your white golf ball. Golf balls can pose an entirely different problem as well: their temperature. Warm golf balls travel a lot farther than cold ones, so try to keep them warm in your hands or pockets until you are ready to use them.

You do not have to forgo your favorite pastime during winter. Whether you are playing in South Florida or on an icy, northern golf course, there are plenty of steps that you can take to make sure your game is on point year round!

Tips for Planning a Summer Wedding

The sunshine, the beach, the relaxed vibe of the season. What could be more romantic than a summer wedding? From the guests to the food to the dress, these summer wedding planning tips will help you build amazing wedding memories that will last you a lifetime.

Keep in mind that outdoors poses a variety of problems depending on time of day. Guests might be sweaty during the high afternoon, but the mosquitos will come out the closer you get to sunset. Expecting these problems and preparing for them will save you a world of stress.

Be aware of holidays in the summer. While it might seem ideal to you to schedule your wedding on a long weekend like Memorial Day or Labor Day, your guests likely have family plans and other things going on for the holiday weekend. Be considerate of your guests.

Plan activities for your guests so it feels like a vacation for everyone. They might want to take advantage of the warm weather to see some sights in your city. Make it easy for them and do some legwork ahead of time. Put together a welcome kit for your out-of-towners: fill up a gift bag with a local magazine, a transit or road map, and a list of your favorite dining recommendations.

Bonus: planning a golf course wedding means you can factor in a round of golf for your guests, or a brunch at the golf course’s country club. Take advantage of local amenities and be aware of hotels nearby, so that you can try to keep everyone together as a group as much as possible.

Planning a Romantic Golf Vacation

Romantic vacations usually involve a beach, or majestic castles, or tropical temperatures. Activities like sightseeing, horseback riding, and wine tastings are also usually on the list. But for many couples, there’s another activity you can add to the agenda: golfing! Those looking to stay in the states for their couple’s golf getaway can always come to Deer Creek Golf & Country club, which is nestled in the South Florida sunshine just minutes from the ocean. Spend your mornings on the golf course and your evenings beachside–what could be better?

Golf is a relaxing game that can help you and your significant other build trust, support and encouragement. Plus, it’s fun!

If you are looking to book a romantic golf vacation, we have a variety of hotels that we partner with in the Fort Lauderdale and Boca Raton areas. Additionally, our golf course is public—so you will not have any trouble booking a tee time. Grab your sweetheart and head south for a vacation you won’t forget!