Golf Pro Shop Must Haves

Golf Pro Shop Must Haves

There is nothing like walking into a well-kept and fully stocked golf pro shop first thing in the morning, right before tee time. Simply nothing like it. If you happen to find yourself in the golf pro shop in Deerfield Beach, that is the one at the Deer Creek Golf Club, we are here to tell you what golf pro shop must haves you need to pick up.  

Did we mention that the Deer Creek Golf Pro Shop is open to all? No membership is required to shop here and talk to our professionals. 

When you pull your car up to the Deer Creek Golf Club valet, you will notice the golf pro shop is front and center. Our professional golfing staff knows how it can ruin your day if you forget to pack one item in your golf bag. So for any last-minute purchases or new golf players, here are a few of our choices for golf pro shop must haves: 

When You Arrive at Deer Creek 

Arrive early before tee off? Grab a bucket of golf balls for $6.00 (roughly 35 balls), or two buckets for $9.00. Use this time to get a few practice swings in and shake off the rust before the round. You can also pick up a sleeve of golf balls that are the cheapest of any other golf pro shop in Deerfield Beach.  

Ask one of our pros about golf club fittings if you are new to the game, need to rent some clubs, or are simply in the market for new clubs. 

Finally, be sure to get a handful of free golf ball tees, the most often forgotten golf pro shop must-have.  

On the Back Nine 

Stop back in for a cool drink and maybe a quick bite to eat at the snack bar before you head out onto the course again.  

After the Round 

Did you lose any balls in the rough? Before you leave, stock back up on golf balls and tees, and be sure to check out our selection of professional golf attire.  

A Golfer’s Guide for Choosing the Right Putter

A Golfer’s Guide for Choosing the Right Putter

“It’s a marriage. If I had to choose between my wife and my putter, well, I’d miss her.” Gary Player.  

Leave it to a legend like Gary Player to summarize the importance of a good putter with a little wit and character. Choosing the right putter is a vital part of the game of golf. Selecting the right wood to play on a golf course in South Florida might differ from a wood that you may use on any other course, but you will use your putter on every course, regardless.  

Finding the best putter will drastically improve or hinder your game. Here are a few tips to consider while you are on the hunt at local golf pro shops for the right putter.  

How’s It Hanging? 

Length is extremely important when choosing the right putter. Ideally, the putter should hang directly down, so that your eye is directly over the ball while the putter is just off of the ground. Spend time at the golf pro shop testing out putters before visiting your favorite golf course in South Florida.  

Balance is Key 

When you putt, you are using momentum to push the ball. Choosing the right putter with the best balance for your stroke style will make a huge difference when the putter connects with the ball and the momentum pushes the ball forward.  

– Toe balance putters are the right choice for about 90% of golfers who have a traditional stroke.  

– Face balance is best suited for golfers who use a straight-back-and-through stroke.  

If you are not sure which golf stroke is best for you, consider going to a golf school in South Florida and speaking to an instructor.  

Try Them Before You Buy Them 

Be sure to really test out your putter at the pro shop before you take it out to your local golf course in South Florida. 

Golf Bag Essentials

Golf Bag Essentials

Golf is a complex sport that can only be mastered with years of patience and experience. Over time, each golfer customizes the game to their liking, as well as what to keep in their golf bag.

However, no matter your strategy is to taking on 18 holes, there are certain golf bag essentials that every player should have. If you are not certain if the contents of your bag are up to par, then continue reading what Deer Creek Golf Club’s golfing specialists have to say!

First, you must abide by the rules of golf. The rules of golf permit up to 14 clubs per one round. Meaning, you will have to sacrifice one club or another for the sake of your game. With the never ending options of woods, irons, wedges, and hybrid clubs, this task may be difficult. Yet, it will become easier as you figure out what works best for you.

As a rule of thumb, Deer Creek Golf Club suggests that the following clubs to be in your bag.


For wood clubs: be sure to have a Driver, a 3 Wood, and a rescue club. Deer Creek recommends a hybrid club that will provide greater versatility. Typically, you want to avoid carrying two clubs that hit nearly the same distance.


Deer Creek golfers typically carry a 4 iron to a pitching wedge, which is a total of 7. This will give you an extra club at the shorter hitting end, rather than the long hitting end.


As mentioned above, you would include the pitching wedge. Then, for your 11, 12, and 13th club, it is recommended to carry a gap wedge, a sand wedge, and a lob wedge. With evenly spaced lofts, these clubs will provide very accurate distance control.


Lastly, you must have the putter. It is without saying that the putter is in every golfers’ golf bag, being that it is the most used club in the bag.

After reviewing the 14 clubs that should be in your bag, these rules are not set in stone. Obviously, each golfer develops their own preference in clubs and may prefer having more of one than another. The only general advice from fellow Deer Creek golfers, is that it is better to load up your bag towards the shorter clubs. By doing so, you will have the ability for greater accuracy over your distance as you get closer to the pin.

Among the necessary clubs, there are miscellaneous items that many golfers tend to carry. Some extra items include proper apparel accessories; a hat to block the sun and the right golfing shoes that let you cruise comfortably for hours of golf. You will also find a Sharpie marker, clean towel, a ball marker, water, and snacks handy. Of course, don’t forget the golf balls! To limit the weight of your golf bag, be sure to bring only the number of balls you will need. You do not want to run out of golf balls, but you also do not want to lug around unnecessary weight either.