What is Proper Golf Attire for Men?

What is Proper Golf Attire for Men?

Anyone who has watched or played golf can see the sense of formality, this mainly has to do with the attire worn by the players, the clothing etiquette, and how strictly they are implemented. So if you and your friends want to come to enjoy the beautiful greens at Deer Creek Golf Club, there are a few things you should know about the golf attire for men. 

We broke it down into 5 main points to know before your next round with us! 


No T-Shirts Allowed

The proper golf attire for men is usually collared shirts. That is one of the most important rules about men’s golf gear. No t-shirts!, Polo shirts are as comfortable and cool as t-shirts, but this one has a collar!   


Jeans Are Not Allowed

Khakis and golf slacks are the preferred option for men’s golfing clothing. Whatever color or material you may choose, there are a few rules: 

  • Must have belt loops and a belt
  • Avoid cuffs (cuffs can accumulate sand) 
  • No denim material 

Shorts are okay to wear when golfing, but they shouldn’t be too short or too tight. Shorts should be tailored like casual trousers and should be above the knee. These, like the golf pants, should have belt loops and a belt. 


Wear Proper Shoes and Socks

This is a very vital one because your footwear is also protection. Rubber shoes or sandals should never be worn when on the golf course. Instead, there are specific shoes with soft spikes. The spikes are supposed to keep you from slipping, and the shoe itself is close toed for your protection as well. Golf shoes with spikes should only be worn on the course. It is best to arrive in other shoes then change into the golf shoes in the locker room. 

When it comes to socks on the golf course, they should match the color of our golf slacks. If you are wearing shorts then the socks should be a lighter color and lower around the ankles. 


Golf Clothing Colors

When it comes to the color of the golf attire, it is important to remember that brighter colors or loud patterns are a distraction to the group and other players on the course. If you are there with business associates or there trying to close a business deal, it is best to keep the colors and look more toned down and professional. 

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The History Behind the British Open

The History Behind the British Open

Golf is a game of tradition. As a landmark South Florida country club, we are aficionados of golf history. We believe that we should pass on our knowledge of golf traditions and tournament traditions to the next generation. The British Open, also known simply as the Open, has a long and storied past. As the 2021 Open winds down, we thought it would be interesting to look at the history behind the British Open.


When Did the First British Open Take Place?

The 2021 British Open marks its 149th edition of the tournament. As a result, you may think that because 2021 minus 149 is 1872, that would mean that the first British Open took place in 1872; however, this is not the case. The first Open was played on October 17, 1860. While the tournament is a yearly occurrence, complications in history have caused the competition not to be played in some years. Understandably, coronavirus caused the cancelation of the 2020 Open, but this was not the only cancelation of the event. 

The first cancelation of the tournament occurred in 1871. A golfer named Tom Morris won the three previous Opens, and as a result, was given the ceremonial trophy at the time, the Challenge Belt. Until Tom Morris’ third victory, the belt was returned by the previous victor, to be competed for again. In 1870, they decided to award Tom Morris full possession of the belt, meaning there was no trophy to compete for in 1871. 

Other cancellations were more obvious, with the tournament not being held from 1915-1919 and 1940-1945 due to World War I and World War II. 


The History of the Claret Jug

As the Challenge Belt became the personable property of Tom Morris, the tournament needed a new prize. The Claret Jug, or the winner’s trophy, was created in 1872; however, this award was not finished by the end of the 1872 Open, which Tom Morris also won. As a result, Morris was instead presented with an engraved medal. This new tradition of a medal was adopted and has been used since the 1872 tournament. Like the Challenge Belt, the Claret Jug must be returned by the winner and competed for at the next tournament. 


When Was the First Claret Jug Awarded?

The first Claret Jug was awarded in 1873 to then-winner Tom Kidd. The original Claret Jug was retired and placed in a museum. 


The History of the Current Claret Jug

The current Claret Jug was first awarded and presented at the 1928 Open to Walter Hagen. The trophy is still returned by the winner, who receives an engraved medal and replica to keep. 


Today’s British Open

As the tournament comes to a close, we welcome the sight of a new custodian of the Claret Jug. The tournament concludes tomorrow July 18, 2021, at Royal Saint George’s Golf Course, where a new champion will most likely be crowned. 

While we’re not fortunate or talented enough to play the British Open, we do have the luck to play at our esteemed South Florida Golf Course regularly. Contact us today to play at our beautiful course, or view our membership page for more information. 


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Meet Collin Morikawa: The Next Tiger Woods

Meet Collin Morikawa: The Next Tiger Woods

Photo credit: Golf.com

The 2020 PGA Championship occurred August 6-9 at TPC Harding Park, but this year it was a little different. There were no in-person attendees at the 2020 PGA Championship. With no fans in sight, Collin Morikawa made the golf tournament even more historical with his final send off to his maiden major title. But who exactly is Collin Morikawa, and how did he make history this past weekend? Learn more about the new golf champ from our golfing experts at our South Florida golf club.  

Who is Collin Morikawa?

Collin Morikawa is the 23-year-old golfer who won the 2020 PGA Championship. In 2019, Morikawa graduated from the University of California-Berkeley with a degree in Business Administration.1 Morikawa is from Los Angeles, California, and turned pro in 2019.1 At only 23 years old, he is truly making history with his golf skills.

Collin Morikawa broke records last Sunday, August 9, when he shot the lowest closing 36-hole score. In fact, he posted the weekend with rounds of 65 and 64 being the lowest. Morikawa’s 129 total is being compared to legends like Tiger Woods, Nick Faldo, and Marc Leishman.2 Morikawa has already been compared to Tiger Woods several times this year with his nearly matched consecutive cuts, which kick-started his professional golf career.2

Winning the PGA Championship at only 23 years old has happened only a handful of times before. Gene Sarazen and Tom Creavy were PGA Tournament winners before they both turned 23.3. However, legends Jack Nicklaus, Tiger Woods, and Rory McIlroy were all winners at the same age as Morikawa.3 Morikawa’s six-under-par 64 in the final round of the golf tournament helped him win the number one spot.

What’s Next for Collin Morikawa?

While the 23-year-old has just made history with his PGA Championship win, this is only the beginning for his career. Collin Morikawa has now qualified for the Tokyo Games in 2021.4 He went from being an alternate on the U.S. Olympic team to now landing a number two spot.4

Collin Morikawa’s career does not stop here, and it’s only the beginning point. The 23-year-old professional golfer will continue playing golf and taking each week as they come. According to Morikawa, “I love golf. I love every part of it. I love being in this position and I love just being able to come out here and play with a bunch of guys that love the sport, too.”5

While Morikawa’s career blossoms, you too can practice your skills with our golf membership deals. For almost 50 years, the golf course at Deer Creek has served the South Florida community and beyond with our state-of-the-art golf course. Brush up on your skills by checking out our golf tips for beginners. Contact us today at 954-429-0006 to book your tee time and experience our championship signature course.



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The Masters Rescheduled To November Because of COVID-19

The Masters Rescheduled To November Because of COVID-19

The coronavirus pandemic has greatly affected the world of sports. The need for social distancing to stop the spread of COVID-19 has put a damper on most major sporting events with several cancelations and postponements announced in March and April. The NBA suspended its 2019-20 season1, the Football Association postponed numerous matches, and the 2020 Olympics were postponed until 2021.2

The world of golf has been no different, golf tournaments are also being canceled and postponed due to COVID-19 concerns. The latest news is that golf’s governing bodies announced three of the four men’s major championships would be postponed including the 2020 Masters, which will now happen in November.

“We want to emphasize that our future plans are incumbent upon favorable counsel and direction from health officials. Provided that occurs and we can conduct the 2020 Masters, we intend to invite those professionals and amateurs who would have qualified for our original April date and welcome all existing ticket holders to enjoy the excitement of Masters week.” – Fred Ridley, Chairman of Augusta National Golf Club 3


Major Changes to the 2020 PGA Tour Schedule

In addition to the The Masters, two other major men’s golf championships will be postponed to dates later in the year. The 2020 PGA Championship, originally scheduled for May 14-17, will now take place from August 6-9. It will still be played at the TPC Harding Park in San Francisco. The U.S. Open, originally scheduled for June 18-21, will be played to September 17-20. The venue will remain the same with championship taking place at Winged Foot Golf Club in Mamaroneck, N.Y.

Unfortunately, one major championship was not able to escape cancellation. The 2020 Open Championship will be canceled due to the coronavirus pandemic. The event was originally going to take place July 16-19 at the Royal St. George’s Golf Course. This is the first time since World War II that the golf championship has been canceled.

I can assure everyone that we have explored every option for playing The Open this year but it is not going to be possible. […] Most of all I would like to thank our fans around the world and all of our partners for their support and understanding. At a difficult time like this we have to recognize that sport must stand aside to let people focus on keeping themselves and their families healthy and safe. We are committed to supporting our community in the weeks and months ahead and will do everything in our power to help golf come through this crisis.” – Martin Slumbers, Chief Executive at The R&A4



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U.S. Women’s Open Winner to Receive $1M for First Time

U.S. Women’s Open Winner to Receive $1M for First Time

This year’s winner of the United States Golf Association Women’s Open will receive a purse of $1 million, the largest single-tournament cash-prize in women’s golf. The prize will be a $100,000 increase from last year’s purse of $900,000, won by Ariya Jutanugarn of Thailand, as well as the second biggest check after the LPGA’s CME Group Tour Championship with a prize of $1.5 million. This year’s USGA cash out will be the heftiest winner’s check in women’s major championship history.

Praise for This Year’s Increase

“The USGA is committed to providing an unparalleled experience to every player competing in its championships,” said John Bodenhamer, the USGA’s Senior Managing Director, Championships. “Through strategic investments in our player relations program, we are continuing the effort to create a competitor experience commensurate with the game’s most prestigious championships, and that includes an increased purse and a continued commitment to make playing in an Open championship unforgettable for the world’s top amateur players.”[1]

Marina Alex described the increase as “amazing” and mentioned the ADT Championship was the last tournament where LPGA players contested for a $1 million first-place prize.

Prizes to Be Won      

The USGA Women’s Open 2019 can have a life-changing impact on the players if it closes on a compelling finish. Last year’s tournament had Australian Sarah Jane Smith in the lead early on, who took a share of fifth at Shoal Creek of $182,487.

The overall sum of the women’s purse for this week’s tournament at the Country Club of Charleston is set at $5.5 million – just $7 million less than the purse awarded in the men’s competition at Pebble Beach three weeks from now. The winner of the USGA Women’s Open is guaranteed the $1 million, so long as she’s not an amateur golfer.

The U.S. Open’s purse is currently the largest among the major championships with a $12.5 million cash prize.

The golf enthusiasts of our South Florida golf course are proud of this step up in women’s golf tournaments and anticipate the winner of this year’s U.S. Open. Make sure to stay tuned with the Deer Creek golf club on more golf news and tips. If you would like to learn more about our golf course, golf club memberships, or our wedding venue, feel free to contact one of our professional staff members to find out more.




[1] Forbes – U.S. Women’s Open Winner to Get Record $1 Million As USGA Boosts Golf Prize Money

And The Winner Is…

And The Winner Is…

Among the uproar of applause and shouting, Tiger Woods punched his fist straight into the air on the 18th green of the Masters 2019 tournament in Augusta, Georgia. Woods had just finished with a 2-under-par 70 to win on 13, earning his fifth Masters title. The recent Masters victory was Woods’ first since 2008 and the well-informed staff of our South Florida golf course can go into further detail over the memorable Masters tournament.

The Road to Redemption

Tiger Woods has come a long way due to a number of misfortunes in the past. He has endured an infidelity scandal in 2009 which led to a loss in sponsorship deals along with DUI arrest in 2017. Woods also went through four back surgeries, which left him bedridden for an extended period of time and unable to swing a golf club. Surely, with much time taken off for rehabilitation, Woods was able to rise from the ashes to earn his 15th major, just three shy of the criterion set by Jack Nicklaus.

Back on Top

Sunday’s win started when Woods received help from Francesco Molinari, a fellow competitor with a 54-hole lead who was still above two shots proceeding into the heart of the Amen Corner. On the par-3 12th, Molinari’s tee shot never stood a chance as it hit the bank and tumbled into Rae’s Creek for double bogey. Before this shot, Molinari had never trailed into a round that began early in the groups of threes to finish before the storm approached.

Due to the threat of thunderstorms, tee times were scheduled to happen several hours earlier for the final round. Players were grouped into threesomes instead of the normal pairs and the forerunners teed off at 9:20 a.m., allowing the tournament to finish by mid-afternoon.

Once Woods made his final win, he walked off the course exchanging hugs with predecessors while fans screamed his name. Even Tiger Woods’ former caddy, Steve Williams raved about his victory: “Now that Tiger has come right back there again, winning a major championship, possibly putting Jack’s (Nicklaus) record in play again … it just re-energizes the game . . . It’s absolutely awesome. He’s the only guy who can energize the game like that. All those kids who were watching had to think it was fantastic. And so, what he’s done is a remarkable achievement. It’s so positive.” 1

There you have it: Tiger Woods is 2019 Masters victor and we couldn’t be more pleased when seeing a phoenix rise from the ashes. Have any questions about our golf course or our outstanding golf club memberships? Contact our friendly staff at the Deer Creek Golf Club for further assistance.



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