Golfing Benefits for Children

In a world filled with Playstations, iPads, and other electronic distractions, it is no surprise that many children to not get outside enough. The good news is that you can easily change this by enrolling your child in golf lessons. Children can develop a variety of important skills, both social and personal, through the game of golf. Among the benefits your children will take away from the greens, the most efficient and useful are listed below:

Social skills
Healthy competition
Problem solving skills

Aside from these positive traits, there are other benefits your child would gain from golf, such as family outings on the golf course and the potential for athletic scholarships later in life. Setting a foundation in golf is also allowing for further business success as adults, as golf is a common pastime of many executives.

If you are thinking of enrolling your child in golf lessons, we recommend you come and check out the golf schools at Deer Creek.

5 Tips to Being a Successful Golfer

Golf is a game filled with secrets, tips, tricks, and lessons. Over our extensive time with the game of golf, we have learned a few trade secrets that we want to share to help you improve your game.

Walk at a good pace. The laid back attitude of golf can make it easy to walk slowly and laze along, but you can use these walks in between holes to make the golf game more vigorous as exercise. Utilize this opportunity.

Train both sides of your body. Even if you are a lefty, you need to have your body equally developed and balanced for successful golf experiences and for overall health.

Give attention to your hands and wrists. These parts of your body take a lot of the work when golfing. It is important to stretch your fingers and rotate your wrists, and also to use light hand weights to exercise your hand muscles with low compression.

Work your core. Your swing relies on the movement in your core and waist, among other things, so it is a good idea to have these core muscles developed.

Eat well. Eating for fuel rather than for the sake of food will help you on and off the golf course. Staying mindful of your weight is important and it will ensure you can play golf for many years to come!

Give the Gift of Golf

As we approach the holidays, you likely have started thinking of what to get your loved ones as gifts this year. While many children probably want electronics, game systems, iPhones, etc., there is another gift you can give that your child the chance to try something they might fall in love with for life: golf. By giving golf lessons or a membership, you can help your child learn the game of golf, which is a smart move for also learning the game of life.

Even if your child has never played before, children are usually excited about everything—which makes childhood the ideal time to introduce golf into their lives. At Deer Creek, we offer lessons for golfers of all ages with expert tips like perfecting your swing, how to play short game, and basics like what to use each club for.

Check out our South Florida golf school offerings, or simply schedule a few lessons with a golf pro. This season, give the gift of golf!

How to Make New Friends at a Golf Course

Aside from working on your game at the driving range, golf is a sport that is intended for groups. So what happens when you move to a new area and you don’t have anyone to play a round of golf with? You have to get out and network. Luckily, golf courses are a great place to make new friends and to find a group that you can regularly play with. Headed to a South Florida golf course and need some tips on meeting new playing partners? Read on to learn our suggestions.

Don’t be nervous. One of the best qualities you can show is confidence. Making new friends and meeting new people can be intimidating, but you have to gather yourself and feel comfortable introducing yourself to people and striking up conversation. 

Be calm and collected. Being too eager can be a turnoff for potential friends. Be calm and let your personality shine. And of course, keep your manners in check.

Have business cards with you. Make yourself leave a lasting impression by having a business card with your contact info handy to pass out to potential contacts and new friends.

If you are paired up with a group who already knows each other, hang back and listen before jumping into conversations. The last thing you want to do is share an extreme opinion or something else that might alienate you from the existing group. 

Keep up with the group. While golf isn’t a notoriously fast sport, you don’t want to make the game even slower. Be an efficient and respectful player and you’ll increase your odds of being invited to play again.

Mental Benefits of Golfing

While golfing has been debated as a sport with high physical exercise, one benefit that many golfers take away is a strong mental workout. If you walk the course rather than use a golf cart, and carry your clubs rather than use a caddy, you can definitely make the game more intensive on your body. Golf is a game that is highly internal, and the benefits go far beyond calorie burn and muscle tone.

First of all, you get to be outdoors enjoying all the fresh air and glory of Mother Nature. Spending about 4 hours on a golf course is a great way to escape the confines of indoors, and swap out air conditioned oxygen for air that is fresh from the source.
Golf is constantly challenging your mind in terms of coordination, concentration, visualization, estimation, strategy, preparing for and practicing each shot. Even if you are playing golf alone, it still offers many spoken and unspoken social opportunities that will help stimulate your mind and your creative thought.

Calcium is good for your bones, but so is golf! With weight bearing exercise, you create long and lean muscle mass. To include weight bearing in your golf game, carry your clubs. A great option to release stress on your shoulders is a double strapped golf bag.

Aside from working your body, you work your brain. Playing a round of golf can help boost your brain power and walking the course will help even more. Studies have shown that new brain cells are created and more oxygen is pumped to the brain when you are active in some kind of aerobic exercise. On this point alone, golf could help ward off Alzheimers.

But that’s not all. The social benefit, the focus factor, the vitamin D exposure, stress and cholesterol reduction—these are some added benefits of golfing. So what are you waiting for? Visit our South Florida golf course and start working your mind and body today.

Building Bonds: Women Golfing Together

It’s no secret that women run busy lives. Check out movies like “I Don’t Know How She Does It,” where Sarah Jessica Parker juggles work, children, a marriage, and a life. Golfing with your girlfriends can be a fun and relaxing way to spend the day and take a break from the hectic daily routine. It is peaceful and quiet, which is often quite the opposite of the typical day.

Don’t have a group of gals to hit the links with? Deer Creek hosts an event focused on women golfing together every Tuesday morning, with complimentary snacks and weekly tournament formats. Golfing can be a great way for women to make new friends. Also, if you are not a golfer but would like to learn the game, we encourage you to sign up for a lesson with our golf pros at our golf schools located on site.

Developing a love for golf, as well as friendships that have golf as a common ground, can provide you with unforgettable memories and a sense of community. What are you waiting for?