Junior Golf Club Memberships vs. Summer Camps

Looking for an activity for your kids to do this summer? Summer school and summer camps can be expensive and may not teach your child a skill, sport, and get them physically active during summer – so why not venture out and try something different? At Deer Creek Golf Club, your child can enjoy getting out of the house, while learning one of the most famous sports of all time. Junior Golf Club Memberships in South Florida offer all that and more.

Junior Golf Club Memberships at Deer Creek Golf Club include:

– $20 plus tax cart fee per rounds of golf from May 15 – October 15

– A 10 percent discount on clubhouse food and regular priced Golf Pro Shop merchandise

– Discount on practice balls

– 6-day advanced tee times

– Bag storage and locker ($75 each or $125 for both)

– Handicap services

– Special guest fees

Deer Creek Golf Club’s award winning golf course is suitable for amateurs and challenging to regular golfers alike. This makes their golf club memberships perfect for the avid golfer and teens who want to learn how to play this great game. So, instead of going for the standard summer school and summer camp options, inject some skill and friendly competition into your kid’s summer scene. Sign up for a Junior Golf Club Membership at Deer Creek Golf Club today and let your child get the most out of your summer.

The Advantages of Taking Golf Lessons

Golf lessons in Deerfield Beach are more accessible than you may think. Golf is not a sport you can pick up intuitively. It takes at least some lesson structure or training. Whether it’s a family member who gave you your first set of clubs, a relative who first commented on your grip, we all need to start somewhere. Sometimes the best option is to get a head of the game and understand the advantages of taking golf lessons. Even if you are skilled yourself, a few pointers can only make you better.

Deer Creek Golf Club has a fantastic practice facility and hosts three different golf schools. PGA and LPGA pros teach fledging golf aficionados the right path. Some of the advantages of taking golf lessons in Deerfield Beach’s Deer Creek include:

– Start on The Right Foot – It’s difficult for anyone to correct and learn the correct posture to play golf effectively. The same goes for grip and alignment. This is where the expertise of the pros can really be a game changer.

– Refresher – You may have been playing golf for years but it never hurts to get a quick refresher course in the game you love. Maybe a lesson or two will give you the ideas that may change your game forever. On the other hand, you might have picked up a bad habit or two. Try asking the pros for some tips to work out those habits.

– Feedback – Sometimes just having a likeminded person to give you some feedback or discuss the ins and outs of the game with can really improve your golf game and revitalize your love of it at the same time.

Tips to Stay Calm during a Competitive Golf Game

The secret to playing your best golf game when it counts the most is learning how to maintain calm and composure during tense times. If you allow yourself to get too nervous or excited right before a golf competition, then your muscles will tighten up, you could lose self-confidence and concentration, and your golf game could go up in smokes – better known as “choke”. Deer Creek Golf Club knows that there are many things that can cause you to become nervous during a golf game or golf competition, but the real cause of your nerves is yourself. You are in control, so here are some tips for staying cool, calm, and collected under competitive pressure, from the professional golfing staff at Deer Creek’s championship golf club in Florida.

  • Keep your concentration in the “now”. You need to train yourself to keep your focus in the now to stay cool and calm during a competition game of golf.
  • Recognize when your focus travels and bring yourself back. It is hard to consistently focus, so condition yourself to become aware when your focus drifts, allowing yourself to quickly return your mindset to the present and focus.
  • Leave your goals at home. Do not take your goals with you into the golf competition. Focusing on the outcome goals will make you nervous and can affect your golf game, ironically causing you not to achieve your goals because you will be stressing out too much.
  • Have fun. Performing your best under pressure means that you have to be having fun when you play golf. Our championship golf course in Deerfield Beach has seen a lot of competitive games and over the years, we have learned that fun is the secret ingredient to staying calm and doing your best when the heat of the competition is turned up.

6 Quick Golfing Tips to Improve your Game

Golf is a sport that attracts players and spectators of all denominations. Unlike other sports, golf is a game that one can participate in regardless of age or other physical limitations. Deer Creek Golf Club has extensive experience with the game of golf and knows that there are common mistakes that many golfers make.

The professional staff of golfers at Deer Creek have a quick list of 6 golfing tips for improving your game, immediately.

  1. Grip pressure and arm tension are components of a golf game that all players struggle with. On a scale of 1 to 10, you should hold your golf club at a level 3. You’ve got to play golf relaxed.
  2. 90% of the time the problem is in the set-up which usually results in poor posture. Make sure your back is straight for the proper rotation.
  3. Alignment is so important. You need to make sure the line of your feet is parallel to your target line.
  4. Loosen up before the round of golf. This will allow you to relax and get some of the bad shots out beforehand. Most importantly though it will prevent muscle injury.
  5. Swing the club through the ball to a picturesque finish, amateur golfer hit the ball.
  6. Don’t keep your head down. Keep your head up through the swing and let your body turn through the target.

Deer Creek Golf Club golf schools are where PGA and LPGA golf professionals offer full-service private and group lessons, and our golf schools are well suited for golfers of all levels. Enjoy the tips above and for more tips, check out one of our golf schools in Florida today!

Improve Your Marriage Through Golf

Golf is a sport that we take with us when we leave the course. The values involved in a game of golf are ones that apply to every day life, marriage included. If you are interested in finding a different way to connect with your spouse, we suggest taking your partner to the golf course for some good old fashioned golf fun.

Hit your local course. If you want to ease into the sport, you can make trips to your local South Florida golf course and start off slow with lessons, driving range trips, and games of golf close to home. This will be a good way to build a solid foundation in golf together.

Be aware of the reactions you have throughout the game. Refrain from yelling, getting frustrated, or cursing. These reactions are ways you should react with each other as well.

After you have established a love for the game together, you can look into straying a little further from home and going on a golf vacation. If you are planning a golf getaway with your significant other, many full-service resort destinations welcome couples who want to golf together for extended vacations. The good news is that these are also available in Florida, so unless you want to, you do not have to go too far from home.

Golfing Benefits for Children

In a world filled with Playstations, iPads, and other electronic distractions, it is no surprise that many children to not get outside enough. The good news is that you can easily change this by enrolling your child in golf lessons. Children can develop a variety of important skills, both social and personal, through the game of golf. Among the benefits your children will take away from the greens, the most efficient and useful are listed below:

Social skills
Healthy competition
Problem solving skills

Aside from these positive traits, there are other benefits your child would gain from golf, such as family outings on the golf course and the potential for athletic scholarships later in life. Setting a foundation in golf is also allowing for further business success as adults, as golf is a common pastime of many executives.

If you are thinking of enrolling your child in golf lessons, we recommend you come and check out the golf schools at Deer Creek.