The History Behind the British Open

The History Behind the British Open

Golf is a game of tradition. As a landmark South Florida country club, we are aficionados of golf history. We believe that we should pass on our knowledge of golf traditions and tournament traditions to the next generation. The British Open, also known simply as the Open, has a long and storied past. As the 2021 Open winds down, we thought it would be interesting to look at the history behind the British Open.


When Did the First British Open Take Place?

The 2021 British Open marks its 149th edition of the tournament. As a result, you may think that because 2021 minus 149 is 1872, that would mean that the first British Open took place in 1872; however, this is not the case. The first Open was played on October 17, 1860. While the tournament is a yearly occurrence, complications in history have caused the competition not to be played in some years. Understandably, coronavirus caused the cancelation of the 2020 Open, but this was not the only cancelation of the event. 

The first cancelation of the tournament occurred in 1871. A golfer named Tom Morris won the three previous Opens, and as a result, was given the ceremonial trophy at the time, the Challenge Belt. Until Tom Morris’ third victory, the belt was returned by the previous victor, to be competed for again. In 1870, they decided to award Tom Morris full possession of the belt, meaning there was no trophy to compete for in 1871. 

Other cancellations were more obvious, with the tournament not being held from 1915-1919 and 1940-1945 due to World War I and World War II. 


The History of the Claret Jug

As the Challenge Belt became the personable property of Tom Morris, the tournament needed a new prize. The Claret Jug, or the winner’s trophy, was created in 1872; however, this award was not finished by the end of the 1872 Open, which Tom Morris also won. As a result, Morris was instead presented with an engraved medal. This new tradition of a medal was adopted and has been used since the 1872 tournament. Like the Challenge Belt, the Claret Jug must be returned by the winner and competed for at the next tournament. 


When Was the First Claret Jug Awarded?

The first Claret Jug was awarded in 1873 to then-winner Tom Kidd. The original Claret Jug was retired and placed in a museum. 


The History of the Current Claret Jug

The current Claret Jug was first awarded and presented at the 1928 Open to Walter Hagen. The trophy is still returned by the winner, who receives an engraved medal and replica to keep. 


Today’s British Open

As the tournament comes to a close, we welcome the sight of a new custodian of the Claret Jug. The tournament concludes tomorrow July 18, 2021, at Royal Saint George’s Golf Course, where a new champion will most likely be crowned. 

While we’re not fortunate or talented enough to play the British Open, we do have the luck to play at our esteemed South Florida Golf Course regularly. Contact us today to play at our beautiful course, or view our membership page for more information. 


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A Look Back at Golf in 2016

Golf in 2016 was a whirlwind, to say the least. There were some firsts, and even a few fiascos that no one could have predicted, and Deer Creek has been here to report through it all. Let’s take a moment and look back at some of the most astounding and downright interesting moments of golf in 2016.  

The Tiger Woods Comeback is fresh in the memories of most, but also too early to call. After Nike decided to discontinue half of its golf line and stick exclusively to apparel, some thought that was the sign of Woods’ retirement. But only a few weeks ago, he returned to golf in 2016 with a surprisingly fresh outlook.  

Golf went Olympic in 2016 for the first time in over 100 years. There was drama and a few health scares, thanks to a Zika outbreak. Deer Creek covered all the Olympic golf news as it happened last year on our golf blog

The United States won the Ryder Cup and displeased the rest of the world. British golfer and Ryder Cup hopeful Danny Willet was heckled by angry American fans. This is because Danny’s brother Pete Willet wrote a scathing article that trashed the conduct of the American fans, and it was not unwarranted. American golfers complained and a fan was ejected. The backlash was more severe than Pete expected, when it then made the headline for golf in 2016. Read Pete Willets Ryder Cup article and see for yourself.  

Golf lost the Legendary Arnold Palmer in September 2016. We are glad that he had the chance to enjoy and play golf in 2016, right until the end.  

If you like staying informed, be sure to visit the Deer Creek Golf Club Facebook page. Happy New Year, golfers!

Jason Day’s Year in Golf 2016

Jason Day is in first place in the official world golf ranking. He has hit the golf scene like a tornado, and after looking at Jason Day’s statistics, it is easy to understand why. Whether he is playing golf in South Florida or in Scotland, he is a great dominator.

For the year 2016, Jason Day’s statistics are impressive.

Early in 2016, he played golf in South Florida at the Arnold Palmer Invitation, in which he won. Day then went on to take the title for the WGC-Dell Match Play and the Players Championship. His second place spot in the PGA Championship may have been a disappointment for some who believed he would win, but most golf fans agree that he is in contention to win the PGA title next year.

There are a lot of golf fans who feel as if there is a void in the sport caused by the indefinite hiatus of Tiger Woods. No one is sure who will take his place as the next great ambassador of golf, but the truth is there will likely never be a golfer as great as Woods. However, Jason Day is making a big impact on the sport, and he is just as entraining to watch as the legendary Woods.

The golf community expects big things from Jason Day, in which he is likely to deliver.

Jason Day’s Statistics Overall:

World Golf Rank: 1

Scoring Average: 69.2 handicap

Driving Range: 303.4 ft.

Putting: 1.154 (making him the current best short game golfer)

PGA Tour Wins: 10

PGA Top 10 Finishes: 57

5 At Home Exercises that will Boost your Golf Game

If you are an avid golfer, it is no secret that being stronger, more limber, and moving more efficiently are the keys to improving your overall golf game. Many people feel intimidated by the gym, whether it is due to lack of knowledge or time, and this can stifle their desire to improve their fitness for the sake of their golf game. Use these five at home exercises that are guaranteed to improve your golf swing and overall golf game before you hit the Deer Creek golf course.

  1. Jumping Jacks– Jumping jacks are a great way to warm up for any physical activity. They are considered the perfect exercise since they elevate your heart rate, increase blood flow, and get your whole body up and moving.
  2. Wall Sits– Wall sits help develop strong legs, engage the core, and improve posture. These are qualities that will create power and efficiency of movement while you are driving the golf ball down our Championship golf course in Deerfield Beach.
  3. Pushups– Pushups are a classic overall body exercise and when done properly, increase total body strength and stability to support all of your golfing endeavors.
  4. Lunges– Lunges will stretch areas including the glutes, groin, and hamstrings. Lunges strengthen you quads, which will give your body more power and support from the lower body throughout your golf swing.
  5. Hand Openers– Hand openers create strength in the hands and the forearms. These are perfect for adding distance to your golf stroke, while strengthening and lengthening your hands.

A Gentlemen’s Guide to the Unwritten Rules of Golf

Learning a new sport is always challenging, especially when you are trying to familiarize yourself with all the rules of the game. Difficult as it may sound, some rules may not be written, which is why our South Florida golf course has devised this list of unwritten rules of golf that every golfer should know.

Don’t throw your clubs. While to many this may sound like a no brainer, you will come across one person in your golf lifetime that will throw their golf clubs out of frustration. Every golfer has been angered by their performance on the golf course, but this is a gentlemen’s sport and you should conduct yourself as such.

Silence is golden. As a sport of etiquette, respect your fellow golfers by keeping the noise down. Preparing for a swing requires time and concentration that can be broken with your conversation. Keep the talking to a minimum and if you must speak, use a lower voice out of respect.

Respect the course. Championship golf courses require a lot of maintenance to preserve their beauty and guarantee the best golfing experience possible. That being said, throw away your trash. No one wants to visit a golf course that has been trashed by golfers. Respect the golf course and leave it the way you found it, clean.

Faster players go first. This unwritten rule is commonly overlooked, but it is a common courtesy to allow the group behind you to pass your group if they are golfing faster. Everyone golfs at a different pace, which is understandable, but if the group behind you golfs faster, be respectful and allow them to cut your group. 

Best Golf Snacks for High Energy & Low Scores

Similar to a child eating breakfast in preparation for an exam, it is important to make sure that you are eating the best food for you while playing on the golf course.

Eating the wrong food while playing golf, can result in a lack of energy and an inability to focus. Here are some of the best golf snacks while playing a round.

Mixed nuts. Nut blends or trail mix is the best choice for a quick and easy snack on the golf course. Not only do nuts provide a high-level of energy, they also have protein which can help you stay feeling full. Try to choose a flavor or nut blend that is lightly salted or has no salt, so that you don’t get too thirsty on the course.

Fresh fruit. Fruit can give you a burst of energy without the crash of refined sugar. Rather than choosing a fruit juice, try picking up a fruit bowl. Fruit juices tend to have other additives, where fresh fruit is the best way to get filled with nutrients and fiber, plus it is easy to store while on the greens.

Hard-boiled eggs. High in protein and healthy fats, this delicious snack can satisfy hunger and help your concentration.

Cheese sticks. Easy to pack and peel, cheese sticks are a healthy eat when on the golf course. Heavy in protein and carbohydrates, cheese sticks are a great snack when hunger kicks in and they taste great.

Beef jerky. If all else fails, go for the jerky. Beef jerky is a portable snack that can replace that ‘two o-clock’ feeling with a birdie. Beware, some jerkies are loaded with salt and chemicals, so be sure to read the ingredients before buying.