10 Questions to Ask Your Wedding Venue

10 Questions to Ask Your Wedding Venue

Get to Know Your Wedding Venue

Whether a couple is shooting for country chic or a cityscape romance, wedding venues set the tone for the entire event. The food, the flowers, the dress, the decor—there are so many things a couple must consider when planning their wedding, but few things are more important than the location of it.

Considering this, the professionals at Deer Creek golf club share ten key questions every couple must ask of their wedding venue before they tie the knot.

  1. What dates are available within the desired month?

Ask this question to eliminate venues that may be booked during your specified month, or that may not offer the date you wish for. For instance, a Saturday in June may have to be booked far in advance.

  1. What is the price of the venue?

Oftentimes, venues offer Fridays and Sundays for discounted prices. Other weekdays are even lower. Asking about the financial obligations of the venue allows you to get a better deal. Maybe you can even use that extra money to spring for a trendy candy table!

  1. What’s included in the price?

Ask this question to check if your venue provides food, beverages, chairs, décor, etc.

  1. Are there any special offers during the wedding date?

Some venues have different features they provide at certain times, like a rose garden in the summertime. The wedding venue at Deer Creek Florida golf course is known for its unique offerings and atmosphere.

  1. How many people does the space accommodate?

This question is integral for those with large families and lots of friends invited to the wedding.

  1. How many events are hosted in one day?

Asking this will help you know what to expect for that day in terms of time and help. Most couples prefer venues which host one or very few other weddings in a single day. This way, the attention of the staff and the time of the location space is freed up and focused solely upon that single couple.

  1. How long will the venue be provided for?

Couples must ask this question to accurately schedule their ceremony and reception time. No newlyweds want to be kicked out of their beautiful venue during the obligatory couple’s dance. Not to mention, guests wouldn’t appreciate being thrown out of the party either.

  1. What are the accommodations?

Find out if the venue has enough restrooms, offers sufficient parking, provides handicap accessible features, and has other special accommodations, like coat checks or separate rooms for the bridal party.

  1. What suggestions are there in terms of floor plan?

Your venue coordinator knows the space the best, so they can offer you the most efficient and elegant way to layout your wedding reception and/or ceremony.

  1. Are there any kinds of restrictions?

This is beneficial to know for noise and décor. Do this to avoid an extra bill for the loud music or the illegally-strung blinking lights.

While you and your soon-to-be spouse will benefit greatly from asking these questions, there is one thing that cannot be answered in this way: the ambience. Before your big day, visit the venue a few times to get a feel for it. If it doesn’t feel right, don’t count on questions to resolve your apprehension. If the venue does feels right, though, then make your wedding dreams come true and book it!

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