Tips on Rescheduling Corporate Events

Tips on Rescheduling Corporate Events

In response to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, companies of all sizes have been faced with the need to shift focus and operations rapidly. If you’re in-office, a bit of desk shuffling has become necessary to ensure proper social distancing. Many companies have even elected to ditch the office space and go completely virtual. Either way, another fallen domino is the company-sponsored, “crowd-intensive” events. Whether a corporate vacation or an off-campus company meeting, many businesses have had to reschedule corporate events. 

We hope everyday life gets back on track towards normalcy soon. Once it does, you’ll hopefully be ready and able to put together that company getaway once again without fear. 

At Deer Creek Golf Club, we’ve done our fair share of hosting corporate events. As a South Florida country club, we miss the fun times just as much as you do, but we look forward to catering to your business’ needs as soon as we can. If you’re looking for tips on rescheduling corporate events, we’ve put together a helpful list of ways to get things in order for your next gathering.

Have a Few Plans Ready to Go

If 2020 showed us anything, it’s that we never know what’s around the corner. It’s not ideal, but flexibility is key to navigating the task of rescheduling corporate events during a pandemic. You need to have a few dates and plans set out for your event. If you’re unable to be flexible with the date and time for a certain event idea, it might be best to further postpone until the world is a bit less volatile. The last thing you want to do is splurge in advance for a rescheduled corporate event only to have to cancel it – again.


Virtual Happy Hour

If you’ve been among the many companies who elected to call your living room an office for the past few months, there’s no reason to leave the couch for a corporate event and risk your health and safety. Hop on a Zoom call with the team and host your own virtual happy hour. Put together a themed dress code or distribute the necessary pieces to pull off a murder mystery dinner party. Save the big expensive outings for after the pandemic has passed. There’s plenty of teambuilding to be done virtually.


Create a Safety Plan

If you’re ready to get your small office back together for a corporate golf outing, you need to prepare for all the safety protocols that will need to be taken. Limit the person-to-person interactions, keep disinfectant wipes and hand sanitizer handy, and—please—wear a mask. We miss the fun outings with the office as much as anyone, but the most important thing must be the safety of your employees. 

Once you’re looking into rescheduling a corporate event, look no further than Deer Creek Golf Club. We have a storied history of hosting corporate events in our expansive event space in Deerfield, FL. We’re a perfect venue for reunions, weddings, and corporate events. Call 954-429-0006 to get your reservation started and the event planned. We hope to see you soon! 


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How to Host a Corporate Event and Get Business

How to Host a Corporate Event and Get Business

There’s nothing more rewarding than a successful event.

This is especially true when applied to corporate events; businesses are grown, customers are satisfied, and relationships are forged. In addition to providing businesses and customers with a pleasant time to build relationships with each other, corporate events are also a great way to gain more business.

Deer Creek, South Florida country club, has some advice to make your next corporate event one for the books.

Determine Your Audience

To attract viable business for your company, tailor your event to your crowd. Figure out what kinds of clients would be most likely to attend an event for your service. An event at one of the golf clubs in Florida, like Deer Creek, would appeal more to golfers and would be perfect for a company selling golf merchandise. With this, you can craft your party, gala, or gathering with a specific audience in mind.

Choose the Day & the Time

Whether your event is at one of the golf clubs in Florida or at a local coffee shop, schedule your event on the slow hour of a slow day. This way, you will be gaining more business during that time, while not detracting from the business procured on busier days and hours.

With this, you should also keep your audience in mind. If you’re hosting a corporate event for your boating company at a South Florida country club, figure out a day and time in which more boaters would be more likely to come. For instance, a Saturday morning may not be a great choice, since your clients may be out sailing.

Provide Contact Information & Follow-Up

Make sure that you don’t leave your guests hanging. Establish some form of contact and exchanging of information, so that either parties can follow-up in the future. Otherwise, the event would have been a waste for your business.

While there’s much more to hosting an effective corporate event, at Deer Creek Golf Club, we hope that these tips and hints help you craft an event that will profit not only your business but your customers, as well.

Corporate Holiday Party at Deer Creek Golf Club

Corporate Holiday Party at Deer Creek Golf Club

Deer Creek Golf Club’s Key West Room is one of the finest and most affordable corporate holiday party venues in Deerfield Beach, Boca Raton, and Delray Beach. If you are looking for a venue to host a corporate party this holiday season, then look no further.  Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa and even Festivus for the rest of us. 

The banquet hall accommodates corporate parties with between 30 and 300 guests, and the open space can be organized as hosts see fit, or at the request of Deer Creek Golf Club’s professional event planners and caterers.  

Menus are also catered towards your event, and Deer Creek Grille creates some of the most delicious catered foods imaginable. At Deer Creek Golf Club, you are not limited by the time of day; you can choose to host a corporate holiday party in the morning, afternoon, or night; thus, breakfast, lunch and dinner menus are created especially for the occasion.  

Our mission is to make corporate event planning as easy as possible. Our event planners and professional catering staff have experience creating the perfect atmosphere for your corporate holiday party, through the use of food, drinks, and even decoration.  

There truly are no other first-class, corporate holiday party venues like Deer Creek Golf Club’s Key West Room. Read more about the Key West Room here. 

If your company would prefer to host a corporate holiday party out on the golf course, read more about our corporate golf tournament packages.

Hosting Your Holiday Party at a Golf Course

Hosting Your Holiday Party at a Golf Course

Can you believe the holidays are already here? This year has flown by, and if you’re like us, you are definitely looking forward to the celebratory season of the holidays. If you are playing host or hostess this year, then you need to ensure you have the perfect venue for your holiday get together. Whether it’s for family, employees, or a reunion of some sort, you can host the perfect South Florida private event at Deer Creek Florida.

Our golf course is conveniently situated in between Boca Raton and Fort Lauderdale, with a large free parking lot and easy access to major highways, including I-95 and Florida’s Turnpike.

When you are selecting a South Florida event venue, you tend to look for a few key selling points. Location, appearance, service, and food! Here at Deer Creek, we have the prime location, the renovated and welcoming appearance, stellar service, and delicious food that you can customize for your event. Don’t delay, book your private South Florida holiday event at Deer Creek today.

Reasons to Host Your Party at a Golf Course & Country Club

Reasons to Host Your Party at a Golf Course & Country Club

Part of planning the perfect party is locking down the perfect venue. Lucky for you, your perfect South Florida event venue is here at Deer Creek. Let’s check out why our golf course & country club is the right location for the party you are planning. Scenic. If there is one thing Deer Creek can boast, it’s that our landscaping is pristine. Our rolling hills of the golf course make the perfect backdrop for your photos, and set the right ambiance for your party and its guests.

Convenient. No driving down endless city roads or paying tolls along Florida’s Turnpike. Our golf course is conveniently located off of I-95 in between Broward and Palm Beach counties. On top of that, we have free parking!

Spacious. Our banquet rooms can host small gatherings on up to weddings with ease. Deer Creek can accommodate groups of 35 to 250. So whether it’s a wedding, bar mitzvah, anniversary celebration or business affair, Deer Creek makes a perfect setting for any occasion.

Delicious. Our chefs are here by request to craft the perfect menu to accompany your party. Browse our South Florida event menus and also offer up anything specific you would like them to craft for your experience.

We look forward to hosting your party at our golf course & country club!

Hosting a Banquet at a Golf Course

Hosting a Banquet at a Golf Course

Have you been looking for that perfect location for your banquet? Well, it’s time to stop looking. Golf courses are the new hot spot to host all sorts of events, including banquets. Most banquets start off with people socializing and talking about why they are all gathered, which would be perfect on an outdoor patio. And then everyone usually eats, which would be great at a golf course because most golf courses typically have some kind of chef or catering company. And then speeches are given, which would be perfect in the country club that most golf courses have on the grounds. All-in-all, the perfect place for a banquet.

In today’s society, no matter what kind of event you go to, except maybe a funeral, people are always snapping pictures. Pictures, mainly selfies, are an integral part of today’s culture. So when it comes time for your banquet, why not give your guests the best photo op available with the picturesque views that accompany golf courses?

A golf course is the perfect location for all of your hosting needs. Most of the time you tell them what you want, and they make it happen in a more beautiful way than you ever imagined. Picture it. Everyone is dressed up for your golf course banquet event, whatever kind it is, and everyone is mingling outside on the outdoor patio as the sun is beginning to set, and then everyone moves into the luxurious banquet hall of the country club that takes your breath away. The perfect place for the perfect event.