How to Master the Natural Makeup Look

How to Master the Natural Makeup Look

The Natural Makeup Look

With wedding season approaching, many brides have been planning for months, running walkthroughs, booking vendor after vendor, and looking for venues for all of their wedding-related events, such as bridal shower venues. One vendor they have probably booked is a makeup artist. Brides want to look their absolute best on their big day, but they still want to look like themselves. 

The “No Makeup” makeup look is a top ask from brides that a wedding makeup artist must fulfill. Soft glam makeup is one look that highlights the bride’s natural features while covering any discoloration or insecurities. But how do you achieve natural bridal makeup?

Here is what you’ll need to do to achieve the perfect “No Makeup” look:

  •   Apply your regular skincare routine (prep first to make sure the skin is hydrated)
  •   Use a pore-filling or gripping primer
  •   Find a medium/buildable coverage foundation that fits your skin type
  •   Under the eyes, use a concealer one or two shades lighter than the foundation
  •   Set your foundation with a translucent or setting powder
  •   Work with a bronzer or heavy contouring to accent the shape of your face
  •   Blush should be lightly applied and a complementing shade to your skin tone
  •   Highlighter is optional but, if used, should be put on the high point of the face


Wedding Day Makeup Prep

A proper skincare routine is key to a more flawless makeup application. As a bride, if you don’t already have them, you should test out a few skincare products weeks before your wedding day. It is recommended to give your skin some time to adjust to the new products or see if they have any reaction. Another important tip is to consult with a skincare professional before testing any new products.

When it comes to finding all the right shades of foundations, concealers, and powders, the wedding makeup artist should know how to see the skin tone and undertones of a bride’s skin. This is why most artists will recommend a “trial” run a few weeks or months in advance to establish which shades and which look the bride will need and want.

Getting the “No Makeup” Makeup Look

To achieve the natural makeup look, you want it to look like the makeup is barely there. A light to medium buildable coverage foundation is integral in this process. It allows you to even out the skin tone while covering any blemishes or discoloration. For the rest of the face, the artist doing this bridal makeup should have a light hand and shouldn’t be packing on the products, which would make any face look cakey. Lightly bronzing instead of intensely contouring, feathering brows and not having sculpted out ones, and choosing a natural pink or nude lip with a gloss on top are additional features that help create a natural bridal look. The eyeshadows should be neutral and, once again, a compliment to the bride’s skin tone. Adding a shimmer or highlight to the eyes, bridge and tip of the nose, high points of the cheeks, and the cupid’s bow on the upper lip will leave you with a subtle but very bridal glow. Applying the highlighter to the points of the face where the light naturally hits is what brings this glow to life.

Our Florida golf course wedding venue, Deer Creek Golf Club, has so many more tips to offer for your special day! Contact us today to get started!


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Sexy Wedding Dress vs. Classy Wedding Dress

Sexy Wedding Dress vs. Classy Wedding Dress

At our country club in South Florida, we know that your wedding day, and every detail about it, needs to be perfect. One of the most significant aspects is the dress, and Deer Creek Golf Club has seen so many different wedding dress styles that we can offer a great insight into the world of dress shopping.

That is one of the first steps a bride takes in wedding planning. She probably already has an idea of what wedding dress she wants. We’ve also learned that even though they have the idea of what they want, the debate of sexy wedding dress vs. classic wedding dress is still an obstacle they face. So let’s take a closer look! 

Sexy Wedding Dress

Dresses that are bold and make a statement are considered as a more modern style. When shopping for a contemporary wedding dress, you may be drawn towards the sexy, short wedding dresses, or even a sexy, classy wedding dress or two for the brides that want something in between. There are so many different variations of dresses, from the big day itself to the engagement party and bridal shower. If you’re a bride who wants to make a big statement, a naked, sheer, or illusion dress will allow you to do that.

Classy Wedding Dress

For brides who aren’t going for the sexy dress, a more traditional wedding dress would be better. Dresses that are simple and elegant let the bride glow more naturally and subtly. Many well-known bridal shops will have various collections of classy dresses, from ball gown wedding dresses to simple lace gowns. The options are endless. While most are solid white wedding dresses, a few brides like to take their spin on the traditional look. Blush, peach, champagne, ivory, and even off-white colors are used to add a little something to a classy, traditional wedding gown.

How to Choose What Dress?

Still stuck on which dress style you want? At our Florida golf course wedding venue, we recommend trying on as many as you can. Go into wedding dress shopping with an open mind, and the dress will find you. Like we said before, even if you go in with an idea of what you want, which is helpful and will save you some stress, don’t be afraid to step out of your original idea. 

Booking your wedding with Deer Creek means we want to make your big day as stress-free and perfect as possible. So while we can’t pick out the perfect dress for you, we hope our insight into the different styles will help you find your dream dress. Contact us today for more information about our wedding venue and services. 


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Best Bridal Shower Gifts for the Bride-to-Be

Best Bridal Shower Gifts for the Bride-to-Be

Finding the perfect bridal shower gift can be a challenge, especially if the bride is a really close friend and you want the gift to be memorable and special. Bridal shower gift ideas can either be traditional or out of the box depending on the bride’s wish list and taste. When in doubt, there is nothing wrong with a gift that’s a little bit of both worlds. If you are getting ready to attend a bridal shower but are having a hard time coming up with the perfect gift, these are some of the best and most unique bridal shower gift ideas to make your search easier!

Classic Bridal Shower Gift Ideas

If you are looking for a more traditional gift, here are some classic bridal shower gift ideas you can choose from for the bride-to-be.

Dessert Stand
When a couple decides to get married, they are likely already living together or are setting their sights on becoming homeowners. The purchasing of a home is usually followed by a housewarming party, and a housewarming party usually has cake! No dessert table is complete without a dessert stand, whether there is a beautiful chocolate cake or a variety of cupcakes, a dessert stand will always come in handy and makes one of the best bridal shower gifts.

Simple and easy, placemats make the perfect statement piece in the dining room and kitchen. Gift the bride-to-be a set of placemats that accentuate the dining area in their home with a splash of color or choose a set that complements a theme or vibe they have going.

Picture Frame
One of the best bridal shower gift ideas is a beautiful picture frame. A frame can be used in many different ways around a home as accent pieces or the focal point of the room. Picture frames can hold memories of you and the bride or her own memories that she will make in her marriage.

Champagne Glasses
The most timeless bridal shower gift idea is a pair of champagne glasses. The champagne glasses can be used on the day of the wedding for a toast and even on the couple’s anniversary. As a special touch, have the champagne glasses etched with the bride and groom’s names or their wedding date.

Unique Bridal Shower Gift Ideas

If the classic bridal shower gift is not what you are looking for, here are some unique bridal shower gift ideas for you to consider as you’re shopping for the bride-to-be!

Cookbook for Newlyweds
Help the new couple make their first dinner together with a newlywed cookbook from your favorite chef or homemaker. This unique bridal shower gift idea is one that keeps on giving! Over time, the couple can find their favorite recipes and make their signature dishes on special occasions, like their anniversary or the holidays.

Personalized Sun Hat
If your bride enjoys some fun in the sun, there is no way that you can go wrong with a personalized beach hat. Have a cute saying sewn into the brim or the bride’s new last name if she is changing it.

Personalized Doormat
Whether the newlyweds have a home or are planning to move in together, a personalized doormat is the perfect unique bridal shower gift idea. Customize a simple doormat with the couple’s last name and the year of their marriage to welcome them home as newlyweds.

Foodie Dice Tumbler
Newlyweds need a date night now and again but deciding where to eat can be the hardest thing. A foodie dice tumbler can help make the decision easier! With 186,000 possibilities, date night will always be interesting.

If you are planning a bridal shower and you’re still searching for an event space, the Deer Creek wedding venue offers a beautiful setting to celebrate the bride-to-be! Our staff is available to assist with your event and we cannot wait to see what bridal shower gift ideas you come up with! Contact us for more information about how we can plan a lovely bridal shower.

New Moms! Are You Out of Baby Shower Ideas?

New Moms! Are You Out of Baby Shower Ideas?

Congratulations on your little one coming soon! Becoming a mother can be really thrilling, however, the combination of excitement and hormones can also be exhausting and looking through different baby shower themes might not seem like so much fun. Going straight pink if it’s a girl or blue if it’s a boy seems a bit archaic, and, of course, you’d like to add a bit flair to the soiree. Our event planning team at one of the premier baby shower venues in South Florida list awesome baby shower ideas to try out. 

Baby Shower Themes for Boys

Whether you’re looking for a wildlife theme or an elegant event, there are plenty of baby shower ideas for boys that can be used for inspiration.

Mustache Party

black mustache

The color scheme for the mustache-themed party can be absolutely anything. Bring the overall look together by color coordinating the cookies, candies, macaroons, or other sweet treats as well as the drinking straws and even the water bottles. Include a photo backdrop with mustache props and pun-tastic phrases or create a balloon arch in the shape of a mustache.


Santa Baby

Santa, toy, gold glitter

As the holiday season is right on our heels, why not throw a holiday-themed baby shower? Blend the holiday season into your baby shower theme for twice as much delight. Use elements of the with a red, white, and green color palette or a snowflake-shaped cake and Christmas decorations.



legos, toys

With a new baby on the way, the chances of LEGOs in your future are pretty high. Therefore, use LEGO and its brand to create a fun baby shower theme. Focus on bright primary colors, arrange colorful cupcakes in a rectangular box and make it look like a few Lego bricks, and add some Lego pieces in the goody bags for kids to play with at or after the party. Decorate each table with one of the Lego primary colors and maybe even create a photo booth cutout with square holes for the faces instead of round ones.

Baby Shower Themes for Girls

When throwing a baby shower for a girl, you don’t have to adhere to a strict pink, princess theme. Explore your creativity with the following baby shower ideas to celebrate your baby girl.

Unicorn Party

cupcakes, cake, flowers, balloons

Unicorns have been all the rage the past few years, so why not use it as inspiration for a party to celebrate the new baby girl? Bright or pastel colors mixed with metallic elements really create a magical setting. A unicorn surprise cake with candy inside that spills out when it’s sliced is such a fun detail that everyone will love! Add a unicorn horn to the cake, cake pops, or cupcakes and offer fun, fruity sweet treats. Let’s not forget about the glitter…there is no such thing as too much glitter at a unicorn-themed party.


Tropical Paradise

flamingos, palm leaves

Since you’re in the Sunshine State, after all, throw a bright, tropical-themed party for your new little girl. Decorate the walls with bright orange, yellow, pink, and green decorations like palm fronds, flamingos, and pineapples. Add gold accents for a little shine in your centerpieces, pineapple candles around the tables, and flamingo picks for the cheeseboard. Infuse tropical flavors in all your dishes and desserts as well.


Outdoor Elegance

palm trees, fountain, banquet hall

As our baby shower rental space also offers an outdoor space, plan an elegant, outdoor baby shower with nature in mind. Include fresh fruit options and floral arrangements for a chic garden party. The surrounding palm trees and shrubbery will lift your spirits as you celebrate the new bundle of joy on its way!


If you’d like to book our events venue for an upcoming baby shower or a “gender reveal” party, contact a member of our staff today to get started. Once again, congratulations!

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Common Myths About Wedding Planning

Common Myths About Wedding Planning

Planning out a wedding can be a hard, but fun task. It includes booking wedding venues in South Florida, finding the right wedding cake, the perfect wedding dress, and so on. However, it’s important to be easy on yourself while planning your wedding so that you don’t end up a wreck, mentally, on your special day. There are many prevalent wedding myths you don’t necessarily have to follow to have “the perfect wedding.” The wedding experts of our South Florida country club can explain the common myths about wedding planning you don’t need to follow.


White Wedding Dress

If you think you need to wear a big white dress and veil to fulfill this important moment in your life – you don’t. Don’t feel pressured by common wedding planning myths to wear something that you really don’t want. For the wedding dress, you don’t have to wear white. Many bridal fashion designers create wedding dresses in various colors – dusty blue, blush pink, and even floral prints. You can pair these dresses with bold colors from a sash or cardigan. The same applies to a veil – you don’t necessarily have to wear one. Good alternatives for a veil include hair clips with feathers or flower crowns, which could also open up new possibilities for your hairstyle.


DIY Wedding Planning Saves Money

Don’t be mistaken in thinking DIY wedding planning is the cheapest route. If you don’t do any research pertaining to DIY wedding planning, you might end up buying more paper, flowers, and other materials in bulk than you need. Purchasing materials to create your personalized stationery and flower arrangements can wrack up the total cost of your wedding, which may surpass your budget. Doing your research can help prevent you from spending more on DIY wedding planning than a professional wedding planner.


Invite Those who Invited You

This is your special day – no one else’s. Feeling pressured to invite a friend or associate who invited you to their wedding is a common wedding planning myth you don’t need to succumb to. It’s a very special day, therefore, you should invite those closest to your heart. If you’re not able to get everyone on the guest list, let them know upfront that due to space and budgeting reasons, you must curb the guest list.


If you’d like to learn more about common wedding planning myths or would like to book our Deer Creek golf course for an upcoming wedding, feel free to contact our South Florida golf course to learn more about our wedding services.

How to Host a Corporate Event and Get Business

How to Host a Corporate Event and Get Business

There’s nothing more rewarding than a successful event.

This is especially true when applied to corporate events; businesses are grown, customers are satisfied, and relationships are forged. In addition to providing businesses and customers with a pleasant time to build relationships with each other, corporate events are also a great way to gain more business.

Deer Creek, South Florida country club, has some advice to make your next corporate event one for the books.

Determine Your Audience

To attract viable business for your company, tailor your event to your crowd. Figure out what kinds of clients would be most likely to attend an event for your service. An event at one of the golf clubs in Florida, like Deer Creek, would appeal more to golfers and would be perfect for a company selling golf merchandise. With this, you can craft your party, gala, or gathering with a specific audience in mind.

Choose the Day & the Time

Whether your event is at one of the golf clubs in Florida or at a local coffee shop, schedule your event on the slow hour of a slow day. This way, you will be gaining more business during that time, while not detracting from the business procured on busier days and hours.

With this, you should also keep your audience in mind. If you’re hosting a corporate event for your boating company at a South Florida country club, figure out a day and time in which more boaters would be more likely to come. For instance, a Saturday morning may not be a great choice, since your clients may be out sailing.

Provide Contact Information & Follow-Up

Make sure that you don’t leave your guests hanging. Establish some form of contact and exchanging of information, so that either parties can follow-up in the future. Otherwise, the event would have been a waste for your business.

While there’s much more to hosting an effective corporate event, at Deer Creek Golf Club, we hope that these tips and hints help you craft an event that will profit not only your business but your customers, as well.