6 Proven Tips to Lower Handicaps

There is nothing worse than hitting a plateau in your golf game. Golf is a lot like life, if you are in a rut, you need to start to alter your game. Deer Creek Golf Club wants to keep you swinging, and for that we offer a few tips to lower handicaps and get our players back to the point where they are seeing results in their golf game.

Develop a Routine

You see basketball players practicing their free throws, punters finding the right angles, and baseball batters kicking dirt off the plate; they all have their own rituals, so what’s yours? Find a way to get yourself into the groove and prepare yourself for your best golf swing. Whether it be warm-ups or a tick to get yourself mentally prepared, experiment and use the other tips to lower your golf handicap.


A few of the pros say that for difficult shots, work backwards. View the shots from the final putt all the way up to the tee.

Additionally, don’t be afraid to avoid difficult shots. If avoiding water or a hazard means having to take an additional initial shot, then do it. Chances are, if you want to make it in one shot, you will hit the hazard and it will take three or four more to get there. Championship golf courses in Deerfield Beach, Florida won’t tell you which hazards to avoid on course unless you know the secret handshake. Alright, if you ask we will tell you.

Work On Your Short Game

In terms of tips to lower handicaps, this is likely the simplest to begin working on and often the most overlooked. Putting is a vital part of every golfer’s game, and if yours is adding an additional few shots to your overall play, then work on it. As Chubbs said to Happy Gilmore, “It’s all in the hips”.

Get Out of Your Head

Focus on the ball, this shot, and just where you want the ball to land at that moment.

“Happy, the ball has its own energy or life force, if you will. Its natural environment is in the hole. Why don’t you send him home? His bags are packed. He has his plane ticket. Bring him to the airport. Send him home.” – Potter. Kevin Nealon’s character in Happy Gilmore had it right, even if it was the goofiest line of any golf movie ever made.

If you need to meditate then do whatever works to get yourself out of your head in order for you to focus on your current swing. 

Swings Should Be Natural

 If you are a new golfer, golf swings can feel unnatural at first, but the point is you get used to them. Once you have gotten a feel for the correct posture, grip and swivel, then work with your body to make your swing natural. Perfecting a natural golf swing is best worked on with a professional golf instructor, but remains one of the best tips to lower handicaps and change your long game. 

Play with Better Players – Golf Lessons

There’s a saying in chess, if you want to be the best you have to play the best. That phrase can be translated to any sport and golf is no exception. If you want to get better at golf, then play with better players. They will push you play better and they may have some pointers that will help you lower your handicap.