Five Tips for a Great Business Meeting on a Golf Course

Golf Course Business Meetings

Conducting a sales pitch or business meeting on a golf course is an age-old, cherished tradition. If you live in South Florida, a local golf course in Deerfield Beach is the perfect place to get some time with a potential business partner or client because it’s secluded, which gives you a few hours to talk, and it’s a great way to bond, build relationships, and of course – enjoy the sunny weather. However, the professional staff at Deer Creek Golf Club’s championship course want corporate professionals to keep in mind that when conducting a business meeting on a golf course, there are some rules that come into play.

For a successful engagement, Deer Creek Golf Club has five tips for a great business meeting on a golf course:

Remember that this is business. Of course, golf is fun and will seem very relaxed and casual. But, it is important that you keep your true goal in sight – not the goal of making that precious hole-in-one. You want to sign the client and make a connection; don’t fall into the trap of getting too friendly and not actually accomplishing your meeting agenda.

Relax, don’t just talk business. This may seem counterintuitive compared to the first point, but the staff at championship golf courses like Deer Creek have experience when it comes to hosting a corporate meeting on a golf course. You want to remain focused on your intentions, but at the same time you don’t want to talk about nothing but business. One of the reasons why people choose to hold their business meeting on a golf course is to lighten the mood and get to know the person a little more intimately.  Allow yourself to relax a little, enjoy the game, and show your character. A general rule of thumb: talk business for the first five holes, then lighten it up slightly for the rest of the game.

Keep a steady pace. Again, one of the most appealing reasons you’ll conduct a corporate meeting on the green is because it gives everyone ample time to get everything out on the table. There’s no time pressure, no need to jump on other calls, no interruptions. However, don’t drag the game to seven hours.

­Pick your moments to talk. Don’t talk during somebody’s backswing. This is a golden rule of golf, and although you might realize that it’s a standard, you still need to know when to start chatting and when not to. The golf cart is usually the best time to talk when having a business meeting on a golf course. While on the course, stay away from talking on the green and at tee-off. This will also allow for the pace to remain steady, everyone to focus on their game, and you can talk in-between holes while on the golf cart.

Create a reason to see each other again. Create a sense of connection by starting an inside joke between the two of you. Or, if you all are not in a rush, grab a bite and drinks at Deer Creek Grille. Create a reason for you and your potential partner to see each other again, even if it is for another amazing round of golf. Like the course? Maybe suggest that you purchase golf club memberships and make it a point to meet once a month for business and another round of 18!