How to Throw a Great Corporate Event in South Florida

Any good corporate event is going to rely on the who, what, when, where, and how factors of planning. The only thing that would possibly make a corporate event in South Florida different is the weather, which you should always take into consideration since Florida weather can be unpredictable. Choosing an event venue in Deerfield Beach to throw your corporate event means choosing a location that will work with you rain or shine. Deer Creek Golf Club shares some tips for throwing a great corporate event in the area.  

1.The Invite List 

The invite list is essentially the ‘who’ of the corporate event. If your event is specific to the company that you work for, then you already have your list. You should begin sending out invitations six weeks before the event and reminders four weeks, two weeks, one week, and a few days before the event, so that no one forgets and you can get a good head count.  

If you are throwing a corporate event in South Florida to sell a product, teach an audience, or raise awareness, then you can get your invite list from the Deerfield Beach Chamber of Commerce or the chambers of surrounding cities. Then, promote on social media and pitch to the local press to get free coverage. 

2. Outline Your Goals 

What are you hoping to get out of your corporate event? Even an office holiday party has a goal. Your goals will affect everything from the event venue in Deerfield Beach that you choose, to the budget and planning, who you will invite, what kinds of food and drinks you will serve, etc. Set a goal and keep that in mind when planning the entire event.  

3. Get Your Timeline in Line 

After the first two steps have been completed, it is time to create a checklist of things to do to get the event together and set up your timeline for completing each task. It may be best to keep your list on your mobile device in case you think of things to add to your checklist at the most arbitrary times.  

The key to a good event planning timeline is to complete simple tasks immediately. After writing the first draft of your list, complete the easy tasks within the first day; make calls, do the research, and book an event venue in Deerfield Beach right away, if you can.  

If you need help planning your event, reach out to the Deer Creek Golf Club corporate planners and caterers to get everything situated for you. By choosing a corporate event venue in Deerfield Beach that covers planning, catering, and the basics of décor, all you have to complete are the small details and get everyone on your invite list to attend.  

4. Venue is Key 

Unless you want to constantly keep an eye on the weather when you host a corporate event in South Florida, find an indoor venue. Deer Creek Golf Club’s Key West Room is perfect for all events. We provide corporate event venues and rooms, wedding venue options, and even bar and bat mitzvahs venues and event rooms too. What sets Deer Creek apart is that our space allows for the option of indoor and outdoor events, so rain or shine, your event is safe in our hands.