Party Venues in Fort Lauderdale – What You Need to Know

What is there to know about party venues in Fort Lauderdale? What makes one event venue better than any other? Are there any differences between venues? They are basically big rooms, four walls and a ceiling, right?

At Deer Creek Golf Club, we think that the venue where events take place makes all the difference. But what you need to know about event venues in Fort Lauderdale is that they are not all created equally.

What’s the Occasion?

Location, occasion, elation! The search for party venues in Fort Lauderdale is contingent upon the occasion! So, what’s the reason for the event? The “why” for your event is going to determine a lot of the what, where, how and when.

Wouldn’t it be fantastic if there were an event space or banquet hall in Fort Lauderdale that was flexible enough to cater to all of the following events and more?

Deer Creek Golf Club has the facilities, the staff, and the know how to host all of the aforementioned events with ease and precision. We can turn your corporate event into a corporate spectacular! We know the formula for putting on amazing events that will have all of your guests thrilled and having a great time!


Overcrowded, small banquet rooms are almost as bad as empty, large banquet halls. Deer Creek Golf Club has the facilities to accommodate both smaller, more intimate events, and large events all under the same roof.

Try our small, mid-sized banquet hall at the Deer Creek Grille that is perfect for events with between 20 and 75 people. Larger events that must accommodate between 70 and 300 guests are held in the beautiful Key West Room.

There’s no need to worry about the size of event venues in Fort Lauderdale, Deer Creek can take care of any event size. 

Amenities, Ambiance and Accessibility

Let’s talk about the three A’s that all party venues in Fort Lauderdale must have. If any venue you are considering is lacking even the slightest bit on one of the three following features, it is recommended that you do not host your event there.

  • Amenities

Deer Creek Golf Club’s mid-sized event hall and the larger Key West Room can accommodate groups of all sizes.

The Deer Creek Grille is fully equipped to handle over 300 guests.

Our event coordinators and caterers have all the amenities to handle large groups including chairs, tables and decorations.

If an event venue in Fort Lauderdale does not have options to accommodate parties of all sizes, you shouldn’t settle for their services.

  • Ambiance

The exotic botanical garden, golf course view from 15-ft arched windows, and stunning waterfall all set Deer Creek apart as the most ambient of all the event venues in Fort Lauderdale.

Since you are likely to want to cherish the memories forever and have a photographer take photos, ambiance and scenery are vital to setting the mood for your event. If a venue lacks a good ambiance, you can bet that the mood will not be as great, thus making the event seem not so great.

  • Accessibility

Some party venues in Fort Lauderdale are not as accessible as others. If you decide you want to throw a party in the Everglades, consider how difficult it may be for your guests to join you if they are traveling from either too far north or too far south like Miami and West Palm Beach.

Deer Creek Golf Club is located on Hillsboro Boulevard, just a few miles west of I95; very convenient and very accessible.

Do you want to talk directly to a Deer Creek event coordinator? Call 954-426-6588 to get the party started!