Unique & Essential Items to Put in Your Golf Bag

Essentials for Your Golf Bag

You have your executive golf club membership, your premier golf clubs, and you can’t wait to start playing, but packing your golf bag seems like a chore. Even the most advanced golf members always forget something, so the team of golf pros at our South Florida golf course share some of the essential items to pack in a golf bag. 

Don’t Forget These Golf Essentials 

Deer Creek Golf Club shows you how to organize a golf bag, including a list of items that people often forget about but are considered golf essentials. Some of these items are available at the golf pro shop or your local sports store. 

Items to Include in a Golf Bag Setup 

Energy Shot 

It seems a bit of an oversight but playing on the golf course all day can be tiring. Pack an energy shot or beverage to maintain your stamina so you can continue playing all 18 holes. You can find an energy shot or drink at your local convenience store or gas station. Don’t let anything stop you from playing the game. 

Water Bottle

Make sure to fill a large water bottle before stepping on the green, especially if you have a summer golf membership. No one can play their best if they are dehydrated

Sunscreen and a Hat 

Playing at a premier Fort Lauderdale country club feels like a luxury, but you might not enjoy your summer golf course membership if you get a bad sunburn. Remember to pack sunscreen and a hat to protect your skin from UV rays so you can have fun in the South Florida sun all day. 

Pro Tip: Purchase the spray sunscreen; the lotion will ruin your grip. 

Rain Jacket 

The weather in Florida is notoriously temperamental – a rain jacket is a golf essential you don’t want to forget to pack in your golf bag. A rain jacket will allow you to play regardless of the weather and keeps your hands free to swing your golf clubs. 

Golf Ball Marker 

A golf ball marker is another essential item to pack in a golf bag, especially when you’re playing with multiple people. Pack an extra golf ball marker to keep track of your position.  

Golf Rule Book 

Can you look up rules online? Yes. Will it take longer to find the right information and keep you from playing? Probably. We recommend buying the rule book and keeping it handy when you pack a golf bag. 

Pro Tip: Purchase a USGA Golf Rule Book at the golf pro shop, so you can easily skim through the official game rules.  


It is never a bad idea to keep extra tees when you pack a golf bag in case you or another player forgets them, especially during a corporate golf tournament. 

Pro Tip: Keep them in a Ziploc bag or an Altoids box so they don’t go missing in your bag. 

Pain Remedy

Purchase a travel-sized bottle of Ibuprofen to help with swelling or other ailments you might develop while playing the game. 


An extra writing tool is always handy, just in case.

Pro Tip: If you play in a group where everyone plays with the standard white golf ball, how will you know which ball is yours? Carry a Sharpie to mark which ball is yours, making it easily distinguishable.

Extra Socks,  Shirt, and Gloves  

It never hurts to have a backup in case. Stop by our shop of golf essentials to browse our selection of designer sportswear.  

Hand Sanitizer 

If you choose to play without gloves or if you greet friends and acquaintances out on the green with a handshake, hand sanitizer is one of the most essential items to pack in a golf bag to keep your hands clean through all 18 holes. 


Golf towels have so many practical uses including cleaning a ball, wiping sweaty hands, or wiping down your golf clubs.  

Phone Charger 

In general, you should always keep a phone charger nearby; this isn’t just a golf essential, it’s an everyday necessity if you have a cell phone.


Finally, among the essential items to pack in a golf bag, you should have cash. A good rule of thumb is to pack about $20-$45 per player so you can tip the helpful staff around the golf club.


If you’re interested in learning more about the great game of golf, read through some of our golfing articles or contact us today to learn more about our golf memberships. 


This article was updated in January 2021.



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