Golf Swing Techniques from Unexpected Places

golf Balance techniques

Though golf is a sport where success is reliant on many different factors, your golf swing is one of the highest priority. Deer Creek Golf Club knows how important golf swings are, which is why we are offering a few tips to improve yours. If you are still having trouble, check out some of these Deerfield Beach golf schools and always remember what David Ledbetter said, “Is there such a thing as a technically perfect swing? If there is, I have yet to see it.”

Balance Advice from Dancers

Balance is one of the first things that amateur golfers learn when they take golf lessons in Deerfield Beach, so it would be safe to assume that balance is a no brainer in terms of golf swing. The key is to keep your feet perfectly balanced through your entire swing. Don’t go forward on your toes or back on your heels.

Dancers have the solutions that some Deerfield Beach golf schools don’t. Here are some exercises that dancers use to achieve this:

  • Run on the beach because the sand placement will force you to keep balance at the center of your feet.
  • Balance on a square board that fits under the bridge of your foot. Swing your arm and shoulders, but keep your feet stable or you will fall!

Advice from Boxers to Avoid Tired Chest and Shoulders

Amateurs who take golf lessons in Deerfield Beach usually start with a typical golf swing problem: they use their wrists to swing instead of chest and shoulders. If you find that your golf swing is inconsistent, the problem often lies in the fact that your arms and shoulders are not working for you anymore, they are tired. Although your wrists play a part in the end of the swing, your chest and shoulders should control the swing and power.

  • Stay loose throughout the game. Boxers know that locking up the shoulders and chest throughout a match will lead to instant fatigue. The same is true of golf. Stop tightening up your shoulders in your back swing!
  • Shoulder bench more at the gym. Seems silly, but most people forget to work out shoulders when they are working on arms at the gym.

Tai Chi

Condier a Tai Chi Class for the best results for all aspects of your golf swing. If you find that no matter what the Deerfield Beach golf school instructor has told you is helping your balance, take a tai chi class. It is best described as the combat stance version of yoga and it will do wonders for your swing!

Golf is a game that can be as complicated and rewarding as you want it to be. It takes a certain person to be attracted to a game as intense and complex as golf, and that’s the kind of person who is always trying to get better, do better, and be better at everything they attempt.

Deer Creek Golf Club professional, Brain Curran, offers golf lessons to any interested player. One-on-one lessons are often best for beginners because you want to start with good habits, and a professional like Brian Curran will ensure that you are making all the correct moves and motions in your swing.