Golf Stance Tips From The Pros

Golf is an interesting game because it has a high learning curve when you begin to play and again when you decide to master the game. Golf stance tips are incredibly useful for both beginners and seasoned players because golf stance is something you will constantly be working on perfecting.

Initially, golf for beginners seems difficult and most quit before making any progress because they are not used to such a high learning curve. This is why for most, it is a good idea to sign up for golf lessons in South Florida in order to keep you motivated and constantly practicing on perfecting your golf stance.

Once you have a grasp on the fundamentals of golf and the basic golf stances, you can have a lot of fun on the green. However, if you decide to master the game, you will likely notice another high learning curve that is associated with it. When mastering the game of golf, average shots and inconsistent chipping just won’t cut it, and breaking bad habits or forming good ones doesn’t happen overnight.

In order to help you master the game of golf and get out of your bad habits, Deer Creek Golf Course in Deerfield Beach, Florida has golf stance tips from the pros!infographic on how to improve golf stance

1. Comfort is Key (Rory Mcllroy) – According to Mcllroy, a comfortable stance is the fundamental key to a great swing, and it is the most essential golf stance tip that you will ever receive. Mcllroy recommends that you tilt from the hips while flexing your knees, and allow your arms to hang free far enough ahead of you so your body does not get in the way of your swing.

2. Keep a Rhythm During Swings (Eric Johnson) – Believe it or not, counting can make a huge difference. When you count, use the classic “one-one-thousand”, “two-one-thousand” method. Swing up on one-one-thousand, down on two-one thousand. By keeping a rhythm during swings, you will be more conscious of your golf stance and overall swing; turning it into muscle memory and tipping you off if you are rushing – an invaluable golf stance tip.

3. Stop Swaying (Jason Day) – Day says that of all the golf stance tips from the pros, this one will definitely add at least 15 years to your distance. In your backswing, keep your body straight like a pole in the ground. If your knees or hips sway, you will lose speed in the downswing, as well as distance when you are playing on a championship golf course in Deerfield Beach.

4. Left Shoulder Chin (Rory Mcllroy) – Mcllroy has said that this golf stance tip from pros is something that he has worked on himself. According to Mcllroy, too many golfers, himself included, rotate themselves too far on the upswing and then find it difficult to bring everything back down when needed. His tip is to stop when your left shoulder (or right shoulder for left-handed players) meets your chin. Give it a try and see if it adds more power to your stance.

5. Putt Cross Handed (Jordan Spieth) – Spieth has said that this golf stance tip has completely changed is putting game and made him one of the best professional golf putters today. First, put your right hand on the stick (left if you are left-handed) and then place your other hand on the stick, below the other hand, until your shoulders are completely level. Stay level when you putt and you will see drastic improvement.

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Infographic added to page February 2021.