Golf Course Snacks: Do’s and Don’ts

Perhaps the best part about spending a day on the green is being able to take a break and enjoy a nice post-golf lunch. As all golfers know, food is fuel for the body, so whatever you eat before and during the game is going to affect your golf performance.

Golfers spend a lot of time working on their swing and learning from the pros, but how much time is spent focusing on diet? In order to make sure that your body is performing at its best ability aside from swing and putting practice, Deer Creek Grille at Deer Creek Golf Course in Deerfield Beach, has golf course snacks do’s and don’ts.

infographic on the dos and donts of golf course snacks

DoStick to fruit and a light snacks like nuts and granola.

Don’tEat greasy or carb filled foods; they weigh down your swing. An early morning game of golf requires a lot of flexibility and you should stay light on your feet. Save your hungering for a cheeseburger for lunch at a golf course restaurant later.

Do – Pack something to fill you up between holes. U.S. professional golfer Bubba Watson, packs, a turkey and cheese, and PB&J sandwich, while Jason Day says Cliff bars are par for the course.

Don’tShow up empty handed. Not packing some light, golf course snacks is one of the worst mistakes you can make. The professional golfing staff at Deer Creek have seen numerous golfers not playing at their highest potential simply because they are hungry and lack energy.

DoRemember to take a few waters with you in order to stay hydrated until you can have a nice, golf course lunch. Any and all South Florida golf course regulars understand how important it is to take a few waters with you on the golf course, especially since the local weather typically requires it. Save heavier beverages for Happy Hour at Deer Creek Grille.

Don’tDon’t stock up on dehydrating foods like peanuts and chocolate without remembering to bring your water. Martin Laird goes as far as taking electrolyte tablets with him on the golf course to ensure that he keeps a pep in his step.

Do Visit your South Florida golf course’s clubhouse and grab a post-golf lunch to replenish your body after a long, hot game.

Don’tNot have a post-golf lunch. It is important to make sure that you eat a good meal that is packed with protein, vitamins, nutrients, and even some beneficial fats after any physical outdoor activity. Golf may not seem like a strenuous sport, but after 18 or 36 holes have been played without a large meal, your body will need to replenish itself. Grabbing a post-golf lunch or dinner with your golf mates is ideal and a fun way to end the day.

Infographic added to the article on May 12, 2021.