Golf dress codes and styles.

Golf Course Attire

How often are you shuffling through the golf pro shop at your local golf course and thinking about picking up a shirt? This is about more than just golf course dress codes, it is about looking a million bucks on the green.

To some, one or two shirts and a pair of pants is more than enough golf style for them. We like to think that looking good and feeling good on the golf course will translate into a better game of golf, bringing more enjoyment out of the game.

Dress Codes

Some may argue that the quality of your golf outfits will change between affordable local golf courses and the more expensive ones. Not all golf course dress codes are created equally, but there is a general rule of thumb that all courses will agree on.

  • Shirts and Pants

Dress codes for golfers almost always include a golf shirt and khaki shorts, pants, or skirts. You can pick these items up at a local golf pro shop, or even at bigger stores like Walmart and Target. You might even have some golf clothing in your closet right now!

  • Shoes

Shoes are a part of the golf course dress code on all courses. You cannot play a round of golf with sandals or work boots on, and most golf courses will tell you that you need change your shoes. Though not all golf courses will mind if you wear a sports shoe of some kind, others may require that you have golf shoes, specifically.

For the most part, golf shoes are important for your game so we recommend you pick up a pair, especially if you are thinking of golfing on a semi-regular basis.

  • Winter Golf Clothing

The dress code on golf courses pertains to cold weather as well. Even on our sunny South Florida golf courses, the weather can get a bit chilly. For the most part, we recommend finding something light weight while using layers on your feet and head.

  • Keep It Classy

Golf is an old sport, and as with any old sport, there are traditions and long lasting rules of etiquette. Though something may not be a written rule, try to always think about keeping it classy when you are at your local golf course. Do not wear clothing with profanity or rude images.

Golf Style

Now that we have discussed the formalities regarding golf course dress code, we move on to styles. There are more complicated rules about matching and complementary colors, but we will not delve into that today. Follow these simple golf style rules and you will be set for life.

  1. You do not have to have a flat stomach or a perfect figure, but you should wear clothes that fit your form well. Form fitting golf clothes will improve your game; they will work as form and function.
  2. The top of your sleeve should hug the corner of your shoulder, and comfortably.
  3. The bottom of your pants should crease only once, and should touch the top of your shoes.
  4. Sock color should match shoe color.
  5. The color of your belt and accessories should match.
  6. Patterns should either be on the pants or shirt, but not on both.
  7. Bright colors go on either on top or bottom, but not both.


infographic on golf attire