4 Ways to Get Someone Interested in Golf

Are you trying to get someone interested in golf? Maybe someone special in your life, a spouse, child or close friend. It may seem impossible to get someone interested in golf at first, but the professionals at Deer Creek Golf Club know that once they get out there and get good at the sport, they will love it. First, look for one of the easier golf courses in South Florida and get ready to tee up with the following tips!   

If They Get Better They Will Enjoy it 

No matter what the skill set, sport, or hobby, people always enjoy things they are good at. The problem with golf is that it is very difficult at first and completely counter intuitive. It takes time to get good at golf, and until that day comes, you have to take other routes in order to keep your friend or family member interested in the sport.   

Make it Fun  

You can easily get someone interested in golf by making it fun for them.  

  • Friendly Competition – Every time you visit one of the golf courses in South Florida, start a little friendly competition. Loser buys lunch, or loser has to post a picture of the winner on social media. Keep it light though. There is nothing worse for the new player than being bullied and losing. That will end their engagement with golf forever! 
  • Hit the Driving Range – The driving range is a lot more fun when you are starting out. It will allow the new player to leave when they want, it takes away a lot of the pressure of having to keep up on the course, and you don’t have to have a perfect aim.  

Don’t Overdo It with Advice 

The worst way to get someone interested in golf is to over-analyze or criticize their playing. Giving a few friendly tips is helpful, but don’t be that golfer that won’t stop giving advice. Golf is a social activity, so mix up some of the advice with chit-chat in order to make it more friendly.  

Make Hanging Out Fun 

Again, golf is social, so keep it fun and light when you can. If spending time on the course is as much fun as playing, then you are winning.  

  • Get groups together – Go golfing with a group of friends to really enhance the fun. If you are trying to get someone interested golf who is shy, then by all means just the two of you should go. 
  • Make it a day –  Golf is an activity for the whole day. Plan to spend the day together and go for food and drinks afterwards. End your day of golf on a fun and happy note with food at the clubhouse, and you will increase the chances that your friend will want to come back and do it again.