How to Find the Best Golf Shoes for You

Find The Best Golf Shoes For You

You spend a lot of time in your golf shoes. If you don’t find the right golf footwear, then the average round of 18 holes is going to be hell for your feet, regardless if you are play at Deer Creek. Golfers pay a lot of attention to their clubs; they find the right putter, get the driver that’s tailored to their grip, but how many golfers pay close attention to their golf shoes?

Getting golf shoes on sale is not a bad idea, but sometimes it pays to get name brand or shoes from trusted suppliers. There’s a phrase from the old country: anything that separates you from the ground, never buy it cheap. That goes for tires, beds and, you guessed it, shoes.

Golf Shoe Size – Be sure to get the right size for your needs. Easier said than done, but too many golfers will use their normal shoe size and purchase golf shoes of the same size. Your golf shoes may be bigger, wider, or even tighter than the shoes you wear every day. Here’s a simple tip from our Deer Creek Golf Pro Shop salesmen: put the shoes on and do a short walk around the shop. If anything even feels slightly uncomfortable, go for a different size. Those small discomforts in your golf shoes will only get worse.

Before You Buy – Look for something lightweight and flexible. The weight of the golf shoes is important because something that’s heavy is going to literally weigh you down after you’ve walked about 10 miles. Flexible golf shoes are important too because you’ll be putting them under stress while you walk, and even more stress when you’re swinging.

Break in Your Golf Shoes – These days you really shouldn’t have to break in your golf shoes at all. The technology has caught up to the point where you can take your shoes out of the box and play a round of 18 right away. There are some really great brands that are built for comfort: look into the FootJoy golf shoes if comfort is a must. If you look for golf shoe sales then you get the added benefit of saving some money, but try your best to stick to the golf shoe brands at Deer Creek Golf Pro Shop that are known and trusted.

Golf Shoe Style – Style should always be the last part of the equation. Once you’ve got comfort out of the way, you want to look good in your new golf shoes too. You’ll have limited options if you get your golf shoes on sale, and there’s nothing like getting a great new pair from a golf pro shop. In any case, shoes these days come in so many different options and designs; you’re sure to find something that works.

For any of your golf needs stop by the Deer Creek Golf Pro Shop and have our pros take care of you. Happy swinging!