5 Pro Tips to Start Golfing on The Right Foot!

Beginners Guide to Golf in South Florida

Golf has developed a bad reputation in the minds of people who don’t play the game and Deer Creek Golf Club wants to change that! We think that if everyone got the right tips to start golfing, took up golf lessons or even just spent less on discount tee times, then more people would play!

Before We Get Started

You must understand that golf is difficult to learn and it takes time, but it’s worth it! Most people don’t learn to play golf because they believe it’s too difficult or too expensive. That doesn’t have to be the case, you just need the right tips to start golfing.

What are the best 5 words you could use to describe golf? Here are some answers we found online:

  • “The best and worst sport”
  • “Heaven and Hell in one”
  • “Never again……next week? Great!”
  • “Got it cracked… maybe not”
  • “Frustration interspersed with joyous moments”

There’s a theme here and it’s that golfers love and hate the game at the same time. You might feel the same at the beginning, but don’t give up. Take golf lessons and save money on discount tee times; put in effort in the beginning and we promise you will see the rewards of playing golf!

1 – Rules & Etiquette

Start by learning the rules of golf and the proper golf etiquette. Visit the United States Golf Association’s page to watch their videos explaining golf rules.

Deer Creek has also created a beginners guide to golf that is filled with tips to start golfing the right way.

2 – Golf Clubs for Beginners

If you’re worried that golf is too expensive, then just know that it doesn’t have to be. The truth is that golf can be cheap if you know how to go about it.

We recommend buying second hand golf clubs online or at thrift stores to start. Then shop around for discount tee times at your local golf course.

3 – Golf Course

Golf courses in South Florida run summer golf membership deals and discounts. Deer Creek Golf Club has a great summer golf membership that’s perfect for anyone who wants learn how to play golf and save money.

We also recommend finding discount tee times and days. During the week, it’s cheaper to play and the later your tee time, the better for beginners who don’t want to feel the pressure of golfers waiting behind them.

4 – Golf Lessons

No one in the history of golf has ever been a “natural.” If you want to learn how to play golf, you have to begin by golfing the right way. We recommend checking out the golf lessons and schools we host at Deer Creek Golf Club.

Before You Decide

So why play golf at all? It sounds like it takes a lot of work to get good at it. Well if you asked people why they play golf, they’ll tell you how amazing the game really is. Here’s another 5 quotes we found online that describe golf:

  • “Great times with my mates”
  • “The endless pursuit of perfection”
  • “The greatest game ever played”
  • “Where I want to be”
  • “The reason to rise early”

Grab a club and call a friend. We’ll see you on the course.