How to Plan a Perfect Wedding for Social Media

How to Plan a Perfect Wedding for Social Media

Weddings today are geared towards being the social event you want everyone talking about. The only way to do that is to get social media involved. Since opening its doors almost 50 years ago, Deer Creek Golf Club has been a venue for many weddings and can show you how to plan a perfect wedding for social media. 

Social Media Wedding Guide

First, some key points need to be met for a social media wedding: use multiple platforms, create your wedding hashtags, and follow your vendors and planners. Using social media isn’t just about the planning side of things. It can also be used to help you find planners, vendors, and other wedding needs. 


Using Multiple Social Media Platforms

When it comes to a social media wedding, you’ll want your wedding on as many platforms as you can think of, including Tik Tok, Instagram, Facebook, and even Snapchat. The more places your wedding is seen, the more people will talk about it. Creating content that interests the audiences of these platforms will generate the buzz your wedding deserves. 

Content Ideas:

  • Tik Tok: Take a before and after video of the wedding party getting ready or them dancing.
  • Instagram: On Instagram Reels, you can show each step leading up to the big day and then post-ceremony and reception pictures. Make sure to tag all photographers, videographers, makeup artists, hairstylists, and any other vendor involved in your wedding or shown in the image.
  • Facebook: Different photo albums can be created here, from the initial tastings to the day’s pictures. Take your followers on the journey with you. You can also live-stream your wedding ceremony to share with friends and family that couldn’t make it.
  • Snapchat: This is the perfect place to post pictures and videos of you and your guests using funny filters and having a great time. 


Wedding Hashtags

On top of creating the content and taking your followers along for the ride, using hashtags will further your reach! Hashtags are great for a play on words using your and your fiance’s first or last names and creating a place where all the pictures posted using the hashtag can be seen. For example, if your new last name is going to be James, you can hashtag #LetTheJamesBegin. If your names can’t be turned into a punny wedding hashtag, don’t worry. Just visit some top wedding sites and look at some of their expert tips on wedding hashtags. 


Discovering Planners and Vendors

Social media has become one of the best ways to see what wedding planners and vendors can do for you. By following their accounts, you can get a taste of what they can offer you while also showing your support for them. After your wedding, following social accounts is also important when you are posting pictures and tagging. Throughout the planning process, you’ll want to tag the catering company in a photo of the food, tag the makeup artists in a picture of the bride, and you’ll also want to credit the photographers and videographers that capture your special day. 

Vendors that can be found on social media:

  • Caterers
  • Makeup Artists
  • Hairstylists
  • Musicians or DJs
  • Florists
  • Photographers and Videographers
  • Event Planners
  • And More!

Social Media has been known to bring people together even if they are miles and miles apart. Having a big social media presence for your wedding will allow friends or family members that can’t be there to feel like they are a part of your wedding. 


Contact Us

If you’re still in the planning phase and are looking for the perfect wedding venue, Deer Creek would be able to host your special day! Contact Us today so we can get started! 

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Flowers for Your Summer Wedding

Flowers for Your Summer Wedding

The summer is a beautiful time for weddings. Long summer days can provide your ceremony with plenty of hours of sunlight, followed by a beautiful, romantic summer sunset. As a premier Florida golf course wedding venue, we have plenty of tips for a summer wedding. An important part of your wedding is making sure you have the right flowers. It is essential to choose flowers that are in season and compatible with your wedding colors, so to help, we have compiled a list of the best wedding flowers to have for a summer wedding. 


Bright Colored Summer Wedding Flowers

If you are throwing a wedding in the summer, you may wish to decorate with some eye-catching, bright flowers. One great way to add a touch of brightness to your bouquet is to utilize citrus. As a wedding venue in the state of sunshine and oranges, we are particularly fond of this look. Pairing bright citrus colors with some green and white, such as white astilbes, can give your wedding a radiant look that stands out from most wedding flower arrangements. Additionally, if you are having a Florida wedding, citrus is never hard to find!

In addition to bright citrus, some other excellent options include beautiful bright orange, yellow, or red poppies and zinnias, which can offer bright and bold colors to your wedding. Bright wedding flowers will be sure to catch the attention of all attendants and are a great way to accentuate your wedding.


Simple Wedding Flowers for Your Summer Wedding

While some love brightly colored flowers for their wedding, you may be more inclined to choose a more subdued arrangement. A great look for summer weddings is to utilize natural wildflowers, which often possess a more subdued color but are equally as beautiful. For this arrangement, we would recommend selecting Queen Anne’s Lace, which provides perfect beautiful and natural-looking filler, which can be paired with a variety of wildflowers, such as white poppies or daisies. These understated flowers will give your wedding a natural look and feel and are great for natural outdoor wedding venues, such as our golf course wedding venue. 

Nothing says summertime quite like sunflowers, which is another great choice for your summer wedding. These beauties are a cheerful addition to any wedding, offering a less formal and simpler look. They look amazing when paired with light orange or red flowers such as gerbera daisies. 


Classy Summer Wedding Flowers

For the more formal weddings, you really can’t beat the elegant rose. Deep red roses paired with white roses, succulents, and white astilbes will give your wedding an even more elegant look. For an even more formal look, try to limit the color selection to just two colors, one dark, and one light. 


The Perfect Summer Wedding

For those looking to have a South Florida summer wedding, you cannot beat our beautiful golf course wedding venue. We provide gorgeous outdoor views, complete with a cascading waterfall that can be paired with our beautiful South Florida banquet rooms, offering a combination of both an indoor and outdoor wedding. Contact us today for the wedding venue of your dreams!


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The History Behind the British Open

The History Behind the British Open

Golf is a game of tradition. As a landmark South Florida country club, we are aficionados of golf history. We believe that we should pass on our knowledge of golf traditions and tournament traditions to the next generation. The British Open, also known simply as the Open, has a long and storied past. As the 2021 Open winds down, we thought it would be interesting to look at the history behind the British Open.


When Did the First British Open Take Place?

The 2021 British Open marks its 149th edition of the tournament. As a result, you may think that because 2021 minus 149 is 1872, that would mean that the first British Open took place in 1872; however, this is not the case. The first Open was played on October 17, 1860. While the tournament is a yearly occurrence, complications in history have caused the competition not to be played in some years. Understandably, coronavirus caused the cancelation of the 2020 Open, but this was not the only cancelation of the event. 

The first cancelation of the tournament occurred in 1871. A golfer named Tom Morris won the three previous Opens, and as a result, was given the ceremonial trophy at the time, the Challenge Belt. Until Tom Morris’ third victory, the belt was returned by the previous victor, to be competed for again. In 1870, they decided to award Tom Morris full possession of the belt, meaning there was no trophy to compete for in 1871. 

Other cancellations were more obvious, with the tournament not being held from 1915-1919 and 1940-1945 due to World War I and World War II. 


The History of the Claret Jug

As the Challenge Belt became the personable property of Tom Morris, the tournament needed a new prize. The Claret Jug, or the winner’s trophy, was created in 1872; however, this award was not finished by the end of the 1872 Open, which Tom Morris also won. As a result, Morris was instead presented with an engraved medal. This new tradition of a medal was adopted and has been used since the 1872 tournament. Like the Challenge Belt, the Claret Jug must be returned by the winner and competed for at the next tournament. 


When Was the First Claret Jug Awarded?

The first Claret Jug was awarded in 1873 to then-winner Tom Kidd. The original Claret Jug was retired and placed in a museum. 


The History of the Current Claret Jug

The current Claret Jug was first awarded and presented at the 1928 Open to Walter Hagen. The trophy is still returned by the winner, who receives an engraved medal and replica to keep. 


Today’s British Open

As the tournament comes to a close, we welcome the sight of a new custodian of the Claret Jug. The tournament concludes tomorrow July 18, 2021, at Royal Saint George’s Golf Course, where a new champion will most likely be crowned. 

While we’re not fortunate or talented enough to play the British Open, we do have the luck to play at our esteemed South Florida Golf Course regularly. Contact us today to play at our beautiful course, or view our membership page for more information. 


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Tips for a Summer Wedding

Tips for a Summer Wedding

Summer is a polarizing season, with some relishing in the hot sun and leaving others scampering to find air conditioning and ways to cool off. As Florida’s premier bridal shower and golf course wedding venue, we have the tips for a successful summer wedding to ensure you and your guests have an unforgettable night for all the right reasons. 

Outdoor Summer Weddings

For those interested in an outdoor summer wedding, we have some recommendations for beating the heat: 



Timing can be everything. We recommend not scheduling any events before 4:00 PM, giving some time for the hottest part of the day to pass. An added benefit is you can have the ceremony during sunset for a romantic, beautiful outdoor setting. We have seen several ceremonies at our beautiful golf course wedding venue at sunsets on many summer nights and can attest to its beauty. 


Summer Wedding Dress Codes

Another vital component for a successful summer wedding is to lighten the dress code. You and your guests will thank you for this, as three-piece suits and heavy formal dresses can be extremely uncomfortable and even dangerous on a hot summer’s day. A less formal wedding also allows your guests to feel more at ease and relaxed and can result in even more dancing and merriment!


Provide Shade

Tents and indoor areas can provide you and your guests with the opportunity for shelter from the summer sun. Indoor settings can be air-conditioned and give guests the option to join the more outdoorsy of your guests if they so choose to. A tent can provide a section of your wedding with shade and has the appearance of being both indoors and outdoors simultaneously. 

Our outdoor weddings have the option of additionally using our beautiful South Florida event ballrooms so you and your guests can travel freely from an elegant indoor setting to a beautiful sprawling green, complete with a cascading waterfall. This added space ensures that no guests feel overheated or stuck inside a single room.  



When deciding on catering options for your wedding, consider avoiding hot appetizers, mains, and desserts. We recommend avoiding soups, pies, and piping hot entrees, opting instead for maybe a gazpacho soup, salads, and specialty gelatos instead. Leave your guests light and cool, as few people enjoy a hot meal on a summer’s day. 


For the Bride and Groom to Be

As this is your special day, we want you to feel your absolute best. In addition to lighter, less formal attire, we recommend sporting summer-friendly hairstyles for those with longer hair. Let your neck and shoulders breathe and fit the theme of your more relaxed, fun wedding. 


Florida Summer Weddings

For those searching for a great Florida summer wedding venue, we recommend checking out our beautiful ballroom and golf course green. The perfect mix of an indoor and outdoor wedding, we provide excellent catering options for weddings, bridal and engagement parties, and any specialty or holiday events. Contact us today to reserve our stunning property.


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Why Korean Female Golfers Dominate the LPGA

Why Korean Female Golfers Dominate the LPGA

In the past decade, half of all LPGA winners have originated from South Korea. Americans typically fare well in golf tournaments; however, recent years have seen a new dynasty emerge. The women’s golf players who currently rank as the top three in the world are all South Korean female golfers. So what has caused this explosion of talent? 

Se-Ri Pak

While golf in South Korea was already gaining in popularity well before Se-Ri Pak’s historic US Women’s Open win, Pak’s victory was a catalyst in ensuring that an entire country began to tune into the sport. As the first Korean to win a US Open, Pak set a precedent for millions of Korean girls watching. In addition to becoming the first Korean to win a US Open, Pak additionally became the first Korean inducted into the LPGA Hall of Fame. An inspiration in the world of golf, and especially in South Korea, Pak’s playing certainly helped inspire generations of new South Korean golfers. 

South Korean Values

Professional South Korean golfer, Eun Mi Oh, has stated, “For a long time, people in Korea have been taught to be diligent and faithful. We have been taught the values of the Confucian tradition, like patience and persistence; both are beneficial to play golf.” Strong cultural values of patience and persistence benefit most sports, but few sports can be as frustrating as golf. Golf’s learning curve is unique. A sport that takes years to learn and a lifetime to master requires perseverance and self-control. 

The Korean Golf Association

The creation and expansion of the Korean Golf Association have assisted in growing golf’s popularity in South Korea. Founded in 1968, the Korean Golf association currently possesses 545 golf courses, with 11,300 members.

In recent years, South Korea has had the opportunity to host several international tournaments. These tournaments have only increased support for the sport and aided in branding South Korea as a prime golf destination, so much so that the sport’s popularity has caused an issue for South Korea. With such a high demand for golf courses and a limited amount available, many South Koreans find it difficult to reserve space. The solution to this issue has come in the form of golf simulators and rooftop netting to allow for rooftop driving ranges. 

South Korea additionally places some requirements on international golfers, which helps in player growth and development. At a minimum, Korean female players must compete for two years in the Korean LPGA before competing in the United States. This requirement allows young golfers to become accustomed to the pressure and physical demands of being on tour. This added experience ensures that Korean rookies in US tournaments have a leg up on some of their opponents. 

These South Korean requirements contrast with the standard path for American female golfers entering the professional world of golf. American golfers get their start playing in the American Junior Golf Association (AJGA) to try and earn scholarships and positions on college teams. Following this less organized route, some professional players enter major tournaments lacking the experience that their South Korean counterparts possess. 

The Disparity Between Men and Women Golfers in South Korea

There is no doubt about the rise in popularity of golf in South Korea, so why aren’t Korean male golfers enjoying similar successes in the world of golf? Culturally, South Korean young men seem to prefer baseball and soccer. Enrollment in these sports heavily outweighs male golf in South Korea. Additionally, men must fulfill a minimum of 21 months in South Korea’s military, which may be adding to the disparity.  

Looking Ahead

As the popularity of golf in South Korea continues to grow, it is likely that the country will continue to produce high-level golfers. Much like Se-Ri Park a few decades ago, the Korean female golfers of today will inspire the golfers of tomorrow. 

Competition is the best way to improve. South Korea’s dominance in golf will help all countries step up their game to ensure they can still compete. The best advice for young American golfers to compete in the new world of golf is, of course, practice, practice, practice! Luckily, America has no shortage of golf courses. For those located in South Florida, we recommend visiting our premier golf course in Fort Lauderdale. Due to high demand, our summer golf memberships have currently sold out, so make sure to reserve our annual or winter memberships today while you still can!

1 – International Golf Federation 

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