Pitching and Chipping in GolfSouth Florida’s courses offer the dream of a perfect drive, but the test lies in the short game. Mastering chip and pitch shots unlock a new level of confidence and enjoyment. This guide equips you with the knowledge to dominate these crucial skills, transforming your game on South Florida’s fairways through mastery of pitching and chipping in golf. If you’re interested in taking your game to the next level by learning how to pitch and chip in golf with the experts at Deer Creek Golf Club, this is the perfect place to start. 


Difference Between These Types of Golf Shots

Have you ever hammered a drive down the fairway in South Florida only to find yourself staring at a tricky chip shot from just off the green? It happens to the best of us! Learning how to chip and pitch in golf is the key to turning those “almost birdies” into satisfying pars and those nerve-wracking bogey putts into stress-free tap-ins.

So, what’s the difference between a chip and a pitch? Chipping in golf are those low-lofted shots that skim across the ground with minimal distance but maximum control. Imagine a soft, buttery landing that rolls gently towards the hole. Perfect for those situations where you must navigate the fringe or avoid a pesky bunker. On the other hand, Pitches utilize higher lofted clubs to climb a bit higher in the air, travel a little farther, and land with a steeper angle. Think of them as your trusty weapon for reaching elevated greens or stopping the ball quickly on a fast Florida green.


How To Chip in Golf Perfectly

You are starting with the complex art of chipping in golf. The key to a successful chip lies in your setup.  Imagine you’re pouring a cup of tea – a slightly more upright posture with your weight forward on your front foot.  Move the ball position slightly forward in your stance compared to a full swing. Now, for the swing itself. Forget the big, powerful swings you use for your driver. Chipping is all about a golfer’s feel and control over their ball. Think of a shorter, controlled swing focusing on using your arms to create a smooth, pendulum-like motion. 

Here’s a great drill to hone your chipping feel: try chipping with just one hand! It forces you to focus on the proper mechanics and develop that all-important touch. Following this drill closely each time you practice is a great way to learn chip shots in golf and improve with each session.


Mastering the Pitch Shot in Golf 

The pitch shot in golf may be a different skill, but it is just as challenging to master as chipping in golf. While the basic principles of posture and grip remain similar to chipping, your setup for a pitch will differ slightly. Center the ball in your stance for a more balanced swing, and adopt a somewhat more athletic posture to accommodate the fuller swing you’ll be making. Unlike chips, distance control is crucial for pitches. Learn to read the lie of the ball – is it sitting buried in the rough or on a tight lie?  

Adjust your swing length accordingly. A longer, smoother swing with some body rotation will generate more power for longer distances. Be sure to get a feel for the ball and what could be going wrong or suitable during your practice sessions; this is how pitching in golf goes from being a challenging aspect of the game to one of your favorite tools in the arsenal.


The Best South Florida Golf Course is Available

If you want to master your pitch and chip, our golf school will offer the insight and practice necessary to make your short game reach the next level. Contact our team or schedule a tee time today to start practicing your swings and dialing in your shots on the most beautiful golf course in Broward County. If you’re interested in more insights such as these, be sure to take a look at our golfing blog for detailed information about all things related to this sport.

We look forward to seeing you on the course, perfecting your pitching and chipping in golf at the Deer Creek golf course, the most beautiful location to improve your game.


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